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The drake looked at the young girl with a bit of fear in its eyes. It quickly dropped the shirt and ran off. The young girl tilted her head to the side as she watched the drake run off and pursed her lips. “Am I that scary?” The young girl frowned as she hopped down from the rock she was on and walked over to the shirt that the drake left behind. She looked it over and took in its scent. “Hmmm…? Interesting….. Hehe….” With a soft giggle, she put the shirt on that went down to her knees with a big smile on her face. Once she looked herself over a few times and made sure her tail was not caught in anything she sniffed the air before skipping off in a certain direction.

“We are here!” Bret yelled out. They had spent the past few days either running for their lives or fighting to the death. All the while Blake stood in the back laughing. “Blake, can I ask a question?”

“Sure.” Blake nodded as he took a drink of water.

“Why the hell did you not help with half the battles!?” Bret shouted. He did not understand it!

“Because real life training against goblins was perfect for you guys. I never expected there to be so many female goblins though. Bret how come you didn’t take one as a wife?” Blake’s lips curled up into a grin that made Bret want to punch him.

“Real life training my ass! You never told me female goblins were just as bad as the male ones! They almost ripped my pants off!” Bret’s face went white just thinking about it. If he did not have combat training he would have been stuck doing one of those nasty creatures!

“Hahahaha!” Blake couldn’t hold it in. The sight of seeing Bret’s face turning many different colors as he hurriedly killed every female goblin that jumped onto him was just too much.

“What I do not get is why did they all go for Bret? They barely even took a look at us.” Dave was very confused. They had fought as well but none of the females seemed to care about them and all jumped on Bret.

“The thing about female goblins is the bigger the person is the more attractive they are. This is why hobgoblins always have females swarming them. See how big and burly Bret is compared to the five of you who have less muscle mass. They would go for the big meaty boy over you any day.” Blake explained.

Dave and the others looked at each and all let out a sigh of relief. “Remind me to never gain weight.”

“What kind of shit is that!? I can’t help it if I am big boned!” Bret wanted to cry. He wondered if the gods hated him. He wondered why he was being targeted!

“Joking aside, you all did great. The teamwork I just saw was amazing. But you need to watch your backs more. I know I am part of the team but there were many instances when I was helping one out and another almost got stabbed in the back. I can only do so much. ” Blake was helping when they fought the goblins. He was just there to make sure they did not die. Why he did not help on these goblins was because they were just that small goblins and not hobgoblins and were prefect for trianing.

“Ah? I guess we do need to pay more attention.” Steven scratched his head. “In the training ground, we never dealt with so many goblins at once so it was different.”

“It’s to be expected after all there is no way of telling what will happen in the real world. Things are much different than in training and you need to be careful not to get hurt either. There are no retries in the real world. For now, though we should figure out what we are going to do with the base in front of us.” Blake pointed at the wooden towers that had been constructed. “I can sense quite a few figures inside but it is hard to tell if they are human or not. Bret, let’s get some high ground and see if we can see inside of the base.”

“Let’s climb up the tree to the south here. It should be far enough out of range but high enough to scope out the area.” Bret pointed over at a tree not far from where they were. Blake nodded and the group quickly made their way over. Because the tree was very large and had thick branches, everyone could easily climb up it without issue and even sit on the same branch.

They climbed up high enough to overlook the base to see many people inside. “Humans for sure but I do not like the looks of what is going on.”

“Fucking sick!” Bret spat. They were looking at a bunch of girls tied up outside with a line of men using them as they pleased. Such a scene was not uncommon in Blake’s past life but it was still hard to watch. Many military camps that were under human control had such setups to help the men relieve stress. There was a rotation in the camps that the girls had to follow whether they liked it or not or they would be punished.

“So what should we do?” Jose’s face did not look good. In fact, he was happy he arrived at Blake’s base where things were still normal. They lived fairly close to how they did back before the apocalypse. Just without all the fancy gadgets and technology.

“For one thing, the ones on guard are not even paying attention and are too busy staring as the fuck fest in the main yard. Half the base has already been destroyed and only a portion of it is usable. With such cheap security and the lack of awareness of what is around them, I am sure we can take them down.” Bret commented.

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