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Outside of Time – Chapter 262: 262 Sea Corpse Strange News (4) Bahasa Indonesia

262 Sea Corpse Strange News (4)

They were absorbing anomalous substances, and also spread ropes that connected to the boats floating on the sea.

This place was clearly a port, and the entire coastline of the Sea Corpse Race seemed to be a port as well.

The sky here was enveloped by thick dark clouds.

There were teleportation arrays shining inside. Cultivators were teleporting out and returning at all times.

Numerous battleships of the Sea Corpse Race and the figures of sea corpse cultivators filled the entire island.

The sound of explosions and sonic booms could be heard frequently, but people’s words were rare.

The land was also black and was covered in huge lingzhi like the ones in the coastline. However, the color was a little different. Most of the lingzhi on the shore were red.

Giant trees were common on this island.

Those trees were rotting, emitting dense anomalous substances. Countless black butterflies moved between them.

There were long rivers that were as red as blood.

The entire world was like the land of the netherworld. While it was a shocking sight, there was also an indescribable terrifying pressure that spread in all directions.

When Xu Qing and the captain’s black wooden ship was frozen in the air above the sea, coffins immediately soared into the sky from the coastline below.

They instantly got close to the ship and stood in the surroundings.

A total of 16 old coffins surrounded the black wooden ship, seemingly in a formation.

Streaks of black lightning spread out from them and connected with each other.

Following that, a coffin in front of Xu Qing and the captain suddenly trembled. The lid opened and a sea corpse whose entire body was covered in black fog walked out.

The appearance of this sea corpse was a little blurry due to the fog. One could only vaguely see their human appearance.

After he walked out, his sharp gaze instantly landed on Xu Qing and the captain.

The power fluctuations of a late-stage Foundation Building cultivator was being emitted by this sea corpse. He had not activated Mystic Brilliance Form, but the pressure formed by 90 magic apertures made Xu Qing’s heart sink.

This person was clearly the cultivator in charge of the port below. He had appeared because of Xu Qing and the captain.

Xu Qing lowered his head and followed the etiquette of the Sea Corpse Race he had learned on the way to show his respect.

This sea corpse cultivator swept his gaze across Xu Qing and the captain, before speaking to the captain in a deep voice.

“Greetings, Third Princess.”

“Where’s my father?” The captain held the railing and asked coldly.

“The king is on the battlefield and hasn’t returned.”

“So, you see me but don’t kneel? Also, what’s the meaning of this blockade!”

The captain suddenly took out a black pearl and threw it at the sea corpse cultivator.

The black pearl directly exploded on the sea corpse’s body.

The sea corpse cultivator’s body shook but he wasn’t injured at all. He expressionlessly glanced at the captain and lowered his head to kneel on one knee.

This attack clearly strained the captain’s injuries. He spat out a mouthful of blood but forcefully endured the pain.

“Escort me to the ancestral corpse statue land. I want to heal my injuries!”

“Before the king left, he instructed that if the princess returned, she should be directly sent to the palace and not allowed to go out.”

Faced with the third princess’ request, the three fires Foundation Building cultivator calmly replied. He then waved his right hand; immediately, all the coffins in the surroundings emitted the aura of a cultivator.

At the same time, the black lightning bolts also connected to the black wooden ship and guided it forward.

This scene wasn’t out of Xu Qing and the captain’s expectations, and their plan included solutions for it.

The captain spat out a mouthful of blood. His feeble state and near death signs were clearly revealed. He looked at the three fires sea corpse cultivator and suddenly smiled sweetly.

“Alright, it’s fine if I die in the palace. This way, after I revive, I’ll have a reason to devour you and everyone in your team. It will be fun. Hurry up.”

The captain, who was disguised as the third princess, had a sweet smile on his face that was very beautiful and innocent.

However, the meaning behind his words was incomparably sinister.

It was as though there was deep hidden resentment and madness slowly spreading out, causing the late-stage sea corpse Foundation Building cultivator to stop in his tracks.

He knew the third princess’ personality and understood that she was courting death by going out many times. He also knew that every time the third princess revived, the king would arrange for some of his people to be devoured by the third princess to speed up the revival process.

He fell silent for a moment before looking at Xu Qing.

“You can scram now.”

Xu Qing’s expression was cold and the corpse poison in his body spread out, forming an invisible storm in the surroundings. His voice was hoarse as he spoke.

“Trying to snatch my credit?”

Almost at the instant Xu Qing finished speaking, a black coffin behind him suddenly opened and a sea corpse cultivator rushed out. The fluctuations of two balls of life fire erupted and their speed was so fast that they instantly neared Xu Qing.

This female sea corpse was a merfolk when she was alive.

The instant she got close to Xu Qing, she immediately tried to suppress him. Clearly, the late-stage Foundation Building sea corpse cultivator wanted to snatch Xu Qing’s credit for escorting the princess back.

Xu Qing’s gaze was cold. The instant the merfolk woman got close, he slammed his body back and collided with her.


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