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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 121.1: Looting Everything Under Their Noses Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

“I see… Must have been scary.” Blake let out a dry laugh. He really did not know how to react in this situation.

“It was pretty bad we lost quite a few people. Anyway, let’s get you a cot. There are not many rooms. Mostly the girls get rooms for their privacy while we guys take the main areas. We are only in this building, as the others are sealed up with heavy metal doors. Our original shelters were all destroyed the previous week.” Dan explained as he brought Blake to the back to get this cot, which was nothing more than a mattress to place on the floor. He got the cot and a blanket. That was it.

“Just find a spot on the floor to place it. We normally do head to head, feet to feet. This is just to show respect. If you need to jerk off, please do it outside.” Dan let out a laugh as he said this. “Everyone here is pretty nice, so for now, just roam around and get to know people. We will start putting you on the schedule at the end of the week.”

“Alright, thanks,” Blake said goodbye to Dan before walking over to a spot and placing his stuff down. The people around him all nodded but did not say much to him. Blake then left the building through the back door and headed for the other buildings to take a look.

Up in the tree, Bret saw Blake walking around normally and let out a sigh of relief. “Seems like that bastard knows how to infiltrate a place easily. Anyway, we should keep watching over him.” The others nodded to Bret’s command and kept their eyes peeled for anything that might be off.

Blake made his way to the back buildings, where not many people were. Just a few people on guard duty but none of them paid him much attention. Blake looked at the sealed buildings closely before going to a secluded side and jumping up on the roof. He ducked down and looked around. When he saw a door leading down, he made his way over to it and pulled the handle. Of course, the door was locked, but he still figured he would try. He then pressed his finger against the door and, using it as a torch, he began cutting a hole through the metal, making a hole just big enough for him to crawl through.

Using magic to keep the metal door from making too much noise Blake entered the stairwell and began making his way downstairs. Luckily the place was only two floors, so there were not many stairs to walk down. He first opened the door to the second floor in the same fashion as the one on the roof and began checking the rooms. “Not bad….” Blake rubbed his chin as he saw the untouched equipment. “I am not sure how much we can use, but I will take what I can with me.”

He went through each room and stuck whatever he thought was useful into his pouch. When the second floor was clear, he checked the first floor. While there was not much to look at on the first floor, there was one thing he did find, and that was a set of stairs leading down. Not wanting to make any mistakes, he pulled out his shortwave radio and called over to Bret. “Bret, I found a separate door leading down into a basement area in one of the buildings.”

“Probably where they keep a lot of things, including a bomb shelter. It should be fine to go down, but I would suggest putting up your barrier just in case.” Bret instructed. He did not know if there were any automated turrets down there since he did not know the situation well enough to make any guesses.

“Alright, thanks. Going silent for a bit. Will contact you later.” Blake shut off his radio. He knew it was not good to keep using it like this since anyone might be able to pick up on his conversation.

He made his way downstairs carefully until he reached the bottom. He once more cut a hole in the door and crawled inside to a dark hallway. Using a lightning spell, he lit the place up and tried to sense anyone down there. Since it was a bomb shelter, he wondered if someone had snuck in there, but it seemed the place was empty.

There were many supplies down here, which he did not hesitate to take. He could offer them to the people in this base, but he was not that kind. His own people came first. He made sure to gather what he could before coming to a room he never expected to be down here. “So many weapons!” Grenades, ammo, and even rocket launchers. It was a huge stockpile of weapons.

Blake knew most of these were useless, but they were still helpful against some races, so he was not going to leave them behind. He quickly stored everything away, and in just ten minutes, the huge stockpile was all shoved into his pouch.

When he was done with all of this, he triple checked the place once more before making his way back outside. Using his detection spell, he looked for anyone around him before exiting the same way he came in. He then made his way towards a large hanger that was locked up. He had no idea what was inside, but he couldn’t let it slip by him. He still had plenty of room in his pouch.

If the people of the base knew what he was doing, they would probably chase him down and burn him alive, but Blake could care less. They had already set up their new way of life here, and he was not going to interfere. They couldn’t even get into these buildings, so why would it matter if he ransacked the place? In just a few minutes, he arrived at his next target.


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