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Outside of Time – Chapter 261: 261 Sea Corpse Strange News (3) Bahasa Indonesia

261 Sea Corpse Strange News (3)

“You, my Dao Protector, will also need to suffer more injuries!”

As he spoke, he wanted to stab Xu Qing but Xu Qing retreated.

“Princess, your cultivation is only at the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm and your recovery speed is very slow. I’ll protect you. Under the state of being chased all the way, your injuries are getting more and more serious and you can’t heal yourself.”

“As a Foundation Building cultivator, my recovery speed is extremely good, so I don’t need more injuries. That would be too fake.”

The captain was stunned for a moment.

Taking advantage of the captain’s stunned state, Xu Qing went up and slashed again and again. In the end, the captain clutched his stomach and dodged, glaring at Xu Qing. However, facing Xu Qing’s serious expression, he sighed.

“The princess and the Dao Protector are being chased, but it’s impossible for us to not have time to rest, especially when we’re about to reach the Sea Corpse Race’s territory. The pursuers have some reservations, so they didn’t chase after us.”

Xu Qing thought about it and replied.

“Yes, but the closer we got to the clan’s territory, the more serious the princess’ old injuries became. She was on the verge of death, so she was sent to the forbidden area to recuperate immediately.”

The captain had a bitter expression on his face as he looked at his injuries and then at Xu Qing. Under Xu Qing’s serious expression, he let out a long sigh and closed his eyes.

Xu Qing felt comfortable in his heart. He went over and stabbed the captain five more times, causing the captain to look extremely seriously injured and weak. Only then did he end this ‘pursuit’.

Time slowly passed just like that. Very soon, three days passed. The black wooden ship they were on finally approached the Sea Corpse Race’s territory.

When the island continent of the Sea Corpse Race appeared in his sight, Xu Qing’s expression turned solemn.

He took a deep breath and checked his body. After confirming that there was nothing wrong, he was still worried, so he made the shadow emit the aura of the Sea Corpse Race.

This way, Xu Qing was basically no different from the Sea Corpse Race.

In fact, with Golden Crow Refines All Life, he himself could emit some of the Sea Corpse Race’s innate corpse poison. Under this concealment, his disguise could be said to be perfect.

Although the captain didn’t have these methods, he had clearly prepared for this for a long time. Hence, Xu Qing didn’t worry about his exposure.

“I’ve finally escaped… I have returned home…”

The captain was clutching his stomach and leaning against the railing weakly. The wind blew over and fluttered her blood-stained black hair, revealing that delicate and moving beautiful face under his beautiful hair.

His pale skin and the complex look in his eyes made the captain no different from the real third princess. He even seemed to have grasped the third princess’ thought process.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Xu Qing had witnessed the captain’s disguise and was familiar with it, it would be very difficult for him to recognize the captain right now.

“Thank you for protecting me.”

The captain’s body was on the verge of collapse and his voice was weak with a hint of gentleness.

His hand that was holding onto the railing at the side was trembling. He was suppressing the seriousness of the injuries in his body with all his might, as though the slightest relaxation would cause all his injuries to act up and exterminate his life.

There was an almost fatal wound on his chest that would have pierced through his heart had it deviated even a little bit. Even so, it still seemed to have injured his heart meridian.

As for Xu Qing, his originally white Daoist robe was now dyed with blue blood. His pale appearance became even paler.

His breathing was unstable, as though he was forcefully enduring his wounds. His most serious injury was on his neck, as though his windpipe had been slit before.

Although he had recovered a little, he couldn’t speak much. In fact, blood could even be seen seeping out from the edges of his robe.

Facing the captain’s words, Xu Qing was expressionless, as though he didn’t have many emotions. He ignored his injuries and cupped his fists and bowed to the captain.

At that moment, a powerful fluctuation swept over from ahead, instantly enveloping their ship.

The ship they were on paused in the air.

This powerful fluctuation wasn’t emitted by a cultivator but by the power of the array formation!

It was the protective array of the Sea Corpse Race’s territory.

Now that it was war time, the Sea Corpse Race’s array formation was activated permanently. While stopping all outsiders from entering, it could also allow speed up the arrangements of the Sea Corpse Race in their territories.

Xu Qing knew this identification by the array formation was their first test in infiltrating the Sea Corpse Race’s territory.

However, Xu Qing and the captain were already prepared for this. As the array formation’s power spread out, the captain’s body emitted an energy fluctuation in response. It was the same for Xu Qing. He opened the small bottle and similarly, energy fluctuations spread out.

The array formation quickly swept past them and acknowledged their identities.

This scene made Xu Qing have a high opinion of the captain’s preparations.

He looked at the Sea Corpse Race’s island continent below.

This vast island that was like a continent had a completely different style from anything he had seen before.

This place was the coastal area, and it was filled with huge vegetation that looked like lingzhi.

However, they were black in color and emitted dense corpse poison along with astonishing pressure.

Each of these black lingzhi was over a thousand feet long.

At first glance, there were about a hundred of them in the coastal waters, spreading along the coastline.

On each lingzhi, there were many berths built from bones.

One could see a large number of coffin-like warships waiting to take off.

Countless tentacles grew under these lingzhi, drooping on the ground and in the sea.


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