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Outside of Time – Chapter 260: 260 Strange News in the Sea Corpse (2) Bahasa Indonesia

260 Strange News in the Sea Corpse (2)

“That’s right. We can escape for seven to eight days before we are caught again.” Xu Qing nodded in agreement. He thought about it and asked.

“Also, after we enter the Sea Corpse Race’s territory, once we’re discovered by them and our identities are exposed, what plan do you have to escape?”

When the captain heard this, he raised his brows and took out the half-eaten apple. He took a big bite and smiled proudly.

“Vice Captain Xu, regarding this problem, I have a plan to escape but you don’t have to worry too much. When you risk your life, it needs to be a little stimulating to be satisfying, so take good care of yourself.”

“However, seeing that you’re my subordinate, it’s not like I can’t tell you. However, this is my greatest secret. En, it’s worth a million spirit stones!”

Xu Qing cast a deep glance at the captain. The despicable expression on the other party’s face caused Xu Qing to dispel the thought of selling him a disorder teleportation talisman.

He felt that there was no need.

The captain was surprised when he saw Xu Qing keep silent. He glanced at Xu Qing and felt that Xu Qing should have some means to escape. However, he felt that no matter what method the latter used, it wouldn’t be as powerful as his.

‘When the time comes and he needs my help, I’ll obtain a million spirit stones.’

At the thought of this, the captain felt comfortable.

Just like that, time flowed by and very soon, seven days passed. The ship was only three days away from the Sea Corpse Race’s territory.

Other than meditating on the ship, Xu Qing and the captain would communicate with each other. The captain wanted Xu Qing to be more natural, so he would tell him some things about the Sea Corpse Race.

“We’re almost done talking about the Sea Corpse Race. Let me tell you about this third princess. This girl is also a pitiful person. In reality, she hates the Sea Corpse Race even more than the Seven Blood Eyes. That’s why I told you earlier that she would help us.”

The captain looked at his storage bag. Inside was the third princess of the Sea Corpse Race.

“This third princess was born in the human race. Her father’s aptitude was astonishing. Back then, he was known as a heaven’s chosen who had a chance of walking the path of the ancient kings and sovereigns.”

“However, he betrayed the race and voluntarily transformed into a Sea Corpse. After he transformed into a sea corpse, his cultivation rose rapidly. He was personally appointed as the Sea Corpse King of this generation by the Sea Corpse Race’s ancestor.”

“This king of the Sea Corpse Race cultivates a special cultivation art of the Sea Corpse Race. It’s called the Supreme Emotion Severing Art. He even cultivated it to the extreme and comprehended a domain called… Forgotten Sorrow!

“It’s obvious that everything was planned and prepared. Back then, when he betrayed his race, he took his wife and three daughters away and sealed them in the Sea Corpse Race territory, turning them into Dao Severing Spirits.”

“To put it simply, every time that king of the Sea Corpse Race severed his kin, it would cause his cultivation to break through a bottleneck. He killed his wife, eldest daughter, and second daughter many years ago in front of his youngest daughter, the third highness. The reason why she isn’t dead is because that king hasn’t reached another bottleneck.”

“This is also why I dragged her along. This girl looks silly but this was what she learned to protect herself since young. In fact, her hatred for her father has long reached an extreme and is much denser than our Seven Blood Eyes’ hatred toward the Sea Corpse Race.”

“So, she has always liked to cause trouble. She just wants to seek death and be temporarily released. I reminded her not to cause trouble this time but it was still useless. This girl’s desire to die has already seeped deep into her soul.”

“Actually, according to the information I bought, she has died seven to eight times over the years.”

“Unfortunately, half of her soul was extracted by her father and stored by his side. She can be recreated at any time, so even if she dies outside, it isn’t a big issue.”

Xu Qing’s expression changed as he continued to listen to the captain.

“There’s a sentence in the information I bought. It was once said by this king of the Sea Corpse Race. Listen well.”

“The mortal world has smudged the painting, the brush cannot draw off the fleeting years, and a sense of loneliness is left behind; how can the sorrow be forgotten?”

These words echoed on the ship and an indescribable sadness spread in all directions.

Xu Qing remained silent.

In this world under the god’s fragmented face, everyone had their own stories, and most of them were tragic.

This action of killing one’s relatives to attain the Dao seemed tragic but it was nothing considering what Xu Qing had seen since he was young. However, he still took out a healing medicinal pill and threw it to the captain.

The captain was stunned and spoke in surprise.

“What are you doing? Are you saying that my injuries are serious and want me to use it to recover?”

“This is for the third princess,” Xu Qing calmly said.

“Little Qing, so there are times when you can be gentle.” The captain looked at Xu Qing with a spurious smile and sized the medicinal pill in his hand.

“Have you taken a fancy to the third princess? Are you really prepared to be her boy toy?”

Xu Qing expressionlessly looked at the captain’s despicable expression without speaking.

“Little Qing, are you looking at me or your beloved third princess? Aiya, if those female disciples in the sect find out, they’ll probably cry.”

The more the captain spoke, the happier he became. He put away the medicinal pill and took out a tangerine, peeling it and eating it.

Seeing that Xu Qing was starting to frown, he wanted to continue but was interrupted by Xu Qing.

“Princess, we’ll reach the Sea Corpse Race in three days. Some of your injuries are going to appear again.”

The captain’s words were stuck in his throat as Xu Qing walked toward him. He took out a dagger and stabbed the captain’s stomach. The captain gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. He also took out a dagger and glared at Xu Qing.


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