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It was late into the night, as the stars filled the skies, when Blake suddenly felt his strong feeling from before was growing even stronger. A crack of a tree branch could be heard not far from where he and the girls were resting. Blake stood up and scanned the area as he looked out into the darkness. The flickering of the campfire danced off the leaves and bushes not more than a few feet away.

With sword in hand, he waited calmly. Waiting to see what would soon appear in front of him. He waited calmly for a long while. The sounds of the underbrush crackling got louder and louder, but it never seemed to get close enough for him to see what exactly was out there.

Even as the hours passed, the sound only stayed at a certain range as whatever it was, was pacing back and forth. It only quieted down and got further away when daybreak arrived, but the feeling Blake was having was still there. But what worried him was that even though there was something pacing back and forth, he could not detect it, no matter how much he tried to detect it.

“Mm… Blake, if you do that, I will….” Erica mumbled in her sleep, causing Blake’s thoughts to be disturbed as he turned around to see the two girls cuddled together. Still sleeping. He shook his head and smiled as he walked over to them and undid the barrier around them. “You girls really have dirty thoughts in your head. Not that I hate it.”

He caressed their peacefully sleeping faces with a small smile on his lips. He then poked the fire and got some food out to make them breakfast. When the food was halfway done, the girls slowly woke up due to the smell of meat cooking. “Good morning….” Sam slowly got up and walked over to Blake and put her arms around his shoulders before kissing his cheek. Only then did she sit down. This was followed by Erica, who did the same thing, although she got a bit more handsy.

“Eat. We will be leaving soon. Also, stay on guard. The thing I was feeling did show up last night, but it stayed at a distance, and I could not see it at all, so I have no idea what we are dealing with.” Blake explained as he began passing the girls plates of food. He hated that things were seeming like something out of a horror film. But in a way, it truly was a horror type situation. The girls sat next to Blake and leaned against him as they ate. They were slightly scared of the unknown but being next to the man they fell for gave them a sense of security.

After breakfast, the group headed out once again. They fought monsters while Blake kept a sharp eye out for whatever was following them. For some reason, it would always stay at a distance which was really messing with Blake’s mind. He really wished he knew exactly what kind of monster it was because he had never run into this kind of problem in his past life. So he wondered if this was some kind of species of monster he had never met before, kind of like the snake monster.

It was mid day when Blake stopped the girls from walking forward when he heard a familiar sound. He turned to the girls and pushed his finger to his lips. They nodded as they slowly made their way into a bush to take a peek at the open area in front of them. “Our lord and savior will save us!”

“Our lord and savior will save us!”

“Our lord and savior will save us!”

“Our lord and savior will save us!”

Blake could tell that the trees were cut down by the people that were currently all prostrating to the man in front of them. These people were all nude and around the ages of twenty to forty. But one thing that Blake noticed was the bone necklaces they were all wearing. Blake leaned down and drew in the dirt next to his feet. ‘We will announce our presence, but I have a feeling these people are cannibals. You both need to stay close to me.’

They both nodded, and with that, Blake stood up. He did not want to write these people off as bad people just yet, but he could tell most of them had already lost most of their marbles. But if he was right, this was probably a group of cannibals. But what he did not get was how they were staying alive here in the forest all by themselves and making a lot of noise at that.

“Excuse me.” Blake walked out first with both girls hot on his heels. His nonchalant behavior caused the people there to turn and look at him. It was only then that Blake understood he had made a big mistake. He had forgotten there was one more race of evolved humans that were a mix of normal humans and monsters. There were very few of these beings, which made him forget about them until now. And what made him realize this was the sharp teeth that looked like saws and the second set of eyelids they had.

This race was called the Humanculus. Named after the term homunculus because they were neither human nor monster, a cross between the two. They had the strength of humanoid monsters but with the brain of a human. And they were ruthless to everyone but their own kind. “Catch them!” There was no ‘hello’ or ‘hey, how are you doing’! There was only ‘capture them’ because, to them, humans like Blake and the girls were nothing but another source of food.

Blake snorted as he drew his sword. He could not let a bunch of humanculus roam around his base. And most importantly, he could not let them breed. They may be strong, but they had no scales, which made them easy to kill if you knew how to deal with them.

“Set up a firewall and blast them back, do not let them get near you, or they will sink their teeth into you!” Blake gave out orders as he began his attack.

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