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“Alright, then, I will leave this to you. As for the team…. Mike, besides Bret and me, you can decide who goes but make sure there are enough people to cover the base as well. We will move out once Lillia lays her egg.” Blake hoped that after training, more people would be ready to move out. But for now, this was all they could do was try to prepare everyone for the unexpected.

“So, how do we want to do the outposts?” Mike asked. Since it was going to happen, they might as well plan things completely.

“Hmmm… To keep people from really finding out communication lines and having a chance for a safer escape if needed, I was thinking of having tunnels going to each location. We will then have the wires run underground and then up through the tree or whatever we use to construct the outpost. This should be the simplest way of going about things. It would also make things safer. They can have an escape rope that leads to the tunnel and then collapse it afterward. While this might sound stupid to you guys who have worked in the military all these years, I can’t think of any better plans. At least this way, whoever is on watch will have a chance of escaping.” Blake scratched his head. He really had no idea if he sounded silly or not.

“This will work. We will need to do more combat survival training as well. I will see what I can work up in the training room and try to move a few things around in the jungle section. It will serve as a two stage training method. We can have a team construct an outpost and also escape from that same outpost they create.” Mike’s idea made Blake raise an eyebrow. He forgot how useful their training ground truly was!

“This is perfect. We can at least make sure fewer people will get injured during the construction phase as well. Alright, we will follow this plan. But are there any other things we can do to keep the base secure as well? From what I know, we haven’t really set up any outside defenses, have we?” Blake has not been around enough to know just how good their defenses were, but if they could strengthen it, even more, it would work out well.

“Now that you mention it. Since we only have a few on guard on the top wall and most of us are always in the base, it never really came to mind since the base itself is the safest place to be. But we have a stockpile of land mines we can use to at least use a deterrence.” Mike suggested.

“Alright, but we will need to map it out. And everyone will need to learn it. When we go to the base, we can also try to find more equipment as well. Let’s leave things at that for now since we already have a lot to do. We will slowly scale things up as we can.” Blake stood up and stretched. “Let’s grab something to eat, and I will then go back to training myself.”

With the meeting over, Blake did as he said and got some food in him before heading to the training facility. He once more made his way into the forest area as he wanted to be ready for anything. The forest area was the one place that was used mostly due to their current location being covered in forests and cities covered in foliage.

But this time, he did not jump off in the same spot as before but in a different spot. This was because he found a little clearing from up above that he wanted to make his way to. When he landed, he did not get attacked by goblins this time. He looked around and scanned his area before placing his hand on the ground and creating a golem. It was the same as before, which made him frown slightly. But with it out, he decided to make his way to the one area he spotted.

After killing many monsters along the way, he arrived at the open field within an hour. It was here that he decided he wanted to try a few things. “To make use of the magic power that I have and really expand my mana pool more, I will need to use up almost all my mana so…..” He waved his hand and created an earth wall around the entire open area to seal himself off and also make something to fire against. He had made sure to make the walls very thick in order to take some of the impacts from his attacks.

“While I am at it, let’s try to make some new attacks as well…” Blake sat down and began trying to go over some of the spells he remembered from tv, books, and comics. A lot of these spells were possible, but he needed to figure out how to create a magic circle for them.

“Lillia has said that magic circles are created in a specific way and that the runes each contain many runes, but I still do not know what each rune does….” Blake frowned when he realized his knowledge was still lacking. “I should ask Lillia for some books. I hate to say it, but whoever said knowledge was power was fucking right. Anyway, for now, since I don’t even know where to start when creating my own spells I will just modify the ones I have and fire them over and over until I drain my mana….”

While his plans were laid out, Blake went right to work and began doing just as he said. The sounds of explosions rang out through the forest for hours until they suddenly stopped. In the clearing, Blake lay on the ground feeling very exhausted. He had almost dried up his entire mana pool. He just needed to take in mana naturally until it was full again. But currently, he felt like he had been hit by a truck. The loss of so much mana at once was really draining on the body. He was purposefully not taking in any mana and ran his mana down to almost nothing.

“Here….” A voice came from above. Blake looked up to see Noa standing there, smiling. She reached down and placed her hand on Blake’s stomach, and injected mana into his body. “You need to be more careful. If you did not calculate correctly, you could have harmed yourself.”

“Mm… I know… But I need to expand my mana pool as quickly as possible. I need to be stronger.” Blake replied as he closed his eyes. Noa’s mana was flowing through his body, reenergizing him. It was warm and felt nice.

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