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“Is it dead!?” Erica called out. Blake nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. He now no longer felt anything watching him anymore which allowed him to feel a bit more at ease. He walked over to the barrier the girls were under, and un did it and slipped into between the two. “Wake me in an hour….”

Erica and Sam looked at each other and smiled as they both cuddled up next to him and gently rubbed his back. They both knew he had been tired for some time. He may not have shown it, but it was clear to them that he was in need of some sleep, if only a little. When they heard the sounds of his steady breathing as he fell asleep, the girls looked at each other and, with knowing eyes, nodded. They would let him sleep until morning. They would take tonight’s watch.

When the sun pierced through the parts in the leaves, Blake blinked a few times as he slowly woke up. He had slept pretty soundly, so he was a bit confused. He pushed himself up and looked around to see both girls smiling at him. He then felt a set of lips pressing on both sides of his face. “Good morning.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?” Blake asked. He felt warm that the girls were willing to keep watch, but he still felt it was not safe for them. Their ability to hone in on danger had not been fully cultivated yet.

“Because you needed sleep. Blake, you have us. We are willing to share your burden. We know you wish to keep us safe, but if you keep going like this, you will collapse during a fight, and then what? We may all end up being killed. So please rely on us more.” Sam’s eyes were firm as she spoke these words. Erica was nodding her head in response as well.

“Sam is right! You need to rely on us. You can sleep while we sit next to you. This way, if something does happen, we can wake you. There is no reason to always shoulder everything.” Erica reached over and pinched Blake’s side, causing him to let out a sigh.

“Alright.” They were right. They were completely right, and he was truly being too stubborn. He did not wish any harm to come to them, but if he was too tired at the wrong moment, then he would be putting them all in danger. “From now on, we will take shifts. Four hours each. This way, we all get a bit of sleep.”

“We can live with that,” Erica replied. This was much better than no sleep at all.

“Then, for now, since it is still early, sleep a few hours,” Blake said, but before he could get up, both girls jumped into his arms and snuggled into his chest. “Then be our pillow.”

Blake chuckled and did not reject them. The girls found a comfortable spot and fell asleep. He looked around the treetop he was in and wondered if these trees would be good for creating some outposts.

He had never really thought about it until now, but once they begin to move above ground, it might be a good idea to have a few outposts in certain areas once they have a way to do a form of long distance communication. They have short wave radios they can use for now, but there was no telling when they might break, or the battery will become unusable. He would prefer a means of communication that would work using magic based on the technology of modern humankind.

As he sat there lost in thought, the sounds of monsters on the ground below were busing tearing apart the dead lizard. They were ripping it apart and fighting with one another at the same time. It was turning into a bloody scene. But even with all the racket they were making, the girls hogging his waist were still sleeping peacefully.

“I wonder how he is doing….” Tina asked as she ate her breakfast. Lillia, Noa, and Nellie were both sitting at the table with her, eating as well.

“I am sure he is fine. Blake knows a lot more about this new world than we do. If he runs into something he can’t handle, he will definitely retreat.” Lillia was internally worried about him, but she also knew he was strong. He would be able to get by with his current powers even if he must escape. However, this was if he was alone. She is worried that Sam and Erica might end up being harmed in some way, and he would be forced to rescue them.

“If it is Blake, he will be just fine. He was able to take out so many orcs without issue.” Noa replied but then paused before continuing: “I know this is off topic, but Sister Lillia, I have been meaning to ask. Ather dragons normally only have one fated one, as you call it, as their husbands, so…. Why is it that you are so open to having more wives for Blake?”

Lillia’s hand that was holding a fork paused when she heard Noa’s question and then looked at Tina and pointed her finger at her. “It’s her fault. She introduced me to what is called lesbian sex and showed me how good it felt. It was only then that I decided it was not a bad idea to have more girls at Blake’s side to play with. Plus…. His sex drive is what it is now, and we can barely hold on. Once he becomes a drakani, it will be even worse, so, in a way, this was a good thing. I learned the benefit of having sex with girls who also love Blake. With such a family, we are able to live in harmony without issue of any of us fighting over Blake’s love. And when he is not around, we are able to mingle together to relieve our pent up frustrations. You may not realize it, Sister Noa, but we all scream Blake’s name when we reach our climax. We all love him the most, which is all that matters. You just need to work hard and get pregnant too.”

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