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Faana took the stick with the chunk of meat on it and smelled it once before biting into it. As soon as the savory taste of the spices filled her mouth, her eyes lit up as she practically swallowed the meat whole. When it was gone, she began licking her lips and her fingers while staring at the meat still on the fire. Seeing this, Blake chuckled and gave her some more. But this time, a larger portion. He then got himself a piece and began eating as well.

He had cooked quite a bit of wyvern meat since he knew dragons could eat a lot, and he was glad he did because Faana, although her body was small, ate it with gusto. She laid back on the dirty ground with her wings spread out on both sides of her and let out a satisfied sigh. “Blake, that was quite good. I must hand it to you new age humans as you know how to cook well. Those damn cooks at the pala…. Ahem… Anyway, you know how to cook very well.”

“I am glad you liked it. If I may ask, since it has been piquing my interest this entire time but may I know why you are wearing my shirt?” Blake did not dare to ask this question earlier as it might cause her to get mad, but now that they had relaxed around one another, he figured now was the perfect time.

“Ahh… Cause it smelled like you. You do not know, but you have a unique scent that is very enticing. Not in the food way but in other ways.” As Faana answered, she pulled the bottom of the shirt to her nose and took a big whiff of it. Blake scratched his nose since he did not know how he should react to this. He seemed to have dragons always sniffing his stuff. Lillia does it a lot as well.

“Mmm… Yep, this scent is hard to detect. Only a select few can probably smell it, but it is there, and it exudes off your body.” Faana sat up and crawled over to Blake and pushed her nose into his chest, and took another sniff. “It’s a strange scent, but I am drawn to it.”

Blake really did not know how to react, he could only sit there while the dragonic girl sniffed his body. After a few minutes of sniffing, she hugged Blake’s body and raised her head to look at him. “Feel free to sleep with me here, nothing will attack you. This, I promise.”

Blake was a little unsure about this, but he knew dragons, in general, at least from what he heard from Lillia, will not make promises easily, and if they did, they would not break them under any circumstances. He was not sure if this applied to dragonic or not, but he was actually quite tired. He decided he would only rest his eyes but stay awake enough to at least have time to react if something happened. “Then I will take you up on your offer.”

Faana’s eyes widened before a small smile crept on her lips. She never thought Blake would agree so readily. She watched as she laid back and closed his eyes. “Mmm… definitely an interesting human…” Faana laid on top of him, using his stomach as a pillow. She kept breathing in his scent as if it was some kind of drug. When she heard his steady breathing, she looked back up at him curiously and wondered just what this human intended to do from now on.

She then rolled over and looked up at the orange light that lit up the ceiling above as the campfire’s flame danced wildly. She did not want to return to her clan. She hated how it was run. She did not like how they always thought they were better than others or how her siblings looked down on her for her body size. She was stuck in a body that would never grow. For thousands of years, she had been like this, and because of it, she had been left to do her own thing. She was given just enough to keep herself alive but never had anyone who cared too much about her.

So when the dimensional wall was broken, and everyone began piling back into the old world, Faana took that chance to go off on her own. No one even noticed when she left, nor did it seem anyone would care. She had been roaming around the past few months. Looking at everything from afar. She saw her people ordering the lower dragons to destroy the cities and humans that lived there to reclaim the lands they so sought to conquer.

If she could, she would have stopped it. She saw no reason to massacre everything. She never understood it. Maybe it was because she was left to her own accord and was never taught the ways of the dragonic, but her thinking was much different from the others. She did not hate everything or wish to rule anything like the others of her kind. She only cared about finding a place for herself. This was something she longed for the most.

Once mana filled the world, she roamed around aimlessly with no goal in mind. Watching the dragons as they did their things. She saw many humans and cared not to talk with any of them. It was only when she saw the drake with a human’s shirt in its mouth that she got a bit interested. When she sniffed the shirt and smelt the strange scent, the only thing that came to mind was to find this person. Now that she had found him, she was unsure of what to do.

Faana rolled over once more and looked up at Blake’s sleeping face, and wondered to herself. She wondered if Blake would listen to her story and trust her more. She was not dumb. No new age human would be able to use magic as he did. No new age human would have a space pouch to store items in. These things were not something he should have, yet he does. She could also tell that Blake’s magic was much higher than any of the other humans she had met thus far. So she knew he had undergone special training. And when he turned to talk to her after dealing with the other new age humans she sensed the ones watching from afar leave, which meant that he was not alone, yet now he was looking for a way to escape her because he was wary. He would not bring her back to the place he was from.

One thing about Faana was that she was smart. She could easily deduce everything within a few minutes. She did not need much information to understand that Blake did not trust her enough to bring her home and was scared he would die if he did not let her tag along. On one hand, he could not bring her back, and on the other, he could not push her away. Faana let out a sigh. She wondered what she should do.

The next morning Blake woke up feeling kind of groggy. He did not think he would actually fall asleep, but he did. It was just that he still felt a weight on his stomach. When he looked down, he saw a dragon girl sound asleep with drool streaming out of her mouth as she peacefully slept. This scene made Blake wonder what he should do.

He laid his head back down and stared up at the ceiling. It was at a time like this he wished Lillia was here so he could get some answers on what to do. He did not want to bring Faana back because he was worried about revealing his base. He also did not wish to anger Lillia, so he was at a loss….

Blake ended up lying there in complete silence for a few hours until Faana finally woke up. She raised her head and blinked her sleepy eyes as she wiped the drool from her mouth. She looked around a bit until she saw Blake, and for some reason, her lips curled up into a beautiful smile when she saw that he was still here.

She had wondered if he would disappear while she was sleeping or not. She had a hard time deciding before ultimately leaving it up to fate. So when she woke up and saw that he was still here she was very happy.

Blake was actually stunned by her smile but also a little worried since it seemed like she would not be leaving any time soon. He sighed inwardly as he said: “Good morning.”

“Good morning?” Faana did not understand this meaning since no one had ever said it to her before. She knew it was some kind of human phrase but did not understand the meaning behind it.

“It is a greeting.” Blake explained, and only then did Faana nod and say: “Good morning!”

“After I cook some food, let’s look for a cockatrice. If we can get one, I can cook something different.” Blake had some oil and a pot in his pouch as well. He stored all kinds of food products like flour and eggs as well, so he wanted to try to make some seasoned fried cockatrice. He figured since he was out here, he might as well see what it would taste like.

“You’re cooking again!?” Faana’s eyes lit up. She remembered the food from last night and began drooling again. This alone was enough to make her stick with Blake. Such good food was hard to pass up after always eating bland, tasteless food.

“Yep! So sit back and wait a bit. I will have it ready soon.”


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