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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 105: Heading Out Once Again Bahasa Indonesia

“You finally remember your wives?” Lillia asked jokingly as she pulled Blake into a hug. The other girls did not waste any time either, as they all joined in.

“I am glad you are all okay,” Blake said as she looked down at all the girls. He then slipped out of their embrace as he continued: “I plan to leave for a month.”

“What again!?” Lillia frowned, but she knew that Blake needed to grow stronger.

“Mm…. I need to see if I can find anything that will allow me to expand my mana pool. I need to hurry up and try to reach the second evolution as soon as possible. But I do not plan to leave for another week.” Blake explained. He wanted to spend more time with the girls, but he knew it would be hard. He had to continue to push on and try to grow stronger.

“Are you going alone?” Tina asked. Her eyes slowly drifted to the two girls standing at the side. Blake noticed this and understood what she meant.

“No, I will take Sam and Erica with me. They can use some more real world experience. It’s just that… I am not all that strong myself. So I can only do so much….” Blake wanted to grow strong, but he also knew the girls around him also needed to grow stronger. But he feared them getting hurt because they couldn’t fend for themselves.

“You will be fine.” Noa stepped forward and reached into her side pouch, and pulled out two necklaces made of a strange metal. “They can wear these. It uses very little mana and can create a barrier around them to protect them in their time of need. And…. They can be used as a tracer.” Noa pulled out another item that looked more like a rock than anything and placed it in Blake’s hand. “This will allow you to know in which direction they are in. This way, if something happens and they are taken, you can track them down and save them.”

Blake looked at the stone and inspected it. What he saw was that on the flat surface of the stone were three white dots. One was dead center of the circular stone, and the others were just a slight bit off from the center, indicating that the girls were a few steps away. “This is very handy….”

“I will help you a lot. I can not leave this base, but I promise to protect it with everything I have, so you do not need to worry about anything here.” Noa, could not chance running into any assassins or orcs. She just wanted to lay low for a while. While she would miss Blake, she also knew he needed to go out to grow stronger.

“Then it is settled. Sam and Erica will come with me while I look for a way to increase my mana pool. Lillia, you said some plants are able to do this?” Blake asked.

“If you can find a mana cleansing herb, you can use it combined with wood element spell to form a mana pill that you can eat that will expand your mana pool by ten percent,” Lillia replied. She had wanted to get Blake a few herself, but she did not know the area well and being pregnant, and if she ever ran into a dragonic, it would not be good.

“Can you teach me everything I will need to know during this week?” Blake asked, which he really didn’t need to since she planned to drill this information into his head anyway.

Blake spent the next week training with Erica and Sam, learning about the plants he needed to find and making sure his bed was in working order every night. On the seventh day, he finally set up. Lillia asked him to be back before the second week of the next month because she would probably be laying her egg around that time.

Blake was actually quite stunned to find out that dragons lay eggs, and then those eggs will slowly grow with the baby inside for another three months. While the birth duration was the same as humans, it was just very different.

After saying goodbye, Erica, Sam, and Blake jumped over the wall so the gate could remain closed. He looked up to see Noa and the other girls looking down at him and smiled while waving at them. He then turned to Erica and Sam and asked: “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” Both girls nodded their heads. Erica had daggers on her waist, while Sam had a sword. Their weapons were all given to them by Lillia. When the girls received the weapons, Blake was reminded of Thardra, who Lillia said she would take care of to make sure he had everything he needed to make weapons and some armor for the people of the base. She said she planned to have him make some special armor for Blake.

The base itself was actually running very efficiently with the current number of people, but once it began to expand, things might turn hectic. He would need to figure out what to do once things do get out of scope of their current base.

“Blake, where do you plan to head?” Sam asked. She and her sister were planning to use this chance to maybe become official wives. After all, they would be alone, with Blake sleeping next to him. While this was one of their intentions, they would also be working hard in training as well.

“I am not sure. I do know that not far from here, about a day away, we will run into a dense forest area. Lillia said the herb we are looking for likes dense forestry areas and thrives under the tree canopies, so we will check there first. If we can find it, great. If not, we will have to keep looking.” Blake answered as he kept his eyes forward and was watching his surroundings.


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