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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 95: I’m coming, Darling… Bahasa Indonesia

Strong families focused on increasing the defense at their own shelters and didn’t dare to leave as they were afraid more asuras might attack their base if they went to support.

Seven silver sword families didn’t even bother thinking about it as all their shelters were in the corrupted lands.

The human warriors around the human countries on earth were told to report to their yellow stage shelters immediately to protect each of their bases.

In the end, the government gave up on looking for a viable solution as It was only a little portion of yellow stage shelters in the land of Asura that was located at the border of the Shamor Empire.

There were a great number of Yellow-Stage shelters in the corrupted land that they could focus on.

Additionally, the demon lord of Asura wasn’t even killing anyone which just assisted in the decision to shut their eyes to all of these incidents.

In the span of seven days, Rio took down 58 yellow stage shelters.

His innate skill [Life Sutra] helped him with higher Mana, Stamina, Energy, and Healing recovery rate and assisted in finishing his conquest as it reduced his resting time.

He didn’t have to worry much about getting rest but Rio still slept for four hours every night at each shelter because of his loving Wifey.

Lia was always making sure to feed him well and force him to sleep while Helia accompanied her cousin’s sister.

After finishing his one-hour theory class on Monday, Rio went to continue his mission to conquer all the yellow stage shelters at the border of the shamor empire.

Although he was already qualified enough to search for the Monarch beast, Rio decided to finish his mission for his wife as he didn’t know how long the quest for the Monarch beast might take.

On the 19th day after starting his mission, he took down the last yellow shelter under humans at the border of the shamor empire.

The bag on his back was full of heart stones.

“It’s time to return.” With a feeble smile, Rio decided to go back to the castle.

Rio, with a thankful heart, commanded all the beasts of his army to return to their home shelters’ territory.

Emperor was extremely happy and smiled ear to ear as he never expected or demanded his son-in-law to take down all the yellow shelters at the Shamor Empire’s Border.

‘Who would’ve thought Heaven would bless me with the best son-in-law?’

He only asked Rio to just go after a few Yellow-Stage shelters as a practice match and not waste his time on it as Emperor didn’t want to burden him with so many low-stage shelters.

At first, Emperor Dylan was quite against this idea of marrying his beloved daughter to a human but he had no option as the prophecy foretold this would save his precious Lia’s life.

But now, He was thanking his late father in heaven who predicted his daughter’s courageous husband who took down all the 150 yellow stage shelters at the periphery of his empire.

On the other hand, Lioness started seeing Rio in a new light as he had done something that she never Dreamt of or thought of.

Because his army of beasts had reached more than fifteen thousand at the end of this subjugation that shook the human world.

On the evening of the 19th day after he started his conquest, Rio returned to the castle to the Empress Villa.

“You shouldn’t have done what you did,” Lia said in a concerned voice as she was already unhappy by his daring actions during the expedition.

“Why?” He asked and walked towards her.

“It was very risky. What if they had sent high stage warrior?” She said in a worried tone and watched him coming closer to her.

“I could have always asked you for help,” Rio responded and wrapped his hands around her curvaceous waist.

“But it would take time for reinforcement to reach your location. From now on, I won’t allow you any more such continuous missions.

Also, you’re staying away from these conquering shelters missions around shamor Empire’s border until your strong enough to at least face a black stage warrior.” Lia announced her decision in a commanding tone.

Hearing her decision, he placed his forehead head on her shoulder and said in a defeated tone, “As you say, my lord.”

Rio sighed hearing her and surrendered.

He had a mission on hand to go find the Monarch beast of the yellow stage. So the boy was not planning to take any more such missions until then.

‘I wonder what benefits I’ll get from this quest of Monarch beast.’

His attention went to his bag and said, “Here as I told you a few weeks ago. By the way, I have many yellow stage beast souls, do you have any usage for them?”

“You should ask this Helia. She might take them for the trained warriors.” Lia took the bag and said with a joyous heart before pecking his cheeks with her cherry-like lips.

This was hard earned heart stone by her husband which made her quite pleasant.

For the next three days, Rio spend his time with Lia at the Empress Villa and transferred around 18000 beast souls to Helia for the low-stage asura warriors they had under them.

The lioness was happy receiving numerous beast souls all at once as it would increase their yellow-stage warrior’s strength.

He went back to attend his theory class at Golden Seal academy where he heard his classmates talking about the new bizarre incident and chaos he had caused in the human world.

“Why the government didn’t do anything against that Demon Lord of Asura?”

“They probably feared if we harm him he would start slaughtering the humans that were going to be present at his claimed shelters.”

“But It’s still very unfair. Now most of the returned warriors fear using the portal capsule again as they will get randomly teleported to the land of asura and might end up in one of Asura’s claimed shelters”

“What can we do against it?”

Rio heard their concern but he wasn’t planning to help them in any manner any time soon.

He had a more important task at hand to defeat Monarch Beast that would ascend him to the next stage.

The crimson-haired boy hadn’t met Nyla for the last three weeks.

‘I wonder what she is doing.’

Rio went back to his apartment and used the [Astral Recall] to go back to the Empress Villa.


Three weeks ago…

“Have you found out where is his shelter?” A magenta-haired beauty asked on a phone call.

“Yes, Young miss. Rio Havenglow is currently registered at the Yellow tower of the Outcast” A middle-aged man’s voice sounded from another side.

“You mean the Outcast tower under the Wilson family?” Nyla said in a surprised tone.

“Yes, young miss but why you asked for this information?” The middle-aged man asked in puzzlement.

‘His classmate Sophia Wilson should be at the purple tower. Ahhh… I need to hurry and go to him before he gets closer to her.’

A competitive glint flickered in her eyes as she clenched her fist. A coldness drowned her adorable face.

She said in a commanding tone, “Arrange a secret expedition. I want to be transferred to the purple tower of the Outcast.”

“Why do you want it to be a secret expedition, young miss? If we keep it classified we won’t able to ask high-stage warriors for your escort. This will increase the difficulty of the journey” The middle-aged man replied in a concerned tone while being puzzled.

“Just follow my instructions and keep it confidential. I can’t let others find out.” Nyla said in a chilly voice.

“Okay miss, I understand. However, this will require at least a month for you to go from your shelter to the purple tower of the Outcast Shelter. We will need to use a safe path which would require many detour routes.” He spoke to convince her for the last time by telling her the disadvantages of keeping it secret.

“Okay, prepare this as soon as possible.” She instructed him and cut the call.

The middle-aged man sighed and went to prepare for the secret expedition.

‘”I’m coming, Daaar-ling…” Nyla said with a cute smile as her eyes were filled with unwavering glint.

The cheerful girl didn’t know that her action was going to change many people’s fates.

A terrifying storm was roaring at the other side, waiting for the girl’s arrival.

The stars of destiny were arranged to bully a lone shining star in the middle of their encirclement.

But a few miles away, a streaking stubborn purple meteor was rushing in their direction at full speed.

They were unaware of the upcoming uninvited guest but this was going to shake them to their core.

Oblivious of these matters, Rio walked towards the Teleporter tower.

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