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“What right do you have to tell us how to run things here?” The man in military duds looked coldly at Blake as he kept his gun on him. “Tell me, where did the things go?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?” Blake asked with a shit eating grin. He couldn’t help himself since these people had no idea what was going on. He knew they knew there were supposed to be things inside the base, but he did not care about this. Because even if they fired at him from all sides, nothing would happen to him.

“Hmmm…. There is something interesting going on here….” A voice came from above, causing Blake to freeze. He had a really bad feeling as he turned and looked up. A young girl with dragon wings, a black scaled tail, and horns sat in the sky wearing his shirt. She looked no more than twelve to thirteen years of age. But Blake knew that she was probably many hundreds of years older.

The man in military duds and all the people from the base also looked up at the young girl with fear in their eyes. But the young girl did not seem to care about them. Her gaze was solely on the young man who was surrounded. “Hey, tell me, what did you do to make drakey so upset?”

Blake had cold sweat on his back because he knew more than anyone else what the being in the air was. She was a dragonic. Blake did his best to compose himself as he smiled and asked: “Drakey?”

“The little drake who carried your shirt. He seemed quite grumpy. So what did you do?” The young girl asked. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

“If you are talking about a drake…. A few days ago, a wyvern and a drake attacked me. I killed the wyvern, and the drake seemed to be freaked out by my method and turned tail and ran. I chased it a bit before letting it go..” Blake replied. He knew one thing. Never lie to a dragonic. It would make them even madder. And by saying what he said, he knew it wouldn’t matter since the lower level dragons were nothing but tools for the dragonic.

“Oh? You killed a wyvern and even chased off drakey, hmmm? I was not wrong to come here….” The young girl smiled as she floated down and landed in front of Blake. “You are an interesting new age human….. My name is Faana.”

Blake was taken aback that a dragonic would introduce herself to him, but since she was being friendly, he could, by right, not tell her his name, or she might just kill him. Currently, he was walking on thin ice. The enemy of humankind was standing in front of him and seemed to take an interest in him. This was not very ideal, but if he played his cards right, he might be able to live to see another day. “Faana, it is nice to meet you. My name is Blake.”

“Oh?” Faana seemed surprised by Blake introducing himself like this. She found him even more interesting than before. She figured the new age human would hate her for being a dragonic. After all, her kind were the ones who destroyed half their population and took over their world. “Hehe…. You are indeed interesting. Blake, tell me, why are these people pointing these metal sticks at you? They are not imbued with magic or anything, so I do not understand why they would point them at you when they would not harm you in the slightest with your barrier up….”

“Oh, this….” Blake looked up at the man in military duds and the others who were still unsure what to make of the situation and smiled. “Just a bunch of pimps trying to take the things I found.”

“Oh? What is this pimp thing?” Faana was hearing all kinds of new words, which was causing her to become even more interested in Blake.

Blake smiled as he said: “It is when a man uses a woman as an object for sex.”

“Hmmm? Sex, what is that?” Faana was even more confused.

This time Blake’s smile stiffened. He cleared his throat as he thought for a moment before saying. “Mating.”

“Ah! I see…. So these men are forcing the girls to mate with other men?” Faana was trying to get a grasp of the situation, not that she cared, but she found it interesting.

“This I am not sure about, but to me, it is all the same. The girls could be doing it willingly. Anyway, they only stopped me because I emptied their buildings. But I should say that I was the only one who could get into the buildings. Why they did not try to use other means is beyond me.” Blake really did not understand why they did not try to cut through the sides of the buildings or something. Or if they were just too lazy to even attempt it.

“I see…. Then I will watch from above. Yell if you need me!” Faana smiled as she flapped her wings and floated in the air and lay there staring at the group below with eyes shining as if she was about to watch a good show.

Blake really felt this Dragonic was quite strange. But he did not wish to anger her. He did not know how he was going to rid himself of her, but he knew one thing. He could not allow himself to die. He had his girls waiting for him and his children. He did not want to leave them fatherless.

But first, he had to deal with the things at hand. “Oi! Soldier boy, are you going to keep pointing guns at me or what? Faana won’t interfere. How do you want to deal with this? You can shoot if you want to, but I suggest you think about it since it will probably just end up being you who dies in the end. You should just go back to your base camp and continue your everyday life.”

It was only when Blake grabbed the muzzle of his gun that the man in military duds snapped out of his daze and looked back at Blake. “You! Let go! You need to return all the supplies you took!”

“No,” Blake said one word and smiled. The hand he had on the gun’s muzzle tightened its grip, and a crunching sound was heard as Blake bent the muzzle up and back around so that the tip was pointing back at the man in military duds. “Go ahead and shoot!”

“You!?” The man in military duds quickly jumped back as he let go of the gun. He never thought Blake was this strong.

“What about me? I know who I am. Now then, I think we know what will happen if you fire at me. Do not make things any more difficult than they already are. Because if you do….” Blake flicked his finger toward the wall, and the entire wall suddenly exploded. This made Faana’s eyes light up as she saw the magic Blake had used just now. She wondered how he did! Even Blake realized he had made a mistake after he cast his spell. He was so used to casting spells without a chant of magic circle that he forgot to use them with the enemy of mankind looking down at him. A mistake that he had no way of wiggling his way out of.

He did his best not to seem worried about what he did as he looked at the man in front of him. “So what will it be?”

The man in military duds’s face did not look good at all. He looked at the huge hole in the wall and signaled for everyone to lower their weapon. He had heard what the flying girl said earlier. He was not going to risk it. Since the man in front of him could make a hole that big with the flick of his finger, then it would be possible for him to kill them all in the same method just as easily. “Let’s return….”

“Huh!? What!? Is that it? There is not going to be any fight to the death?” Faana seemed upset. Her good show was ruined!

“It’s better this way. Why do we need needless killing?” Blake turned and asked as he looked up at Faana. He was testing her. To see where she stood at this moment. He, at the same time, made a signal with his hand behind his back.

Up in the tree, Bret frowned when he saw Blake making a special signal they had decided on if something big happened. “We are leaving.”

“Huh!? What about Blake!?” Jose was confused. He did not know why they were leaving just like this.

“He gave me the signal. That girl in the air is not something we can bring back to the base. We need to make a report and let his wives know.” Bret hated to leave Blake alone. But this was needed. The signal was made for dragonic. If he ever ran into one and needed everyone to leave. He would stay behind to try to deal with the situation. Bret knew this was the best option. And from the looks of it, the dragonic did not seem to want to do anything to him. So, for now, they could only do as Blake wanted and leave. He just hoped Blake’s wives would understand the situation and not kill him for leaving Blake behind. He did not know which was scarier. Girls in love or a dragonic. He could only sigh because he knew he was about to find out.

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