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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 93: Dinner with Beautiful Sisters Bahasa Indonesia

His sea-green eyes were flickering with a resolute glint as he decided to proceed without waiting any longer.

The blonde-haired boy commanded his porcupine beast army to attack the shelter.

His next target was conquered with very little effort as he even had an Armored Porcupine Emperor Spirit by his side to restrict and intimidate humans.

The blonde-haired boy continued the same method of using his [Spiritual Shock] spell to send human warriors back to earth as he disliked unnecessary bloodshed of innocents.

Rio carried on with the subjugation of yellow shelters for his beloved wife without stopping after conquering the second shelter.

His army of beasts increased to more than three hundred by the time he claimed the third one.

A blonde-haired man went to one shelter after another, it was a terrifying sight to see as more than thousands of beasts joined his army by the end of the night.

As the darkness enveloped the border of the Shamor empire, Rio reached another forest where he claimed another yellow stage shelter.

He activated the Space Link Teleport Artifact near the portal capsule. A double-door-sized space rift opened up.

As the other side became visible to him, His eyes widened in surprise seeing the person standing and waiting for him.

A white-haired beauty along with blonde haired girl was gazing at him worriedly.

Other Asura’s warriors and Isaac Jordan were standing behind the two beauties, bowing their heads in respect.

Rio’s eyes became tender seeing his adorable wife as Lia came out of space rift towards him and instructed Asura’s warriors to carry on the shelter’s setup.

The trio walked out of the shelter to find an empty place so they could talk freely and have some privacy.

The couple didn’t want to reveal their secrets to outsiders for now. Except for a few very loyal ones, nobody knew that Rio was married to Lia. Even Isaac wasn’t aware of this classified information.

A Swarm of beasts had surrounded the nearby regions and covered most of the areas around the shelter. Even Helia frowned seeing the striking numbers of Rio’s beasts’ army.

New claimed shelter was located at a spacious location in a forest with taller trees.

Moon was glistening in the sky along with twinkling stars, witnessing the trio under their light, who had found a good place to set up a temporary open camp.

Lia took out a blue couch and a big circular table to place in the middle for themselves.

She looked at Rio with a cold face and indicated him to sit.

The blonde-haired man had changed back into his young boy disguise on his way back here as there was no enemy he had to hide from.

He went to sit on the couch while Helia gave him a look of pity as she knew Heavenly turbulence was going to strike the boy for being careless in a few moments.

“Did you have to go this far? You could’ve taken it slowly. You’re doing a month’s task in a day. Why do you have to be in such a hurry?” Lia’s vexed voice escaped her cherry-like lips.

She was quite mad at him for tiring himself out and incautiously going shelter to shelter to conquer them.

He was continuously on his mission to take down yellow stage shelters around the border of the shamor empire.

The white-haired beauty knew very well how much havoc this boy’s action was going to make.

When Lia find out what abnormal task he was doing she decided to come by herself. White-haired beauty wanted to convince this careless boy to slow down and give up on his daring continuous conquest.

A gentle smile blossomed on his calm face.

“Don’t you think it’s better this way? Even if humans sent a force from the purple stage shelter It would take them time to reach and even if they come, they wouldn’t able to handle this overwhelming army of beasts.

Moreover, I’m not going to stop until I take down the last yellow stage shelter at the border of the shamor empire. There is no use convincing me.” Rio spoke in a composed manner and a feeble smile was present on his face.

Lia sat beside him and looked at him in an anxious way as she was worried.

“Do you have to be this stubborn?” She asked in a bitter voice, as the white-haired beauty was annoyed at him for not listening to her.

“These yellow-stage shelters won’t be much help to you but at least this weak husband of yours can only afford this as of now. You can stop me by confining me into shackles. It’s up to you if you do that.

But this is what I want to attain. We, mortals, think we have a lot of time but it waits for no men.

As you know Wifey, I have a battle with the destiny so I can not just wait and sip some tea at the Empress Villa. Hope you understand me.”

Rio said in a nonchalant voice as he wanted to finish it before going for Monarch beast’s battle.

His Heaven’s eyes had boosted his sixth sense and spiritual power to a greater level.

Rio was having a bad premonition that his life was going to be in great danger in near future.

The boy wanted to do something for Lia as much as possible before that ominous incident happened.

‘I know what I’m doing is risky. But it’s not as dangerous as what’s upcoming.’

He gazed into her scarlet eyes which were anxiously looking at him for not able to convince him.

“What would I do with you?” She said in a defeated tone.

“How about a kiss, even a vampire one would be fine?” He whispered to her in a romantic manner.

*Cough!* *Cough!*

Helia, who was standing there, coughed and announced to the couple that she was also present there.

The love birds had completely forgotten her earlier because of their deep conversation and realized Helia was also with them.

“I hope you will be careful. If you see any risky situations, send me a telepathy message as soon as possible otherwise I will really bind you at home and won’t let you go ever.” Lia said in a doting tone that was mixed with threats.

“Yes, your highness. Your wish is my command.” Rio said in a vibrant voice, bowing his head like a faithful subordinate.

He could feel from her tone she wasn’t joking.

“Helia, don’t stand there like a stranger. Come sit with us.” Lia moved her eyes to look at the Blonde-haired girl who was standing a meter away from the couch and watched the duo in silence.

She hesitated quite a bit but looking at her sister’s inviting gaze, the lioness had no choice of declining as she sat beside her sweet sister.

‘I didn’t imagine this annoying fellow would have such deep bonding with Lia. They act like lovey Davey couples in such a short time.

Helia didn’t have her Fierce look while she was around Lia. She appeared like a tamed lioness, resembling an adorable kitten who didn’t even bite or scratch.

“Aren’t you hungry yet?” Lia asked Rio while bringing a few meal containers from her Spatial beast soul.

It was a container made from transparent white material as it appeared to be very expensive.

“My new innate skill [Life Sutra] is helping me against getting tired,” Rio answered in a relaxed voice.

“That’s okay but you still need to take your proper meal and a night of good healthy sleep. Since you have decided to continue doing this mission, I’m going to make sure Husband doesn’t stay hungry or go without sleep.” Lia said in a domineering voice.

Rio knew very well this white-haired beauty wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

She placed three plates on the circle table and brought out food from the meal container to serve her sister and husband.

They ate their food together, Lia kept telling Rio to be careful as they had their meal.

“This is the first time we are all having our meal together,” Lia said as she recalled It was their first time as Trio.

“Did you use to eat alone before imprisoning me?” Rio asked in a teasing manner.

“No…Helia and I used to have meals together ofte-…..what did you say…” Lia paused mid-way and glared at him as she understood his playful sentence.

She processed his words slowly in her mind as the white-haired beauty was distracted in conversation and didn’t expect him to be mischievous.

Rio completely avoided her Fierce look, which looked as if she would bite him if not for her sister being around, and asked in a nonchalant voice, “Why doesn’t she join us on our meals then? I noticed she was having her breakfast alone in the morning.”

Rio didn’t want to steal Helia’s sister from her. The boy knew Lioness’s only source of familial love was Lia and she wasn’t that close to her uncle, Dylan.

*Cough!* *Cough!* *Cough!*

Helia, who was eating like an adorable kitten, almost choked as this annoying fellow exposed her.

She had a good reason for having her meal alone as Helia didn’t want to be a third wheel between the newlywed couple.

The blonde-haired girl was also embarrassed to join them on their meal after what she had done to Rio on her first meeting.

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