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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 108: Paranoia? Bahasa Indonesia

“You know you girls can be pretty rude sometimes.” Blake chuckled as he rolled off the girls and sat up. He cast healing magic on the girls and then himself as he looked at the snake that was now lying dead on the ground. “This can be said to be your first true battle. You girls did excellent.”

“Hehe…” Erica grinned and kissed Blake’s cheek while Sam stood up and dusted off. “Blake, do you know what kind of snake this is?”

“I am not sure, but it looks like its evolution process was turning it into a dragon. The roar at the end was more of a dragon’s roar. Although I have to say if it was a bit stronger and could breathe fire we would have been in trouble. That thing hardly has any weaknesses. But now we can eat snake tonight.” Blake said as he stood up.

“Does snake even taste good?” Erica asked as she walked over to the snake and kicked it.

“It’s not a matter if it does or not. It will have to do since most of the dragon meat is now in the base. I only brought enough for a few nights since I planned to hunt for the rest for training. So this was a good kill since it will last us a while.” Blake walked over and tossed the snake into his pouch before walking over to the girls and checking them over for anything out of place.

“So Blake, do we get a reward for our amazing feat!?” Sam asked teasingly as she walked over and hugged his waist.

“I will let you do what you did last night again,” Blake replied. He knew what they were trying to get, but he would not allow it.

Sure enough, they pursed their lips when they heard Blake’s words, but they could only accept what they could get. This entire week before they left the base, they were only allowed to give Blake good night kisses, so this was actually a huge step up from before.

“Alright, let’s keep moving. The forest is getting denser up ahead, so we will need to be on the lookout for stronger monsters as well as the herb.” Blake spanked them both on the butt causing the two girls to cry out and stomp their feet before he took off running. The girls could only chase after him if they wanted to get revenge.

As they moved deeper into the forest, Blake began to feel something was off. He felt like he was being watched. He slowed down and came to a stop. He turned towards the girls and motioned for them not to make a nose while he tried to detect what was around him. With the wind causing the tree tops to flutter and the sounds of monsters in the air, it was not easy to pinpoint if anything was around them unless it was obvious in its actions. But if it did not move at all, he would not be able to spot it easily.

He slowly crouched down and picked up a stick, and wrote something on the ground: ‘Something is watching us. We will need to stay alert. Do not speak. Just move. What it is, I can not tell.’

The girls nodded in understanding as they stood back up. Blake then drew his sword with the girls following suit. They slowed their pace to a walk as they carefully watched their surroundings.

The wind blew past their faces as the leaves on the trees and foliage around them rustled gently. The sounds of the forest filled their ears, but no matter how hard Blake tried to pinpoint the thing that he felt was following them, he couldn’t. It was as if they were a ghost. He was starting to think he was just being paranoid, but he did not want to have some kind of monster he had not seen before suddenly pop up out of nowhere and begin attacking him. It would be fine if he was by himself, but with Erica and Sam at his side, he had to make sure they would not suffer at all, or he would not be able to live with himself.

The thought of them getting hurt really worried him, which was why he decided to believe his instincts this time around. But even after walking for an hour, they had yet to run into anything or have anything attack them besides a few monsters here and there, which they easily dispatched.

After a while, Blake finally slowed to a stop near a small natural dugout in the forest. This ground had risen slightly to give a natural overhang. The top was full of lush grass and vines hanging down over the rocky, muddy side, giving a nice spot with a little bit of cover.

“It’s getting dark, so we will break here. All intimate stuff is on hold for the time being.” Blake said seriously. The girls did not argue as they nodded their heads. They did not take anything out this time. Blake only took out a bit of wyvern meat and started a small fire after setting up a three layered barrier around them. He did not plan to sleep once again. “You girls will sleep against the wall here. I will stick a barrier around your bodies. It should keep you safe in case whatever I feel is watching us is already within the barrier.”

“Okay, thanks, Blake.” Sara sighed in relief. For Blake to be wary of something made the girls feel uneasy. But knowing he was taking every precaution possible to protect them made their hearts feel warm. The girls ate and then gave Blake a kiss on the cheek before huddling together and leaning against the side of the overhang with a barrier wrapped around them like a big egg.

Blake sat in front of them on a stool made of earth and poked at the fire. He would sit here and keep watch all night to make sure nothing happened.


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