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“Alright, I won’t push it anymore. Just as long as you take care of my girls, I am satisfied.” Rob smiled and slapped Blake on the shoulder.

“That is a given. I will be sure to cherish both of them.” Blake replied, causing both girls’ faces to turn bright red.

Blake walked into the base and made his way to the palace that Lillia had made for him with Erica and Sam following behind him. When he entered the palace, Noa just so happened to be walking by with Nellie. When she saw him, her lips curled up into a big smile as she ran to Blake and embraced him. “Welcome back!”

“Mm…. I am home.” Blake smiled as she lifted Noa off the ground, causing her to squeal.

“Where are Tina and Lillia?” Blake asked.

“They are currently preparing a room for Lillia’s egg. By the way, did you get what you were looking for?” Noa asked. But once she saw Blake shake his head, she kinda wished she didn’t ask.

“I will go out again in the future. But for now, I will have to wait. Lillia is about to give birth, so I have to be by her side.” Blake replied. He was disappointed that he was not able to find the herb he wanted, but there was nothing he could do about it. The mana cleansing herb was not necessarily still around even after the change. He was just hoping that he could find one. And if it was around, it might be a plant that looks very different than before.

“I wish I could go with you, but if anyone catches wind of me, they might chase after us.” Noa frowned, she really wanted to help Blake out with her knowledge of plants, but it was impossible at this time.

“Don’t worry. It is better for you to be here anyway, as Lillia is restricted to using her magic only within the base. She can only use burst strength outside. With you here, I can rest assured nothing will happen to the base while I am out trying to grow stronger.” Blake was somewhat glad both girls were limited to the base, or things might become worse if there was no one powerful here to defend it. So this actually worked out well.

“Mm…” Noa also understood this, and she was happy to help since it was her husband’s home.

While Blake was heading to see Lillia and Tina, in a cave where no light could reach, the cries of one man could be heard coming from within. “Why are you doing this!?”

“I am only giving you what you wanted.” The man wearing blake clothes replied. His blonde hair and pointy ears reflected the dim ball of light within a small room of the cave. “You are far too weak, and you just so happen to be the perfect test dummy for my experiments. After this, you will be much stronger, and you can get your revenge. But I also have another task for you. Infiltrate the new age humans and find the elf girl named Noa. Once you do, I will be sure to release you from your binds and will also reward you with whatever you wish.”

The man stared at the elf in front of him and nodded his head. It was true he was weak. So if he could gain power this way, he would do it. Plus, it would give him a chance to find that bastard who made him like this. “Fine. I will do as you say.”

The elf’s lips curled up into a smile, and laughed as he said: “Good! Now, this might hurt a tiny bit….”

“Ahhhh!” The man or it should be said that Fredrick Haralson suffered pain no different from the pain he felt when he first evolved. His pain filled screams echoed throughout the dark, damp cave.

“Blake!” Lillia’s eyes brightened when she saw Blake. She immediately ran over to him and hugged his waist, and plastered his face with kisses. She was very happy to see Blake. Her stomach had also grown much bigger so she had to be careful. When she was done kissing, Blake turned to look at Tina, who walked over slowly and gave him a kiss on the lips as well.

“This room is looking good,” Blake said as he looked at the room that had become a baby’s room.

“Mmm… We are thinking of making a boy’s and girl’s room. So we are a bit lost on the colors for this room atm.” Lillia said as she looked around. Right now, the walls were white, but they were looking to make things more colorful.

“Why not a light blue with white clouds?” Blake remembered seeing something on tv once where a baby room was painted in such a way.

“Hmmm… Maybe. I will see. For now, let’s break. I am sure Blake needs a bath as well as the girls.” Lillia grabbed Blake’s hands and pulled him along toward the baths. She then whispered in his ear: “I can tell you did not overstep your bounds yet, but you should still tend to them until the end. Let them feel a bit spoiled for the time being. Until they can join us in bed, they will join you in the bath.”

Blake sighed and nodded his head. He could only do so much at this time, and it would only be for a short time, so he could at least do this much. Blake suddenly thought of something as he leaned in close to her ear and whispered: “As you wish, my queen.”

“Hehe.” Lillia liked being called queen. It made her feel important, so she happily dragged Blake to the baths.

Tina had pulled the girls along, and with a push, both Erica, Sam, and Blake were pushed into the bath. “We will bring you clothes in an hour. Enjoy your time!” Tina’s words rolled off her tongue in a teasing manner as she, Lillia, and Noa all left the three to do whatever it was they would be doing in there.

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