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Noa blushed as she reached down and rubbed her stomach. She was not against having Blake’s child. In fact, she was all for it. It was just that elves…. “It might take a while….”

“Mmm… Elves have a hard time conceiving. Which is why your race always stays around the same community size but luckily, it is a long lived race that gives you plenty of time to have more children. Otherwise, your race would have died out long ago..” Lillia kind of felt bad for the elves because if anything ever happened to the men, the pure blooded elven line would be wiped out, and most elves are born female. A male elf is rare. Maybe only a few will be born every few years.

“This is true…. It is also the reason why the females taken by the orcs are left to fend for themselves. The leaders will not help them unless the men are taken, which never happens.” Noa clenched her fist. The men of the elven tribe are revered because they are the minority.

“Well… don’t worry. If orcs come to try to take you away, Blake and the rest of us will fight to the death to bring you back.” Tina reached over and put her arm around Noa’s shoulder. She really liked this group they had formed. They were all very close and shared their feelings with each other.

Blake and the girls were currently using the treetops to move away from the horde of monsters that had shown up and were fighting. Now, if this was a game, he could easily rack up some free experience points by fishing in troubled waters, but this was no game. It was best to leave such scenes behind them as they searched for the plant he so desperately needed.

But as the days went by and after many battles, Blake had not spotted a single mana cleansing herb at all. “We need to turn back….” Blake hated to say it, but time was getting short, and Lillia was going to lay her egg soon.

“We are done?” Sam asked.

“Mmm… We need to return as soon as possible. I promised Lillia I would be there for her.” Blake let out a sigh as he looked around him. They might not have been in the right area, and he can only wait until after Lillia lays her egg to try again.

“Hey, there is a house under the brush here… Can we stay here tonight?” Erica asked.

“Yeah. We will suspend our search and rest for now. We will wake up early and begin heading back. We won’t search as thoroughly as we have been but just keep an eye out for the herb.” Blake turned his attention from the ground to the house that had a tree half fallen on top of it and vines growing in and out of the windows. He did not sense anything inside, so he walked over and broke a window to get in.

Inside, the place was very dark. He used a light spell to see around better. “Place was fully ransacked at some point.” Things were tossed everywhere and turned upside down probably before the age of magic arrived.

“We can finally shower,” Erica said as she winked at Blake.

Blake rolled his eyes. These girls found it amusing to get naked and use water magic to wash themselves off. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were not washing each other and doing things sisters normally would not do. But Blake had to say that it was pretty enticing. The girls were using every means possible to get him to turn into an animal. But they only had another month to wait. Then he would teach them what it means to keep teasing him like this.

The horny duo did not disappoint as their hands roamed each other’s bodies as she stood in front of Blake, giving him a perfect view of what they were doing to each other. Blake sat back and watched the show taking it all in. He was unable to hide the tent in his pants as he did. He swore once he got home, he would teach Lillia and Tina a lesson they would never forget for turning these two girls into such hornballs. When the girls finished showering, they did not forget to lean against Blake and give him a kiss while patting a certain spot on his body.

Blake’s days went on with two minxes who loved to torture him until he finally saw the entrance to the base. Sadly they were returning empty handed. Rob sat up on top of the base wall with a gun in his hand. He was sitting in a chair. When he saw his daughters coming back with their arms hooked around Blake’s, he smiled, knowing that they were safe. He was also happy that they seemed to be treated well by Blake. He could tell just by how they smiled and laughed as they walked with him.

“Rob,” Blake called out when he saw The girl’s father staring down at him.

“Am I going to be a grandad soon?” Rob asked teasingly.

“Not yet,” Blake replied. “But by the end of next year, it is a good possibility. They need to wait one more month.”

“Mm…. Just another month, huh? You are really stuck on this, aren’t you? I already gave you my blessing. My daughters are now your wives. You can do as you please as long as they are happy and not miss treated.” Rob jumped down and walked over to them. He looked much stronger and more fit than before.

“Yeah! Dad did say that!” Erica nodded, giving her father a secret thumbs up.

Blake scratched his head and shook it. “We will just go with the current course of things. It’s only a month.” Blake was firm on this. He did not know why he was so firm about it, but he wanted things to be done in a more natural way. The girls have proved that they love him through and through many times. But he still wanted to stick to this timeline he had set.

He had wanted to wait until he became a Drakani, but he knew this would be unfair to the two girls. Plus, Lillia and Tina would probably get mad at him if he continued making them wait.


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