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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 128: Old Hag Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Another chapter coming up!–

“No.” Faana’s eyes turned cold as she looked at Darla and Triana. “No one is allowed to lay their hands on him.”

“Princess you seem to be thinking you are something special. We all know you are nothing but a waste to the royal family and we are out in the middle of nowhere. If you were to die no one would know who did it so I suggest you stop putting on airs and hand the human over. We will take care of the disgusting thing for you.” Darla’s hands already turned into huge claws she was ready to strike as soon as Faana said no.

“Are you people really looking down on her because of her size?” Blake suddenly said. Either way, he looked at it the situation was bad so adding fuel to the fire was not going to change things much. And one thing he couldn’t stand was his friends being mocked for no reason. Faana, so far at least to him, was kind. She had not tried to harm him at all and even opened up to him. He saw her as a girl who longed for any form of relationship she could get. “The way I look at you both are fools. You act high and mighty, but what good is acting in such a way? You will never find a man with such an attitude.”

“You! What does our relationship status have to do with you!?” Darla seemed very offended by Blake’s words.

“Huh? It has everything to do with it. My guess is that you two, easily you, Darla was it? I think you have an issue with Faana because she is cuter than you are. She is forever young while you will grow into an old hag! Look, you already have wrinkles, it’s sickening. No man will ever want you!” Blake answered in the most righteous voice he could muster.

“You! You! You! I am going to kill you!” Darla screamed out as she pointed her claw at Blake. Faana was blushing for some reason, and Triana stared at the human below her in awe. She never thought a human of all beings would say such things. She was truly speechless! She had to give him credit for his ability with words!

“You were going to kill me before anyway! This does not change the fact that you will still grow into an old virgin hag who will never find a man due to the way she acts. Why can’t you be kind like Faana? Why are you always shouting stupid things and putting people down? Are you trying to come across as appealing? Sorry, I do not like old hags!” Blake just kept digging into Darla, who wanted to rip him to shreds but was so mad and stupefied by his verbal attack that she forgot to actually do just that!

“Now that I think about it he makes a lot of sense, you do have a few wrinkles….” Triana decided it was amusing, so she added more fuel to the fire, angering Darla even more.

“You will die today-yo-you, trash human!” Darla couldn’t even come up with a good comeback as she finally snapped out of it and charged at Blake. Blake gritted his teeth and let out a barrage of fireballs and thin ice spears fire off at Darla. The sudden attack that had no chant nor magic circles caught her off guard causing her to try to dodge downwards but ended up crashing into the ground face first! She skidded across the ground on her face with her butt sticking straight up in the air!

“Ahahaha!” Faana lost it as she laughed out loud. “The trash human showed you! Hahahahaha!”

“I am embarrassed to even know you. First, it was an elf, now a human. You really have no ability at all.” Triana, who was still in the air, shook her head. She had suddenly become a spectator.

“Triana, you bitch, either shut up or help! This human cast some weird magic!” Darla crawled up from the ground as she yelled out, only to be smacked in the face by another barrage of spells catching her off guard again. “Damn human!”

Blake ignored her as he suddenly slammed his hand on the ground, causing the ground to begin shaking. The spot where Darla was standing began to liquefy and grab hold of her ankles as she began sinking into the ground. This was a quicksand spell that Lillia had taught him. It used a lot of mana, but it was something that was quite useful for trapping grounded targets. He was lucky. Darla had underestimated him, and he was able to attack her two times, catching her by surprise, grounding her, and catching her in this magic spell.

“You damn human!” Darla roared out, her eyes turning fierce as she stared at Blake. Multiple magic circles began to form around her as she began to chant. “Dragon barrage!”

“Humph! Did you forget I was still here!?” Faana waved her hand and matched Darla’s spell, she was actually quicker in her casting and took Darla’s attacks head-on. The spells clashed, causing the air to tremble under the heat. The surrounding forest caught on fire as the two spells clashed.

Darla gritted her teeth because she found the more she struggled in the muddy pit the faster she was sucked down. “Damnit! Princess Faana, you waste! You dare protect a human! Triana, stop standing there and fucking do something!”

“Oh? Actually, asking me for help? Then I guess I shou….”

“Like hell, you will! Arrow rain!” A voice came from the distance. A large magic circle suddenly formed in the air, and a rain of thousands of arrows rained down toward Triana. Triana frowned as she saw the attack. As she cast a barrier around herself. She quickly turned to see her attacker the elven princess running past her toward Faana and the human.

“Princess Noa!” Darla cried out when she saw the familiar figure. She gritted her teeth, knowing things were not good. “Triana, Change of plans, grab me, and let’s get out of here!”

“Mmm…” Triana dodged the falling arrows and grabbed Darla’s hand, and pulled hard, yanking her from the muddy pit and flying off as fast as she could. They both knew with both Faana and Noa here, they would not get out unscathed and may even die. Such a fight was not worth it.

“You are not getting away!” Faana yelled out and went to try to stop them, but Blake grabbed her.

“Enough. Let them go.” Blake said as he fell to the ground. The spell just now to maintain it took almost all his magic. He was going all out even if survival was very slim. He looked up at Noa, who was staring at Faana with a wary gaze, and smiled. “Noa, it’s fine. Faana is not an enemy. She protected me just now, or else I would have died.”

“Oh?” Noa’s eyes widened. She then turned to Blake and knelt down, and began injecting mana into him. “You really….”

“Let’s just say my luck was pretty bad this time around.” Blake chuckled as he lay on his back and looked up at the sky while Noa helped him recover his mana.

Faana looked at the two, feeling a little strange. She lowered her head, not daring to step forward. Because of this incident, if she went back to her clan, she was as good as dead. She no longer had a place to go.

“You are Princess Faana, right?” Noa finally called out to the girl, who looked lost as to what she should be doing. This sudden question startled her as she jumped slightly before nodding her head. Noa smiled as she continued: “You have my thanks. You saved my husband.”

“Husband!?” Faana raised her head and looked at the elven princess, that was well known for her magical powers in surprise. To marry outside the elven bloodline was basically going against the elves. She would never be able to return to being a princess!

“Mmm…. Blake is my husband. And you saved him, and for this, I am truly grateful. You are no longer able to return to your clan now, right?” Noa asked.

“Yes…. I am sure Darla and Triana will go back and report this. Once they do, I will be put on a kill list. I would no longer be considered a dragonic but a traitor to the clan.” Faana replied.

“Fuck the dragonic!” Blake yelled out. “From now on, you are just Faana. My friend. You did not need to do what you did, but you still did it. So from this moment on, you are no longer considered a dragonic. You are just a kind dragon girl who I picked up on the wayside.”

Noa chuckled. She knew Blake would say this. She stood up and walked over to Faana, and placed her hand on her head. “While he says this, we will still need you to undergo a contract that will forbid you from harming anyone under Blake and the base we come from. If you are willing, then you can become one of us, and you will never have to worry about being hunted down. Because anyone under our banner will become one of us and will be protected with everything we have.”

Faana looked at Noa, and after a moment’s hesitation, she nodded her head while blushing. “As long as I will be able to follow Blake…..”

Noa turned and gave Blake a questioning look that asked did you lay your hands on another girl? “Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t do shit!” Noa snorted and decided she would need to have a long conversation when they got back. “For now, we should go after I place Faana under a temporary contract. Sister Lillia can do the proper one when we get to the base.”


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