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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 122.2: Looting Everything Under Their Noses Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Quite big I do wonder what is hidden inside….” Blake smiled as he cracked his knuckles and walked to the side of the building. He found a secluded spot and melted a hole into the side of the building. He poked his head through to take a peak around and raised an eyebrow at the few bits of equipment he saw. “Two mounted gunners and a tank. Not bad. I can at least make use of this…. Maybe we can figure out how to replicate them using magic.”

Blake had many ideas, but he had no idea how to make any of the work since he did not know the first thing about magic craft. He walked in and put away everything in the hangar. He found many things he did not expect, and he still had one more building to go through.

On the other side, inside the building that the people who were in control of the base, Dan stood there looking around. “Anyone seen the new guy? The leaders want to talk to him.”

“Not me!”

“I think I saw him walking out back.”

A few people answered, causing Dan to sigh since he now had to go search for Blake. He walked out back and began looking around, but he saw no one. It was not hard to see people unless they went down to the buildings that were sealed off! “Maybe he went to check them out….” Scratching his head, he slowly made his way over to the nearest sealed off building. A place Blake had already ransacked.

Up in the tree, Bret noticed this and took out his radio to give Blake a warning. “Buddy, you got someone walking out towards the buildings. He is looking around, so he might be looking for you.”

Blake, who had just entered the second hangar, frowned as he looked at all the stuff he still needed to steal. He picked up his radio and whispered: “Alright, if need be, do some diversion fire. The shit in these hangars is gold for us. I can’t leave anything.”

“Got it.” Bret smiled. He wondered how the fools of this base would feel to know they had so much stuff looted right out from under their noses. Bret did not feel bad at all about this. Everyone made choices, and everyone had to do their own way of doing things. He chose to follow Blake so he would follow Blake’s orders, well, not like he could resist anyway, but he would still do it even if he was not under contract.

But he also felt this was the only way to keep going. Blake was trying to build something much grander than some sex shop. She wanted a place where people could live normal lives, and so far, it was working just fine. Not to mention they already had three of the races in the base who were all powerful. Bret had high hopes for the future and hoped things would eventually pan out, but he was still worried. Since if the dragonic gets to them before they can grow would be the end for them.

Dan walked over to the building and looked around and saw some footprints that looked fresh. After all, Blake was not really trying to hide his actions too hard. Mainly because these people did not seem very trained in much of anything. And sure enough, Dan didn’t think much about the footprints either. “Blake?” He called out but got no answer. “Where the hell did he go?”

After circling the building and finding no sign of Blake, Dan continued on to the warehouse. At the same time, one of the people on watch in the towers happened to look over towards the sealed building and saw a gaping hole in the door. “What? How…” Without much thought, he raised his gun and shot in the air.


“Someone entered the sealed building in the back!” The man in the watchtower yelled out. This caused everyone in the front yard to go on notice. The girls who were in the middle of having sex were all helped up and given their clothes so they could quickly prepare. Something like this had never happened before, so they had to all be present to talk with the leader.

A few minutes later, everyone had gathered. A man in military duds stood in front of everyone and asked: “Tell me, what is going on? Who fired their weapon?”

“I did, leader! I spotted a hole in the door to the sealed building behind us. It was never there before.” The man who fired the gun announced.

“I know. I have checked the door myself. I was unable to open it as well, and the door is just as thick as the one at the entrance. We will go and inspect. I want five men.”

It did not take long to make a team and have people sent over to the building. They used a ladder to reach the roof and were quickly at the door with the hole in it, “What the hell is this? Someone used a blowtorch to open it?”

“It does seem that way. Let’s look inside. See if we can find anything or the one who had opened it. There is no way we would not have noticed such a big hole in the door until now.”

“I don’t know. Half the men on watch only stare at the girls.”

“Even if that was the case, there is no way it could have gone for a long time. And even then, we would have noticed something out of the ordinary if someone did come here.”

“Stairwell is clear. Let’s go.”

A few minutes later… “What the hell, it’s empty!”

“Someone was definitely here. There are spots that are perfectly clean compared to the rest of the dusty floor, not to mention all the footprints.”

“The person did not even try to cover their tracks.”

“Sir, I think we might have a problem. If the second floor is empty, then the store rooms will also be….”

“We can only check! Look everywhere, do not leave anything unturned. I will go back up and do a headcount. We need to know who is missing!”

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