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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 118: Blake You Bastard! Bahasa Indonesia

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about? Bret, you really believe in superstitious stuff?” Blake asked. Although did say this, he was actually hoping he did not really jinx them.

“I would not have if it was not for the fact that magic and all the myths and legends of old suddenly became true! If I do not believe in it now then what should I believe in?” Bret asked back. Blake nodded. He could not argue with that since it was a fact, after all.

“Well… let’s just hope we do not meet any dragonic,” Blake replied with a smile causing Bret’s face to sink.

Half a day later…..

“Blake you bastard!” Bret yelled out as he and everyone else was running for their lives.

“At least it wasn’t a dragonic!” Blake let out a laugh as he jogged next to the others. Behind them was a wyvern and a drake chasing after them. He actually found this pretty amusing.

“I don’t give a shit! You deal with this! You are the one who jinxed us!” Brey cried out. He really wanted to go home right now!

“Fine! Fine! I will take care of it. I will show you how to handle a few dragons and show you the ultimate weak point!” Blake spun on his heel and charged at the dragons chasing them. Bret and the others were stunned! They never thought Blake would actually turn and fight the dragons!

“Wait, shit! Blake, I was joking! Fuck!” Bret yelled out. He was about to chase after Blake to help him but stopped his in his tracks when a loud sound was her.

*Bang!* *Bang!*


All they saw was Blake take out the eyes of the wyvern and then slip under it to its rear and shove his arm into its ass. Shortly after, the wyvern flailed about for a few seconds before falling over. Then the unexpected happened. The drake that was not far behind stopped dead in its tracks, turned around, and ran away!

“Hey, get back here!” Balke yelled out as he gave chase. He waved his hand, and a giant wall of earth rose up in front of the drake blocking its path. The drake began to panic and began blowing fire at the wall of earth, blowing a huge hole into it before it continued to run off with its tail between its legs!

Blake no longer gave chase as he suddenly burst out laughing. “Hahahahaha! I have never seen a drake run so fast. It literally tucked its tail between its legs! Hahahaha!”

Bret and the others who watched this all stood there staring at Blake wide eyed. They all had the same thought at that time as they clenched their cheeks together: ‘Don’t let Blake get behind you! It would result in something worse than dropping the soap!’

Blake regained his composure as he walked over and put the wyvern into his pouch and then looked at the others in confusion when he saw the expressions on their faces. “Why are you guys making that face while holding your asses?”

“You….. Dude, you just shoved your hand up a dragon’s ass!” Bret yelled out. “You sick fuck!”

“How is that sick!? It’s their biggest weak point! Shove your hand up their ass and set off a few fireballs!” Blake yelled back. He then smiled and walked over to Bret and patted his shoulder with the hand that was just up a dragon’s ass. “How is it? This hand was just in the holy….”

“Get that off, you bastard!” Bret quickly threw Blake’s hand away, causing Blake to laugh out loud.

“Alright! Alright… I forgot you are still a virgin. But I am telling you, all the wyvern meat you have eaten, all of them were killed in the same fashion. One hand in the ass. Haven’t you ever seen that anime… What was it called? The one with all the ninjas. They had an ultimate hidden technique!”

“Just don’t bring your damn stank finger near me!” Bret kept wiping his shoulder, even going as far as to wash it with magic. Blake shrugged and washed off his arm as well. But he was slightly worried. He did let the drake go. But then again, he was in no position to really take it down at that time.

Thinking of this, he said seriously: “We should change routes even if it takes longer. That drake might call for help, and it would be best if we were not here.”

“Mmmm…” Bret nodded and pulled out his map, and laid it on a nearby rock. “We are here currently, and we should do a full circle. It will add a day and a half on our route, but it should be able to wash off our scent if we use the river here to circle back around. We will be going against the current, so it should work out well. Blake, you should leave a shirt in the river and let it float downstream as well.”

“Will do. The last scent that drake had was mine, so this should keep them busy for a while. If we circle around this way, we can hit the smaller stream over here. If we are lucky, we might even find some small animal to put my scent on as well.” Blake knew once they latched on to his scent, they would chase after it if the drake decided to call for help or personally look for revenge. With their plan set, Blake and the others headed out.

They took the river as they had planned, and Blake sent one of his shirts downstream. They then looped back around until they reached a straight shot from another direction to the base.

Two days later, in a small field, a young girl stood picking her teeth with a bone. “Oh? Little drakey, what got you all grumpy? Hmmm? What’s that? A shirt? Why are you carrying a new age human shirt? Did you take it as a trophy?”


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