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Or at least this was what Blake had thought. “Blake, come sit with us~.” Erica walked over and pulled Blake by the hand, and pushed him onto the bed. The two girls then sat at his side and unabashedly began kissing his neck while running their hands up and down his chest.

Blake did not hate what was happening, but he still could not give them fully what they wanted. He could only let them do as they wanted for the time being without crossing the full line. The two girls kissed up his neck to Blake’s mouth, where three tongues intertwined. The girls each sat on one of his knees and began grinding against it. They knew what they wanted, but Blake gently pushed them back and smiled at both of them. “It’s not time yet. While I do want to, you both still need to wait.”

Blake was honest with them. He wanted more than anything to make both officially his, but he had to have them wait for the time being. They were so close to the proper age, so he just needed them to wait a little longer.

“But….” Sam pouted as she leaned in and sucked on Blake’s neck before whispering into his ear: “Can we at least use your leg?”

Blake couldn’t say no to her request, so both girls went back to kissing Blakes’s neck while grinding against his legs. Blake had to use all his might to control himself. The girl’s pleasured cries were soft as they filled his ears. They buried their heads into his neck as they used him as a tool to relieve their frustrations.

After they were done, they fell asleep in his arms with small smiles on their faces. Blake sighed and was glad he was able to hold out. The temptation was just too much, and both girls were very cute. Their slim bodies and modest mounds were perfect in every way. But he still could not pluck the cherries just yet.

The next day the girls and Blake packed things up after a quick breakfast and began searching around the forest. There were many buildings and houses hidden under the overgrowth and also monsters lurking about. “Sam, to your right!”

“Ahh!” Sam was sent flying by a large black tail. In front of the two girls was a large black snake. It had a single horn on its head and two small stubby limbs. It seemed to be slowly evolving into another species.

“Erica, cover Sam while I draw its attention!” Blake yelled out as he dived in. The snake monster was not simple and not something Blake had run into before. Even in his past life, he could not remember anyone ever fighting against such a snake. And if they did, they probably died because this snake did not seem to have any weaknesses that could be exploited. Its eyes were the only option, but they would not be easy to get to.

The black body of the huge snake that was as big as a house was covered from head to toe in large thick black scales. Scales were so hard that even Blake’s sword was not doing much damage besides leaving a few scrapes. “If only I could get to its rear end then….”

Blake really wanted to make use of the ultimate weakness, but this wasn’t going to happen so easily since the snake’s underside was also covered in scales and was unattackable since it was under its body! “I guess I will try for the eyes.”

Blake decided to use earth magic to send him high into the air. He waved his hand, and the ground beneath him began to rise up. He controlled the formation of the earth under him with his thoughts as he processed multiple magic circles a second to alter the shape and move the earth to the location he wanted. Unlike an attack spell, this was much more difficult and heavy on mana as it resorted to multicasting many spells at once. Only when he was high enough did he start sending fireballs at the eyes of the horned snake.

One after the other, they shot at the horned snake’s eyes. “Erica, Sam, use fireball and keep attacking its head. Do not stand in one spot, though! Keep moving around!”

“On it!” The girls yelled out at the same time as each one took a direction and raised their hands, and began firing off spells. Even Sam, who had just healed, was doing her best to defeat this monster.

The horned snake began thrashing around due to not being able to see its opponent. This was what Blake wanted. He wanted the horned snake to lose track of them so things would be easier for them on the ground. As long as they stayed out of the way of its tail, they could easily win this battle. Blake jumped high into the air and used wind magic to slow his descent as he aimed to land on the snake’s head. He covered himself in a barrier to protect himself from the flames of the fireballs. When he landed, the girls suddenly stopped attacking, which he had expected and when the horned snake opened its eyes to catch its bearings, the tip of Blake’s sword pierced through its eye and into the top of its skull.


An unsnake like roar came out of the horned snake’s mouth as it shook its head back and forth, frantically trying to get rid of the thing that was stabbing it. But Blake, who was being waved back and forth like a flag, refused to let go of his sword as his lips curled up into an evil grin. “Since I can’t get your ass, I will just send a fireball straight to the brain.”

Mana ran down the sword in Blake’s hand, and seconds later…


A large chunk of the snake’s head exploded, flinging Blake back. Both Sam and Erica ran forward and tried to catch him, causing all three of them to crash into the ground heavily. “Ouch… Tsss… That is going to hurt. Are you girls okay?”

“Blake, you need to lose weight!” Erica complained.

“Yeah, you’re too heavy!” Sam also felt the same as her sister. This was only because they were both current under him and had hit the ground hard.

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