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Faana pursed her lips as she floated back down to the ground. “Humph! No fun.” She snorted while crossing her arms across her chest. “So, where are you going now?”

“Me? I plan to roam around a bit. I heard there was a cockatrice around here. I want to see one for myself.” Blake had to admit he was quite interested in this cockatrice and wanted to take a look. He had only seen images of them in pictures, so he wondered if they looked the same or not. He had never seen one himself and had only heard about them, so this was a good opportunity to see if there was more than one around.

“Cockatrice?” Faana rubbed her head. Blake kept giving her all kinds of new words so she could only follow after him. She found him interesting and did not plan to leave his side for the time being.

This kind of situation was not exactly what Blake had in mind. He did not know what he was going to do about this dragonic. He really had no way of gently pushing her away without angering her and losing his head. While, as a human, he should hate all dragonic, he really couldn’t bring himself to do that in case there were good ones out there that were suppressed by their people. Just like any human can become your enemy, any dragonic might become a friend.

It was a hard concept to believe, but Blake figured if he could at least make it so that he could walk away from this encounter, he could say maybe not all Dragonic were bad. However, this thought would be stretching it from what he knew about them. From what he understood at this moment and time was that the young-looking girl tailing behind him found him interesting. If she suddenly lost that interest, he wondered if he would end up dead. One thing he did know was that he was in no way looking for a second dragon girlfriend. If he did bring another home, he would be afraid that Lillia would really murder him.





“I said hey!”


“Ugh! Why did you kick me!?” Blake yelled out. He was lost in thought, and suddenly he went flying forward and skidded across the ground!

“I was calling you, but you ignored me!” Faana made a fish face as he used her top lip to touch the bottom of her wrinkled-up nose. She hated being ignored!

“Then just pull on my arm or something. Why kick?” Blake sighed. Were all dragons so violent?

“Humph!” Faana ignored Blake’s complaint as she asked: “Tell me, where are you going?”

“I don’t know myself? I only know the cockatrice attacked this base from that direction, so I figured I would go out and see if I can get some chicken.” Blake replied. But his reply made Faana wrinkle her nose again.

“Why go through the trouble of searching for it? Isn’t that boring?” Faana asked.

“Not really. If you go out and explore, you might find some interesting things. This world is much different from what it was before, so I wish to look around and check it out. This might seem boring to you, but to me, it is quite fun actually. I like the mystery that comes from not knowing the unknown. Isn’t that why you find me interesting?” Blake could tell that Faana seemed to like to learn new things, so he hoped that he could get her to want to explore more things and maybe split up from him at some point.

He just hoped he could escape from this predicament sooner rather than later because if Faana kept following him, he could not return to the base. If he ended up being stuck out here for months, he would miss the birth of his children. He did not want that to happen. Not to mention Erica and Sam were also waiting for him. He already felt bad for making them wait. But it was all his own stubbornness. He himself felt they were still young even though the old world rules no longer applied. He was already making a huge exception in their case from his own moral standing and only making them wait this long to seal the deal. Just thinking about the girls made Blake feel depressed. He really wanted to keep his promise to them.

“What is so fun about seeing trees?” Faana did not understand. While some things were new to her, she really did not find anything fun about looking for these new things. If only she herself knew what she was doing now was the exact same thing Blake had just said. Otherwise, she would not have come to seek out Blake if she was not interested in the unknown.

“Not just trees but all the nature around it as well. Anyway, if we see an oversized chicken, I can eat something good.” Blake replied as he continued walking forward.

They walked until night, when Blake decided it was time to sleep for the night. He found a building under the treetops and decided to use that as his base for the night. “I will go in and get some sleep. What do you plan to do?”

“I will go with you,” Faana answered. She still did not plan to leave Blake’s side.

Blake shrugged and walked over to the building, and broke the window. After clearing the glass, he crawled through it and stood inside. But quickly drew his sword and stabbed it to his right.

“Graaaawl!” A human monster cried out as his sword stabbed it right in the head mid-lunge. Blake switched his sword and slashed down, splitting the head wide open before casting a fireball at it to burn it to ash.

“Oh? Quick reaction.” Faana clapped her hands. She found this quite amusing. She hoped it would happen more.

“One needs some skills to survive in this new world. Those new-age humans at the base probably will not last long. They are still stuck in their old ways in some aspects. But if they slowly begin to understand how to deal with the world around them, then maybe they will be able to survive longer.” Blake did not know if they would survive, nor did he care. He only cared about his own people.

“Hmmm…. I guess that is right. Might makes right! This is what the elders always said. I understand that strength is everything, but I also think it is too much sometimes when they suppress others. But at this point…. Never mind.” Faana looked at Blake, who was currently finding a decent room, and fell into thought. Blake did not press Faana to continue, but from what he heard, maybe not all dragonic thought the same way as the others. Of course, this did not make him any less wary of her.

“This room will do. Faana, help me collect the rocks over there while I get some wood.” Blake gave out orders without much thought. He froze and turned to see Faana not getting mad at all and was actually helping him. Luckily a few branches as thick as Blake’s body had broken through the room of one of the rooms, so he was able to chop up quite a bit of wood to cook his food.

When he returned to the room he planned to stay in, he saw a big pile of rocks in the middle of the room in a huge mound. He chuckled as he said: “That’s good. Thank you.”

“Oh.” Faana, who had another arm full of rocks, stopped mid-step and tossed them on the ground. “I haven’t seen someone make a campfire since I went to look at the orcs. But that race is weird. They do some weird things to the females.”

Blake, who was in the middle of drinking some water, immediately choked and spat it out upon hearing Faana’s words. He suddenly realized this dragonic was very innocent! “Ahem… yeah, orcs are strange…. Faana, are you okay with dragon meat? I don’t really have anything else.”

“Mmm… it’s fine….” Faana nodded. She did not care what she ate as long as it tasted good. Her kind would bite off their own race’s heads and swallow it if they were enemies. This was just how they were.

“Then you might be in for a treat.” Blake didn’t realize it, but the more he relaxed around Faana the more she relaxed around him as well. Soon her little nose was sniffing the air as drool began to drip down her chin. “What is this!?”

“This? I am seasoning the wyvern with some spices to roast it. It will be done in about twenty minutes or so.” Blake replied. Faana, on the other hand, frowned when she heard she still had to wait. She pouted and began drawing in the dirt with a stick. Seeing her actions caused Blake to chuckle.

The two sat there next to the fire. One turned the meat to roast it evenly while the other drew on the ground. Blake took notice of the things she was drawing and really could not make heads or tails of what the pictures were of. They really just looked like a bunch of child scribbles that made no sense. He, of course, would say they were amazing if she asked, but he did not dare say anything at this time in case she asked him if he knew what it was a picture of.

Twenty minutes later, Blake clapped his hands and took off a big chunk of meat, and handed it to Faana. “Here. I am not sure if you will like the spices, but it should be decent.”

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