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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 104.3: Hobgoblin Attack! Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

The battle raged, and on the wall, Noa was busy firing off arrows every now and then. But in truth, she was surprised. She knew these new age humans had only just learned how to use magic. And that goblins and hobgoblins were not difficult foes, but the way they moved and the way they fought so cleanly together even though they had never really practiced showed just how unified the people of this base were.

Those who suffered injuries were dragged to the middle to get healed by the healers. The girls who were grabbed would call out for help if they could not kill their foe. If no one could help, Noa would take care of it.

Blake pushed through the goblin front line and was now fighting toe to toe with the hobgoblins. Using his wordless magic, he was able to surprise the hobgoblins and was drawing their attention. He had already been hit a few times by stone blades, but he had cast his barrier on his body which blocked him from all damage from the goblins’ crude weapons. Only magic attacks at point blank would harm him at this time.

He continued to try to draw the hobgoblins’ attention so that they would focus on him and use their magic on him rather than the others. Currently, out of everyone in this battle, he was the one in the most danger, but he did not wish for this first battle to be a bust. He did not want his people to suddenly be demoralized due to a loss. He wanted an overwhelming victory.

It might sound strange. It might sound like he was being overly dramatic about everything but to him, this was the key to having everyone understand how this world works and that battles like this will happen more in the future. He did not want people to lose hope which was why, even though this battle was like a hero in a video game defeating his first slime, this battle was important in more ways than one.

“Blake, you bastard, you are taking all the big guys!” Bret yelled out as he jumped into the fray. Blake looked over at him and grinned. He knew this guy would show up sooner or later.

The two began attacking and killing every hobgoblin they saw. Mike and his soldiers were cleaning up the rest of the goblins before moving on to the hobgoblins. The number of goblins quickly reduced as everyone really began to get into a grove. An hour and many close calls and injuries later, the goblins that had shown up were all now dead in a pool of blood on the ground. Blake looked around and made sure no more were nearby before yelling out: “Victory!”

Hearing Blake’s clear yet loud roar of victory caused everyone else to raise their weapons in the air and join in as they all screamed out. Sweat dripped from Blake’s brow as he looked around. He was happy with how this turned out.

“Hahaha! We did it!” Bret was the first to wrap his arm around Blake’s shoulder.

“That we did. Now get off your smelly.” Blake slapped Bret’s arm away, causing Bret to smell his armpits and frown. “Holyshit! I do stink!”

“Everyone back inside!” Blake looked up at Noa and gave her a nod. Seconds later, a rain of fire arrows fell from the sky, each one striking a dead goblin or goblin body part, burning them to ash. This was the difference in ability. Blake wanted to use this to show that with hard work, even things like this were possible. But even as he was now, Blake couldn’t even do what Noa just did, and it reminded him just how weak he was still. Just like how the others of the base learned from today’s battle, so did Blake. Each and every one of them was taking home something of value from this experience.

Once the gates were closed and sealed off, Blake found a cool spot to sit down. Even though everyone was tired, they were now full of adrenaline from their very first victory in battle. He looked at the young and old that were celebrating and smiled. He was glad no one died. No one got too hurt. Everyone kept fighting until the end.

Mike walked over and sat down next to Blake. “I have to hand it to you. While I do find the way you speak a bit too straightforward, you hide your true intentions and allow the people around you to grow even more. You are truly a good leader.”

“I am far from being a good leader. I am just doing my best and learning as I go. Without the will to grow stronger to survive in this world so we will not be stepped on, we would not be able to fight as we did. Right now we have people who are strong mentally. They have strong wills, and I will do what I can to help them grow stronger. Without them growing stronger and people like you and me egging them on to work harder, we will not be able to carve out a place for ourselves in this new age. My goals might be a little out there, but I do hope to achieve them one day.” Blake knew he was no god. But he did wish for everyone to grow stronger and stronger so that the human race would not be looked down upon and become slaves to those with more power.

“You are a better leader than you think. Look at them. They were revealing in their first battle. They are proud of themselves and each other because they worked together so well. You need to give yourself more credit.” Mike patted Blake on the shoulder as he stood up. “You should go see your women. They are all looking at you.”

Blake looked up, and sure enough, his wives, wives to be and little sister were all staring at him. “Alright.”


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