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For the following week, Blake never left Lillia’s side once, waiting on her hand and foot. Tina and the girls all teased him, saying he was whipped, but they knew this was his first child, and Tina was kind of hoping he would do the same for her when she finally gave birth.

As Blake was taking care of Lillia’s needs, Lillia stared at him with a warm smile on her face. She knew Blake was giving up a lot by doing this. She knew every second of time was precious to him. “Blake, leave it to the others and go train.”

“But…” Blake scratched his head. He also wanted to go train, but as Lillia’s man, he could not just abandon her and go train. It would be like those deadbeats who go play video games while their girlfriend is all alone taking care of the new baby.

“Go! Tina and the others can assist me. Just remember that you need to prepare for your trip ahead. Also… Come here.” Lillia motioned with her finger for Blake to come near. He did as she said and crawled up on the bed. She smiled and kissed his cheek before poking his forehead, and a stream of information entered his mind. They were all new spells. “Practice these for a bit until you get the hang of them. There is one of each element and should come in handy for an emergency. These are higher tier spells, so be careful when you use them. Don’t waste too much mana if you do not need to.”

Blake smiled and nodded. He kissed Lillia on the lips. “I will work hard. Lillia, I promise one day I will be strong enough that I can stand in front of you and protect you and all my wives no matter what.”

“Hehe… I will be waiting for that day.” Lillia shooed Blake away while calling Tina in.

Freed of his fatherly duties, Blake rushed to the training grounds and quickly went back to training. This time he did not leave even after using up all his mana. Noa seemed to have been told to watch over him, so she was there every time he collapsed. At night he spent his baths with Erica and Sam, and in bed, he would take care of Tina and Noa’s needs. While poor Lillia had to watch from the side.

Real quickly, time ticked by, and the day of departure had arrived. Erica and Sam were not in a good mood at this time. “Why must you leave now!?”

Blake felt bad, but this was important for the future of the base, and it could not hold off any longer. He also did not want to rush their first night together. He pulled both girls into a hug and whispered: “When I get back, I promise I will make you both officially my wives. So make sure you get things packed up to be ready to move into the master bedroom.”

The girls blushed and reluctantly nodded their heads. Blake gave his girls a kiss goodbye before meeting up with Bret and the five others that were going on this trip with them. “You damn bastard always rubbing it in!” Bret yelled out as he slapped Blake’s back as hard as he could.

Blake laughed and patted his shoulder: “Maybe you will get lucky and meet a goblin female on the way to the hidden base.”

“Peh! Screw that! Those goblins are ugly as shit.” Bret made a disgusted face, but Blake’s grin only grew wider. “But I heard while the males are ugly, the females…. They are something to see….”

“What, really?” Bret was instantly interested. He had no idea goblins females were good looking!

“Mmm…. That is… If you do not mind them having hairy legs, chest and face, a nose the size of dragon’s horn and warts all over their body.” Blake replied as he burst out laughing.

“You damn sick bastard! Got my hopes up for nothing!” Bret cursed as he walked over to the others. “You guys watch out for this bastard, or you might end up fucking a cockroach and not even know it.”

The other men snickered as Blake laughed even louder. He looked at the group that would be making this trip with him and smiled. “You guys know what we are doing, right?”

“Yes, we do, Lord! We all used to work in this field and have been trained by Bret the past few weeks.” One of the men replied. His name was Tomas.

“Alright then, let’s make this trip worth it,” Blake said as he walked forward. He did not need to make any speeches this time. He was happy about this because he always ended up rambling while giving them.

The people setting out besides Bret and Blake were Thomas, Dave, Gerad, Steven, and Jose. All five used to work for phone companies or similar fields. Bret had also put them through intensive training as well as doing their own training.

As they exited the gate, Blake felt a few sets of eyes on him. He turned around to see his girls all looking at him. Each one with a worried look. He smiled and waved at them before mouthing: “I will be back.”

These were always famous last words, but Blake felt like he would definitely return no matter what. He had to. So far, he has survived easily. If he did not return, it would mean only one thing…. He ran into a dragonic. But as far as he knew, the dragonic should not be around in this area at this time. At least, he hoped not anyway. But if he did meet one, he would do everything in his power to escape. He could not die, not now, when he had this second chance in life and kids on the way. He did not want his children to be fatherless.

Bret suddenly shivered as he asked: “Blake, why did I feel a sudden chill roll down my spine? Are you thinking of some shit that will cast death flags on us?”

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