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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 110: That Which Lurks In The Night Bahasa Indonesia

“Ahhhh! How dare food fight against us!” One of the female humanculus yelled out as she still ran forward even though her body was on fire. Blake could only swing his sword and cut her head off.

Blake looked over at the girls who were also fighting with weapons in hand as the group of sixteen or so humanculus ran towards them. He saw that even though the beings in front of them looked just like humans, they had no qualms about killing them. All in all, the fight only lasted a few minutes as the humanculus had no idea how to use magic yet. Blake looked around to make sure there were no more around before letting out a sigh. “Not exactly what I was expecting….”

“Blake, what was up with them? They look human but are not….” Erica asked as she looked at the corpses on the ground.

“They are a rare breed of humans who evolved to be half and half. We called them humanculus. They are few in number, so I did not really remember them up until now, but they are basically monsters in human skin. They will eat pretty much anything but their own kind. What is worse is that they have the same brains as humans but their instinct to kill and eat what they kill is much stronger, overriding any sense of intelligence they might have. It was actually good we came upon them because if we did not, we might have run into an issue. If they started to reproduce without anyone knowing, it might have been bad for us. Most of these were women, and it only takes one male to breed with them all.” Blake explained.

The girls pursed their lips as they looked at the bodies. They quickly walked over to Blake’s side and followed him into the compound they had built. “It’s quite crude, but it was better than anything goblins could make.”

There were tipi style tents and even one log house built within the small compound. They walked through the entire thing but did not find anyone else around. Only a pile of dead monster husks that were being dried out.

“Seems they were only eating monsters. It’s to be expected this far into the forest. Most humans, if still alive, would try to stay in the more open areas near buildings. It’s getting late, so we should get away from here. The smell of blood will bring more monsters soon.” With that, Blake hurried with the girls, further into the forest. When it was starting to get dark, he found a large tree that was much bigger than any normal tree, with some branches that were five feet wide. He took a few large rocks and carried them up the tree with him to build a fire on, so they could camp out for the night. He was also hoping this height might allow him to see the thing that had been following them.

“Blake, you should sleep tonight….” Erica could tell Blake was growing tired. He had been up for the past few nights keeping watch. They did not want him to collapse, especially after so much fighting he had done in the past two days.

“It’s fine. Your safety comes first. So sleep.” Blake sat in front of the flames, making sure the fire stayed going.

Erica and Sam looked at each other and nodded their heads, and walked over to Blake. They each sat on one of his knees and leaned against him. “You promised us a reward….”

Blake sighed as he saw the two minxes trying to weasel in some action before it got too late. He sighed as he pulled them both close, kissing them both at the same time. His hands wandered to their chests and gave them a soft squeeze causing the girls to moan softly. They took this chance to grind against his knees.

After the girls had satisfied themselves, they both obediently went to sleep next to him under a five layer barrier. Blake was keeping a close eye on the things, and just like the night before, as it got later, the sounds of something pacing back and forth could be heard before him. “Alright. I can’t do this anymore. Since you will not show yourself, I will make you show yourself!”

Blake walked over to the side of the branch and began sending fireballs down to the spot where the sound was coming from.


A loud roar was heard as one of the fireballs seemed to hit something. Blake caught a glimpse of a lizard like object as the flames spread across from it, but it soon disappeared as the flames disbursed. “Invisible!” This worried Blake. An invisible opponent was not easy to deal with at all!

“Blake, what is wrong!?” Both girls were rudely awakened by the explosions of the fireballs and loud roar.

“Don’t leave your barrier. There is an invisible monster around us!” Blake yelled out as he listened closely to the sounds down below. He could still hear the sounds of rustling, causing Blake to send another volley of rife balls toward the forest floor. Once more, a roar came out, and this time he finally got to see what he was fighting.

A lizard with a big head and two tails. It looked sort of like an iguana, but it seemed to meld in with its surroundings. Almost like a chameleon but much better. Blake’s brow furrowed as he sent more attacks below. This time all of them were on point, causing the giant lizard to turn to ruin away, but Blake shot a few more fireballs to cut off its escape. He then quickly created a three layered firewall around it to keep it from going anywhere. Only then did he cast one hundred thin ice spears and send them running down onto the giant lizard. It roared out in pain before slumping to the ground in a pool of blood.

Blake repeated this attack a few times even though he did not hear any sounds coming from below the second time around, just to be sure it was dead. He did not want to take any chances.


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