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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 130: Official Bahasa Indonesia

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Two girls rode on top of Blake’s shoulder as he walked into the bath. Only when the door closed did he put them down. “Let’s wash up first.”

The girls blushed and pouted their lips. Blake treated them like luggage! But now that they were put down, they began to feel nervous. They were finally going to become Blake’s women. Just as the two girls took off their clothes, they were pulled into Blake’s arms. Each one leaning against his chest as he grabbed one of their modest mounds on their chests. “You are both very beautiful.”

Blake’s soft whisper in their ears caused them to blush and smile. They liked being told they were beautiful by the man they loved. “Blake, we can’t wash like this….” Sam protested. While she did not mind Blake playing with her body, she was shy since she had not washed yet.

“Then let’s go wash.” Blake released the two girls and walked towards the rinsing area. The girls quickly followed behind.

Blake had the girls sit down as he soaped up his hands. He planned to get them fully worked up before getting into the bath. With soapy hands, he slipped his arms around Sam and began slowly moving them around her body. She closed her eyes and leaned into his chest, allowing him to do as he pleased. Blake’s hands slipped between her thighs and gently rubbed the untainted garden that was waiting for him to shatter its gates, causing Sam to bite her lip as she spread her legs wider to give him easier access.

Erica sat at the side, massaging her chest as she watched her sister being teased. She was patiently waiting for her turn. Tina and Lillia only taught the girls how to tease each other so that they could release their frustrations while waiting for Blake to finally take them. This was all exciting and new and they really couldn’t wait to be able to share the same bed with Blake.

Blake teased Sam for a few minutes, making sure she was nice and wet before washing her entire body off. He did not plan to let her have an orgasm just yet. He quickly moved over to Erica, who was staring at his rock-solid dick and began getting her ready as well. When she felt his hands wandering her body, Erica couldn’t help but feel very excited. She reached her hands up and pulled Blake’s face to hers, and began kissing him while he washed her body.

Once the girls were cleaned, they began helping him. They both took a side and began cleaning him from head to toe. When they reached his dick, they nervously reached out for it and took turns washing it. Blake smiled, seeing the two girls curiously playing with his dick. “Blake… Is this going to fit inside us?”

Blake chuckled and nodded. “It will don’t worry.”

During the bath, Blake had the girls snuggled up into his chest as he teased their pussies. He kept stopping when they were getting too into it, making them pout each time. He found this kind of teasing was actually quite fun.

When they got out of the bath, Blake and the girls dried off. And before the girls could even wrap a towel around themselves, they were both picked up by their waists and brought directly into one of the side rooms with a big bed. The girls squealed all the way there, but when they were placed on the bed, they really started to get nervous again as they knew what was to come.

Blake looked at the girls who were staring at his dick and walked forward, and pulled the girls to stand before saying. “Get on your knees.” The girls nodded and did as they were told. He watched as the girls took his dick and began licking it. Seeing them looking up at him with their big round eyes as they did their best to please him made him want to break them both then and there. But he held back as he did not want their first time to hurt too much. Once the girls took turns sucking his dick, he had them get back on the bed.

“Who wants to be first?” Blake asked as he climbed up on the bed between the girls.

“Erica is first…. She won rock, paper, scissors….” Sam pursed her lips as she said this, making Blake chuckle. “Then let’s do this. While Erica is on my dick, you can sit on my face, and I will make sure you are not left out.”

“Okay!” Sam smiled and nodded. But Erica seemed to feel a little scared because that meant she was going to have to pop her own cherry on Blake’s dick. Blake sensed her worry and said: “Just do it in one go and do not move. Lillia did the same. I will not move until you are ready.”

“Mmm….” Erica nodded. She felt a little more relieved to know Lillia did the same. She took a deep breath and aired for Blake to get into position. Sam had already taken up her spot and leaned forward to grab hold of Blake’s dick. “I will line it up for you. Take your time.”

“Thanks…” Erica lowered her hips, and Sam tickled Erica’s pussy with Blake’s dick before finding the entrance of her garden and then letting go. “It’s all on you now.”

Erica nodded and bit her lip. She took a deep breath before pushing her hips down. A sharp pain jolted through her body. She was wet enough, but it was still painful. She leaned against Sam, who was already breathing heavily from Blake’s tongue. Blake looked down through the gap between Sam’s pussy towards his dick and saw the blood, and knew Erica was now officially his woman. “Take your time.”

“Mmm….” Erica nodded and tried to raise her hips but stopped. She looked up at Same and leaned forward, and began kissing her. The two girls kissed while Erica did her best to ignore the pain as she began moving her hips.

“Ah~!” Erica let out a moan as she felt Blake’s dick moving in and out of her. It still slightly hurt, but it also felt good due to already being overly turned on. Sam was no different. Having her clit teased and nibbled was driving her crazy. She forward and began kissing Erica’s neck and massaging her breasts. Blake was doing his best not to unload right away. Erica was so tight he felt like his dick was going to be snapped off. But thankfully, due to Tina’s and Lillia’s training, he was able to hold back. He tended to both girls and began matching his hip movements with Erica’s, causing her to tighten around him even more.

“Blake… I’m going to cum….” Erica cried out as she hugged Sam and buried her face into her sister’s neck. Blake had been waiting for this, so he began moving his hips faster, taking over for Erica. As he felt her body start to convulse, he released his load deep inside her. Her pussy pulsated on his dick with each stream he shot inside.

Once it was over, Erica slipped herself off Blake’s still-hard dick and moved her head up under her sister’s crotch, and began kissing Blake. “I am now officially your wife….”

“Mmm…. That you are, and now it is Sam’s turn.” Blake nodded. Sam stood up and walked over her sister, and positioned herself over Blake’s dick. Before Blake even had a chance to say a word, she had already slammed her hips down. She did not feel as much pain as Erica did, but it still stung a bit. Erica moved to the side and laid her head down on Blake’s stomach, and looked at the spot where her sister and Blake were connected with a smile.

“How does it feel?” Erica asked as she sat up and kissed her sister’s lips lightly.

“It…. It is starting to feel really good….” Sam replied as she bit her lip. She was concentrating on trying to make Blake feel good as well. Her hips moved slowly at first, but then they slowly began to speed up. Only then did she feel Blake move as well. When she felt his dick kissing her baby room, she couldn’t stop the moans from escaping her lips. Each pump brought more pleasure and was driving her crazy. Erica moved back over and was kissing Blake while rubbing her now cum soaked pussy. While she watched her sister bounce up and down.

Sam was quick to come to her climax, and at the same time, just like Erica, Blake released deep inside her. But this was not the end. Blake sat up and had the girls lie down on top of each other while facing one another. He then proceeded to dip his dick in and out of both their pussies. Alternating back and forth. The sisters kissed each other as they moaned into one another’s mouths.

As the hours passed, both girls lost count of how many times they had cummed or how many times Blake released inside them. But they kept going on and on until they passed out in the early hours. It could be said this was a night they would never forget.

The next day both girls were in a deep sleep when Blake walked out of the room after freshening up. He walked to his bedroom, where he found Lillia and the girls getting ready. When they saw him, they gave him a knowing smile as Tina asked: “Are the girls okay?”

“Mmm. They will be fine. They are sleeping now. I made sure their first time was memorable. I think at least.” Blake replied as he walked over and gave each girl a kiss. “They will now sleep in here with us from now on.”

“It is about time!” Lillia snorted. “Those girls waited so long!”

“I know! I am at fault for that. But now they are both my wives as well, so they will not need to worry about being left out anymore. Although they might be pregnant by now….” Blake scratched his head.

“Either way, at least it is better than having them hang in limbo, not knowing if you will ever fully accept them. Plus, you will end up with a big family anyways, especially after you evolve into a drakani.” Lillia said as she stood up. “So, did you get your items?”

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