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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 120: Cockatrice Bahasa Indonesia

“Even if we did that, it would not be too good…. Let’s do this. We will try to make contact. By we, I mean me. If things go south, I have the best chance to escape.” Blake did not want to put anyone in the line of danger just yet. He had no idea about this base and did not recognize anyone, so he did not know who was who at this base.

“I agree with this, but are you sure? They might use a heavy gun on you.” Bret was still iffy about sending Blake in alone. He did not want to face the wrath of his wives!

“It’s fine. I can stop a shell from a tank. For now, stay here. If you see anything wrong give me some cover fire.” They had brought guns but had yet to use them as they would attract too much attention.

“Don’t worry, man. I will cover your rear no matter what. Not like that though, so don’t even start smiling.” Bret snorted. Blake chuckled and nodded his head. He knew Bret would not let him down if he needed help. Sticking his weapons into his pouch he took out only a makeshift bat that he had prepared for situations like this that had dried blood on it and made his way over to the base.

Blake could only sigh at the lack of awareness these guards had. He looked up at both towers, which were supposed to be keeping an eye on things, and jumped over the wall with ease. When Bret saw this he also could not help but shake his head. “These idiots probably wouldn’t last more than a few days.”

“Bret, isn’t this a little too easy? Blake just put his bat away and is not walking straight into one of the buildings.” Dave felt things were not right.

“It’s due to the men. They only care about the sex in front of them, which is making them blind to everything else. Anyway, Blake is inside now so we can only wait and see.” Bret kept watching over the building Blake was in. If he saw Blake rushing out, he would not hesitate to pull the trigger on those chasing him.

On the inside of the building, Blake was met with many beds all over the floor where many people were lying down on. He could see many females walking around that were in regular clothes sitting with some of the other men eating and laughing it up. From the looks of things, they were off sex duty. But they were not restrained. This was a sigh of relief to Blake, but he still could not allow these people to join his group. He did not want them doing things they shouldn’t be.

While he was sure that things in the future would definitely come with problems as the base expanded, there were some rules he could not break, and that was the respect of the women around him. He knew most of these girls did it because they had no choice. They may act fine now, but what about behind closed doors? If they were fine with it, then they could do as they pleased. He would not object, but he would never make a show of it like these people are doing.

“Oh? You’re a new face.” A voice came from his side, causing Blake to look over to see a man standing there smiling at him.

“Ah yeah. Just arrived. Can you tell me how you guys do things here? They didn’t explain much at the gate.” Blake scratched his head and asked. He acted as if it was normal for him to be here, which made him less suspicious.

“Those bastards. All they care about is watching the girls. During mating day, they drop all their duties and just watch from the towers. I am surprised you even got them to notice you. Anyway, besides what you see outside, we are quite a tight knit group. We are all normal citizens with two soldiers who run the base here. We have a few groups set up for scavenging. Although, as of late, there have been a few groups who have not returned. We have sent out scouts, but there are these monsters out there that look human but are smaller and fucking ugly as shit. They are quick and crafty. If we are not careful, we will get dragged away. Ah right. Names Dan.” Dan introduced himself. Blake smiled and shook his hand as he said: “Blake.”

“Good to meet you, brother, but I must warn you those who do not work do not get fed. The females get a free ride due to the duties they provide, but the men have to work their asses off and are the only ones to leave the base.” Dan warned with a light laugh. “Don’t worry. Since you arrived, you get a week pass, so you will get a meal a day for the time being. Food stocks are slim, but we are already working on farming, and if we are lucky, we will bring back some monster meat. Not those green things but stuff that looks like animals from before.”

“That’s good to hear. But I have to ask. What happened to the other side of the base?” Blake had been wondering why the base was half destroyed. It did not look like it was done by the dragonic.

“Ah, a week ago, a giant chicken looking thing appeared and began blowing fire all over the place. It destroyed half the base before we could repel it.” Dan answered, causing Blake’s face to sink a little. He knew what attacked them, and it was not the nicest of creatures. The monster in question was called a cockatrice. It was an evolved chicken. Originally chickens were said to be the descendants of the dinosaurs, so when they evolved, they turned into these huge monsters with fathers and the ability to blow fire and other elements. Some would even turn people to stone. They were nasty but weak to modern weapons.


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