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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 102.1: Hobgoblin Attack! Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

–An) Okay, that is it for today! Enjoy!–

Of course, he got no answer except another arrow flying past his face. But this time, he could get an idea of where the arrows were coming from. So he quickly shot out an ice spear towards the direction the arrow came from at a lower angle that shot up at a gradual slant. He was trying to catch whoever it was by surprise by using a clear ice spear that would be hard to see.

As the ice spear shot through the leaves a few hundred feet away, Blake finally heard a slight rustle and quickly moved as he could finally detect the person he was after. He rushed towards the archer while dodging arrows and firing off ice spears at the same time.

Blake had to keep the archer on the move, or else he would not be able to detect them. He could tell they were masters of concealing themselves. Once they sat still, it was impossible to detect anything.

Blake sighed as he continued this game of cat and mouse before deciding to really go all out. He waved his hand and created ten ice spears that were as thin as a needle and sent them flying toward the archer. Only this time, instead of missing, he heard a cry of pain and the sound of something heavy falling to the ground.

Blake hurried over and found a male elf lying on the ground with blood coming from his legs. He looked up at Blake and glared at him coldly as he raised his hands and was about to cast a spell but before he could, Blake shoved a sword through his head. “Fucker! How dare you shoot arrows at me!”


“Now you again, ugly!” Blake yelled out. He was really starting to become annoyed. He wondered if the elf and unicorn had some kind of cooperation going between the two. He quickly dodged and sent out a field of ice spikes from the ground that shot up out of the ground by five feet. Blood once more sprayed as the unicorn that was charging at him collapsed to the ground dead.

“Well… At least that is one way to kill a unicorn.” Blake wanted to take a small break, but he did not dare let his guard down and climbed up a nearby tree and moved about ten trees away before finally settling down on top of a tree branch overlooking the forest below.

After fifteen minutes, he moved around more stealthy due to this area being much more dangerous. But this was also the kind of danger he needed to keep going. If he could at least get used to this in training and train himself to be more aware of his surroundings, he felt like he could easily survive in the outside world much easier. Such a training facility as this was much more than he could ever wish for.

“I need to do something special for Lillia for all her hard work. I wonder what she would want?” Blake pursed his lips. He knew Lillia did not have many hobbies except dragging him around. Even after being with her for all this time, he still did not know what she would like as a present.

“This will be harder than I thought.” Blake sighed. She was a dragon, so maybe she would like shiny things? She already had a treasure trove of items that she had hoarded, but he was not sure what he could give her that she would be happy to get. “I guess I can only find something rare and unique outside and bring it back and hope she likes it. Maybe a cat girl? She seems obsessed with sex as of late, so maybe another addition…. No…. Not yet….”

Blake slapped his cheeks, trying to get rid of his own desires. He would not mind a cute cat girl with the elf. Even a fox girl would be nice too… Once more, Blake slapped his cheeks. He was just about to get his head together when a voice sounded out over the training grounds.

“Alert! Hobgoblins attacking from the north side! All able bodies to the main yard for defense!” Blake stood on his tree branch and smiled. He wanted to see how the others dealt with hobgoblins. He, of course, would make sure no girls were taken.

He quickly made his way toward the exit, and as he did, he was surprised to see just how many people were in this forest area. “Lord!” People called out to him as they saw him run by. He nodded and continued forward.

When he reached the top level, Everyone was already filing outside. He walked out to see Bret and Mike standing on top of the metal wall, looking down at everyone. “All women will stay put for this fight. We can not risk you getting dragged away. And trust me, I am not saying this to be sexist. I just do not wish for any of you….”

“Let them fight!” Blake yelled out. He walked over and jumped over the crowd and onto the wall. He looked down to see about a hundred hobgoblins getting into formation.

“Blake, are you sure? If it was another race, maybe, but this….” Mike had misgivings after taking Lillia lessons on monsters and races.

“This is the life we live in now. We can not shelter them forever. But we can do our best to protect them on the battlefield.” Blake pushed past Mike and looked down at the few hundred men and women that ranged from young to old and yelled out: “Those under the age of fifteen will not fight. Only those fifteen and older will fight. The younger kids will be supported. Run arrows and other ammunition and items needed by the others. Healers will stay on the wall and heal those below. We will break into five man cells. All women will be with at least two men. The men will do their best to protect you from being dragged away. If they can not get to you and you are in distress, It would be best to kill yourself then and there.”

“Oi! Blake!” Mike yelled out he did not like how Blake put it. He liked Blake, but the guy did not know how to mince his words.

Blake turned and looked at Mike and asked: “Should I sugarcoat it? I am just being honest. This is real life. This is a real battle. Not the training grounds downstairs. Goblins and hobgoblins will not care if they are on the battlefield. They will strip a woman and try to mate with them as soon as they can. This is just a fact. There are a shit ton of them, and we may not be able to always watch out for those around us. I am just giving them an option that is better than suffering under one of them. This is our new world where we will need to push forward as much as possible. All we can do is work together and do our best so that no one has to deal with a worst case scenario.”


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