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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 103.2: Hobgoblin Attack! Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Mike let out a sigh. He understood why Blake was speaking so frankly, but he was afraid it would scare others. But he did not seem to understand his way of thinking will no longer work in a world where the unimaginable is imaginable. Goblins and hobgoblins only cared about one thing, and that was expanding their race. They would fight to the death just for a single female if it meant that they could get her to birth new goblins. Now, this did not mean every goblin tribe was like this. Many goblin tribes had plenty of female goblins who would then breed new children at will with no problem. They would mate with many goblins a day as this was just how their race was.

But when outcasts like the hobgoblins in front of Blake now started off on their own, they had no choice but to raid other races’ camps and try to take their women. It did not matter which race it was. They would attack any race even if it meant they would all be obliterated.

Outside the walls, over one hundred hobgoblins and goblins stood there with weapons ready, preparing to attack. Blake looked out over them and was trying to come up with the best battle plan. “Blake!” Sam and Erica jumped up onto the base wall. Once they were in view, the goblins below all became excited. It was not hard to tell how excited they were since they all immediately formed tents in their cloth coverings.

Blake looked at the two girls and sighed. He did not want to send them down, but he could not be biased either, and from the looks of it, they always wished to fight. “Big Brother!” “Husband!”

Noa and Anna also jumped up on the wall. When Noa heard the sounds of the goblins below, she turned and glared at them, which only made them even more excited. “These disgusting things! I should just kill them all….”

“Noa, you will sit this out.” Blake reached out and pulled the elf girl’s hand down. “You are too powerful, and the people of this base will not have a chance to learn from this experience. But…” Blake leaned over and whispered into Noa’s ear. Her eyes went wide before she quickly nodded her head. “I will not let a single one suffer.”

“Thanks. I will be counting on you since I will be on the front lines.” Blake said as he walked over to Mike and whispered into his ear. Mike quickly nodded and gave a faint smile. He knew Blake would think up something that would keep anyone from suffering too much.

With a secret plan in place, Blake turned his attention back to the people. “As I said, we are all going to fight. This includes myself. We will do our best to look out for one another. We are also changing our formation. Casters will be in the middle, while melee will form a wall around them. I want you to cast magic at the enemy’s back line. This is no longer monderen times. We are no longer in a place where we can use rocks and other things to block bullets. We are in a new age where we must fight head to head. Sword to sword and magic to magic.”

Blake was actually lying since bullets could kill goblins easily. Bret and his men used guns to kill the goblins that had come scouting before. But he wanted the people of his base to begin to understand that they must get used to front confrontation from now on. As this was the way of this new world when fighting beings like orcs.

While he was sure many might get hurt today, he was also sure with Noa helping, things would be fine. He had asked her to pick off any goblins who were about to take a female and save those in need. Elves had some of the best eyes besides the beastkin and could see things more clearly. As Noa was a high elf at that, she had even better vision and more control over her powers. So she was perfect for the job of stopping certain things from happening. But she would only help if the others could not follow up and help their comrades.

“Everyone get into formation! The gates will be open in thirty seconds!” Blake yelled out. He could see the anxiety in the people’s eyes, but this was just an interlude to what was to come. He reached out and rubbed the girls’ heads before saying: “Stay on guard and fight with everything you have. Fight to kill. Do not hold back.”

“We will not let them touch a hair on our heads.” Anna’s eyes were filled with determination. She was already taking deep breaths to try to calm down her nerves. Sam and Erica were no different, they had all trained hard, and now it was time to really put it to a real life test.

“I will do my best to watch over you, but you need to be careful.” Blake tried to comfort them a little before looking over at Lillia and Tina. Lillia could fight if she wanted, using just her strength alone, but Blake did not want to risk anything with her being pregnant. Tina could use magic from afar, but she was also pregnant. He did not want these two girls suffering from any chance of a miscarriage.

After giving Lillia and Tina a nod, he jumped down in front of the gates with the rest. He was in the front with The soldiers at his side. Erica, Anna, and Sam were also mixed into the group. When Blake saw everyone was ready, he finally yelled out: “Open the Gates!”

The gates slowly began to open, and as they did, the goblins and hobgoblins rushed forward. Blake was the first to run through the gates to meet them head one with his sword drawn. He used magic to blast away the front line of the goblins to give his people time to pass the gates. Anna was like a rabbit as she bounced around with her sword cutting goblin heads off or stabbing them in their skulls. Erica and Sam stood back to back, firing off magic at everything they saw and using their weapons to bash away anything that got close to them. All three girls were trying to prove themselves to Blake to show him they were no longer weak.


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