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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 116: It’s Time Bahasa Indonesia

“Even if you wish to rush it, what is the point of punishing yourself like this?” Noa could understand Blake’s urge to get stronger, but if he rushed it too much, he might harm himself.

“It’s fine, I do not feel all that bad. Just tired. What I need to do is expand my knowledge about magic circles. I have ideas for spells but no idea how to go about formulating a magic circle for them.” Blake stretched his arms and legs as he spoke. He was already starting to feel better.

“Learning how to create spells is not easy. Even for the elves, it is no simple task, but then again, from the way you use magic, it is definitely a different method compared to what we are used to. So maybe you are a genius in spell creation.” Noa moved and sat on top of Blake as she used this chance to move her hands across his chest.

“May I ask, little lady, are you trying to take advantage of me while I am down?” Blake asked teasingly.

“Is it wrong to want to touch my husband?” Noa asked back as she continued what she was doing.

“Nope. I was just curious.” Blake replied with a smile. Noa shook her head and stood up. “You should have enough mana now. You should go shower and get ready for bed. We have all missed you after you left.”

“Alright. I am getting up.”

Blake continued his training every day. And every day Noa was there to rescue him from his lack of mana. She would scold him, but he still did it anyway. The only reason he was so willing to do what he was doing was because he could feel his mana pool expanding even though it was not quick, it was still expanding.

To have such a place where he could freely train whether he died or not was not something many would have even in this world. To expand one’s mana pool in such a way was not an easy thing since you would need an area where you can destroy everything around you as you cast magic. If you tried to do this outside, you would end up creating trouble for yourself, so this was the best place for him to train.

But as the weeks passed, Blake woke up one morning to being jostled awake by a certain Dragon girl next to him. “Blake….. It’s coming!”

“Huh?” Blake, who was half asleep, looked at Lillia, who was holding her stomach, and his eyes went wide. “The egg is about to be born!?”

“Yes!” Lillia nodded as she held her stomach. She could feel it pushing down. If she did not get read now, she might end up popping the egg out in her pajamas.

“Alright, hold on.” Blake was panicking. He had no idea what he was doing, but he quickly ripped Lillia’s bottoms off and pulled her underwear off as well. He then looked around at the two girls, still sleeping, and threw a water ball at them.

“Huh!? What!?” Tina and Noa Both got up and looked around, stunned. “Why did you do…. Sister Lillia!?”

“I need you, girls, to help. She is about to lay the egg!” Blake shouted in a panicked voice.

“Blake, calm down.” Noa used magic and dried both her and Tina off with a wave of her hand and stood up on the bed. “Sister Tina, go get some towels and a bowl of water.”

“On it!” Tina jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom.

Blake was sitting between Lillia’s legs, holding his hands out as if he was a catcher at a baseball game. Seeing his pose, Noa gave him a strange look. She walked over and pushed him out of the way. “You hold her hand. I will take this side. I have read up on dragons and how they give birth, especially the ather dragons.”

Blake absentmindedly nodded his head and felt relieved when Noa said she knew what she was doing. He slid next to Lillia and put his arm around her, and held her hand. Lillia looked up at him with a warm smile. She never expected this to all come so soon, but she was happy. She leaned into his embrace and did what she was supposed to do, and that was push!

“Sister Noa, towels and water!” Tina came back quickly with everything and placed everything to the side.

Noa nodded and took a fresh towel and placed it under Lillia’s legs, and looked at the white, black spotted egg that was starting to appear. “Sister Lillia, I need you to push and push hard. “

“Mmmm….” Lillia held her breath as she pushed as hard as she could. She felt like her crotch was going to be ripped apart as the egg pushed through a spot it should not fit through.

She pushed and pushed and pushed until finally….


A large egg the size of a football lay on the towel. Noa took a towel and some warm water and gently wiped it off before helping clean Lillia off. Only then did she take another towel to dry them both off, then wrapped the egg up in a blanket, and handed it to Lillia. “Sister Lillia, I am sure you know, but you will need to keep it near you at all times for the next few months.”

“Mm…. My and Blake’s baby….” Lillia looked at the white, black spotted egg and smiled as she cradled it in her arms. Blake looked at the egg and wondered just what kind of child would be born. Would it be a boy or a girl….. He had many questions and now more worries as he wondered if he would be a good father or not. But even still, he leaned over and kissed the egg. “We have to make sure our child grows up healthy and strong.”

“Mmm… I am sure they will grow up to be the strongest in the world.” Lillia said with a smile as she kissed the egg, then Blake. “Thank you for giving me my wish.”


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