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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 101.2: The Unicorn Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

–An) one more to come!–


“You sound just as disgusting as you look,” Blake yelled out as he braced himself for the attack. The unicorn was as fast as lightning as it slammed into Blake, sending him flying just from the impact alone.

“Shit!” Blake dug his sword into the ground as he tried to slow himself down, but it didn’t seem like the unicorn was going to let him off so easily as it slammed into him again, this time its horn piercing through his shoulder. “You made a mistake poking me with your shit!” Blake gritted his teeth as he slapped his sword down onto the unicorn, but just before the sword was about to stab into its neck, the unicorn suddenly disappeared, and Blake tumbled across the ground before smashing into a tree.


“Grawr yourself, you ugly! ” Blake yelled as he quickly looked around. He could not see the unicorn anymore, but he could hear it. He looked straight ahead of him to try to throw off the unicorn as he quickly shot a fireball behind him.


The unicorn let out another cry as Blake quickly turned around and chopped down with his sword. Purple blood sprayed as his sword sliced into the flesh of the unicorn. The unicorn became visible for a second before disappearing once more. This time he could hear it and see where it was due to the blood. Blake had to really hand it to Lillia for making these things so believable.

Blake cast healing magic on his wound and looked at the trail of purple blood. He noticed it did not stay long and would turn to dirt in a matter of seconds. But this was enough to let him track the unicorn’s movements. He quickly cast a fire spear to the right of the unicorn while getting ready to use earth wall at his feet. As soon as the fire spear landed in front of the unicorn, it turned and charged at him. That was Blake’s cue to cast earth wall under his feet and rise up into the air. When it reached a few feet higher than the unicorn, he jumped up into the air and twisted his body as he came down full force with his blade. Purple blood once more sprayed as his sword connected. The golem unicorn became visible once more and collapsed to the ground, its head and body falling separately.

Once he saw it turn into a pile of rubble, Blake let out a sigh of relief. But his sigh only lasted a few seconds when an arrow suddenly pierced his back, and he was sent back to medical bay. “What the hell was that!?”

Blake sat on the bed, not feeling very happy. He had just killed the unicorn and was suddenly attacked from the back. He had let his guard down once more. “Lord! You are back….”

“Mmmm…. Can you heal my back?” Blake asked as he lifted his shirt. Sure enough, there was a small cut in his back the size of an arrowhead.

“One second.” The doctor stood there with his hands out. Sweat began to form on his forehead until, seconds later, a green light covered Blake’s body, and the wound on his back healed. “That should do it. It seemed to be done with an arrow.”

“An arrow, huh? Maybe I was near an elf village, or it could have been hunting. I will have to go back and check….” Blake sighed. He did actually want to fight the unicorn again. He wanted to find a quicker way of defeating it. But he also wished to fight the other races, so if he could really fight an elf, he would not mind trying his luck.

As he walked out of the medical bay, he was spotted by Tina, who had finally woken up. “You are up bright and early.”

“Mmmm… You okay?” Blake asked as he pulled tina into his arms. He reached down and rubbed her belly.

“I am fine. Although, I think Sister Noa will be sleeping for a lot long….” Tina grinned like a sly cat causing Blake to chuckle as he said: “Don’t wear her out too much. She is still getting used to all of this.”

“But she is so cute! And is a quick learner. She can really lick a pussy!” Tina whispered the last bit into Blake’s ear. He leaned down and kissed her lips before saying: “Alright. Go do what you were doing. I am heading back to go train. I will be back for lunch.”

“Alright. I will tell Sister Lillia. By the way, Blake, about Sam and Erica….” Tina was worried the girls would start to feel left out.

“Don’t worry. I will spend some time with them today. While we can not do intimate things yet besides kissing, it doesn’t mean I will ignore them altogether. I will take them for a walk around the base later to check things out.” Blake did feel bad he did not spend a lot of time with them yesterday. So he had to make up for it today.

“I am sure they will like that.” Tina smiled and kissed Blake on the lips before slipping out of his embrace. “I will be off. I need to do a lecture on self defense and weapon safety.”

“Alright.” Blake waved goodbye to Tina before heading back down for more training.

He got back to where he met Anna earlier only to run into a new earth dragon which he quickly dispatched before going back to where he met the unicorn. This time he was much more careful as he looked around. He did not wish to be targeted like he was before. He had to see if he could find what shot at him, if it was an elf, an orc, or maybe some kind of other race.

But he had a feeling it was an elf. Only because the accuracy and the ability to escape his detection were a little too precise. He scanned the area with his magic but was not able to sense anything other than a new unicorn in the same post as before. “Does it roam?” Blake mumbled before hearing a slight wish of wind coming towards him. “Oh!? Attacking me quite quickly, are you not!?”


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