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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 94: Demon Lord of the Asura Bahasa Indonesia

“Helia, didn’t you say you wanted to accompany Father on breakfast from now on so you wouldn’t be joining us? Then Why were you having your breakfast alone?” Lia asked with questioning eyes and looked at her suspiciously.

“That…” Helia was speechless as she couldn’t think of an excuse.

“She might be shy to eat with us and doesn’t want to disturb us, newlywed couple, you know. Such a thoughtful sister-in-law I have.” Rio praised the lioness as he had put down his cold demeanor around Lia.

‘Ah…I hate this annoying boy so much…’

Helia was cursing Rio in her thoughts and even punched him a few times but she couldn’t show it on her face.

“But Helia needs to get used to this as she asked me in childhood thawwttt….” Lia was interrupted as Helia put her hands to seal her mouth to not let the white-haired beauty reveal the forbidden secrets.

Lia gave her questioning eyes to ask why she did that while Helia returned back a pleading look as if begging her not to say those embarrassing stuff.

She let go of her after Helia saw her beloved sister understood her heartfelt request.

“Even Emperor was saying she used to tell you something when she was little and now you as well. What was it that you guys are hiding?” He scrunched his eyebrows and looked at his Wifey with a doubtful gaze.

Lia said with a calm voice, “She is probably not comfortable telling you right now. Give her some time, she may reveal it to you on her own.”

Rio heard her puzzling sentences and narrowed his intriguing eyes as he wasn’t able to understand their twisted conversation.

They finished their joyous meal together. Lia stored the used plates and meal containers in her Spatial beast soul.

Rio had a total of nine heart stones, he had already asked Isaac Jordan for a bag so he can use it to store these as it was hard to carry them while sprinting from one shelter to another.

He took out those glowing stones with yellow light and hovered his hand in front of Lia to offer his hard-earned wealth, “Here…”

“Won’t you need them tomorrow?” Lia asked with a worried expression.

“I still have [Ancient Devlin’s Beast Emperor Technique] for my beasts’ army.” He reminded her in a nonchalant voice.

“But having These Emperor spirits would be helpful in case more danger appears.” She pushed his hand to his chest and made him keep it to himself.

“Okay… wait a few weeks and I’ll return them to you in fifteen folds,” Rio said with a resolute expression on his face, an unwavering glint flickering in his eyes.

Lia asked guards to set up a bed in one of the rooms at the shelter for her husband and herself.

The white-haired beauty made sure that Rio have a sound sleep.

Helia also took one of the rooms to spend the night at the shelter as she didn’t want to leave her sweet sister alone.

Love was something that made Rio’s soul crawl out of its hiding place. Being loved by Lia gave him the strength to embrace the hardships while loving her back gave him the courage to face his own race.

Even Lia, Empress of the Asuras, didn’t shy away from sleeping in a low-grade shelter that was previously used by someone else.

The standard wasn’t even compared to a four stars inn but the white-haired beauty didn’t mind it for her dearest Husband.

It was the same for Helia, she stayed there for her beloved sister and wasn’t ashamed to use a room that was previously occupied by the race that she hated most.

But Why?

What was making them do these things?

It was all the doing of deep affection they had for each other.

A great musical artist once said,

“Love is silence; Lust is a roar.

Love is a sacrifice; Lust always wants more.

Love is giving; Lust only takes.

Love is a mending of heart; Lust only breaks.”

That night, at the border of the Shamor Empire, the Moon, the Stars and more than thousands of beasts witnessed the trio of Royal family sleeping in a common yellow stage shelter, who would one day engrave their names on the golden history of this world.


Rio woke up early in the morning after just four hours of sleep.

He saw a white-haired beauty was sleeping beside him while her hands were hugging his chest.

Her fairy-like face brought a gentle smile but the boy didn’t want to disturb the beauty from her slumber.

He carefully climbed out of bed after placing a pillow in his place so that her hands could hug.

Rio inclined closer to her ravishing face and pecked her delicate forehead.

Lia was lost in her dreamland unaware of his affection-filled action as her breathing was relaxed and gentle.

He walked out of the room to discover that guards were all around the shelter and guarding it cautiously.

His sea-green eyes also detected a familiar figure.

‘Why is she awake?’

He saw Helia was also on her watch around the shelter.

‘It seems Lioness didn’t sleep so she can take care of Lia’s safety.’

His heart filled with pleasant emotions but he didn’t wander too much on it.

Rio commanded his army of beasts and streaked into the dark forest like a meteor using his mana-enchanted speed.

His [Heaven’s Eyes] was enough to give him direction as it boosted his eyesight.

After two hours…

Lia woke up from her deep sleep and found no one besides her.

‘Ah…he is so stubborn.’

She shook her head and left the shelter with Helia.

The blonde-haired boy continued his way through shelters for the next seven days.

Rio avoided going to his targeted location in line to avoid the predicted patterns and only attacked the ones that had a long distance from each other.

Even after all this strategy, There were a few times when his targeted shelter had reinforcement waiting for him but the number of the beast under his command was a few thousand.

They easily crushed the enemy without any hitch, shattering their pipe dream into smithereens.

Some of the people, who went hunting didn’t dare to approach him as they saw a terrifying army led by the blonde-haired man.

A chill ran down their spine just watching the swarm of beasts marching toward the next shelter.

The time to conquer each shelter reduced as People started using portal capsules to teleport away on their own as the blonde-haired ‘Asura’ asked them to leave.

This news of Rio’s taking down all the yellow stage shelters spread in the human world like wildfire to the dense forest.

It caused havoc among people on earth, they started talking about the blonde-haired Asura.

The government had found out more information as some of the mentally wounded warriors by [Spiritual Shock] started waking up from their deep slumbers.

They told the higher-ups and their close friends how a new Demon Lord of the Asura race greeted them and asked them to leave Asura’s property.

Human warriors also described how the blonde-haired Asura doesn’t kill them directly and sends them away by using some mental attacks.

Some people blamed the dead wouldn’t be alive to tell they were spared by the new demon lord.

This news became a trend on the internet as it started spreading on social media and online forums.

Most people cursed the newly blonde-haired Asura but there were a few human warriors who showed gratitude for his merciful act.

They even drew his blonde-haired picture, which was actually the disguise of another Asura’s black-haired guard.

Some of the escaped Women from yellow stage shelters were even bragging about how the demon lord was so handsome and talked to them politely.

Rio had become a bad boy crush for Numerous women for his evil mixed kind act.

Several human experts made a suggestion to find a counter to the Enemy’s spiritual attacks but in the end, they had to give up on this idea as the astronomical number of his beast army was not something to fiddle with and take as a joke.

Human world Experts had almost figured out the pattern of how the blonde-haired asura was only attacking shelters near the border of the shamor empire but they were helpless to do anything about it as the pattern changed quite a bit.

The reinforcement from the purple stage shelters would take time to send as the yellow shelter was far away from higher level one.

Some of the sent reinforcement reached the destination to find out that it was already guarded by many high-level Asura warriors.

Once a shelter was linked to the Teleporter tower, they could summon several high stage asura experts if they faced danger so it wasn’t hard for them to intimidate the punny human warriors.

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