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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 78: Heaven’s Eyes Bahasa Indonesia

The young maiden didn’t know Rio was hugging her because he was worried about the possible future and not the tragic past.

Rio spend a few hours in this state before he calmed down.

He sat up on the bed and gazed towards the window in thin air as if thinking something.

Lia climb down from the bed to draw the curtains of the windows as Rio was staring at the closed one.

He broke from his contemplation when bright light invaded his eyes.

Sun was glistening in the clear sky. Night had already passed while he was going through a major event.

“What are you thinking?” Lia asked with a tender voice while turning around.

“Don’t you wanna know who is this Layla?” He asked with a bittersweet smile.

“I do but I don’t want you to go through the same nightmare again while telling me. Your wife isn’t that selfish.” A doting voice escaped Lia’s cherry-like lips.

Rio sighed hearing her words.

“Don’t worry about that. This is something you should know.” He said in a resolute voice.

Lia walked to him and sat opposite the side of the bed to wait for Rio to continue.

“After I consumed your sweet blood, a few notifications rang in my mind before I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes I was in front of a glowing figure in a temple.” Rio started recounting everything that happened.

He told her how there was only ten future where she survived. Lia could feel his dejection when he told her about how he saw her taking their last breath in his embrace.

The second part, about Layla’s story, was narrated in a cold voice but Lia was able to detect the fine detail in his emotional fluctuation.

Her face was enveloped in a chilly expression by the end of the story.

Rio was wondering if this was because of his past with Layla.

“How could he…?” A murderous intent flickered in her voice.

“Let’s forget about him for now. He wouldn’t dare to touch me while I’m with the Havenglow family.” Rio said in a nonchalant voice.

Lia didn’t say anything but her heart was still in chaos. She wanted to cut that old man into thousand pieces for touching her Rio.

After some time passed and she calmed down, Rio asked, “Are you not worried if I still care about Layla more than you?”

“I don’t want to make it difficult for you by asking questions like who would a person love more, their mother or their daughter. Some questions can not be answered.

Also, If that old man didn’t come between the childhood sweethearts. You and Layla would’ve been still together and I would have become a Villain for forcing our marriage on you.” She spoke in a bitter voice as she looked downhearted while saying the last sentence.

“Maybe it’s all planned by heaven.” He said with a bittersweet smile.

He continued, “But let me confess something. There are two people who I cherish in my heart, you and her. You both have been nice to me and loved this nobody dearly.

But I can’t deny one thing that Layla never came to find me because she couldn’t go against her adopted grandfather while my beautiful wife Lia has even gone against her father and the whole asura race just to hide my secrets.

How can I love another girl more than my Wife whose single thought flutters my heart.”

“You don’t have to butter me,” She said with a pout and a hint of redness around her cheeks.

“But I’m not buttering you. This young man is speaking facts.” He said with a proud smile.

They talked a little more before Lia went downstairs.

Rio checked the notifications that he had received after collapsing. There were even new notifications that Lia hadn’t seen when she was inspecting him.


[Pureblood of Ancient Devlin’s Bloodline Consumed.]

[You have Awakened the Devlin Might]

[Beast soul of purple nightmare worm Killed. Purple nightmare worm Curse has been lifted.]

[You have Awakened the Sealed Innate Talent]

[You have Awakened the Heaven’s Eyes]

[You have Awakened the Heart Sutra]

[You have Awakened the Life Sutra]


“Sealed Innate talent?” He frowned when Rio saw these words.

He never imagined his innate talent was sealed. Rio always thought he was without any Innate talent. It even became the reason for the Mailon family to break the engagement and blame it on the boy for having no innate talent.

He opened his profile to check for new information.


[User: Rio Havenglow]

[Race: Human]

[Innate Rank: S]

[Root: Yellow Stage]

[Core: Yellow Stage]

[MANA: 50+50]

[Physical Power: 10+20+15]

[White: 20]

[Yellow: 15]

==[Innate Skill]==

[Heaven’s Eyes: You can see what others can’t see.]

[Heart Sutra: It’s difficult to shake your mind, heart, and emotions for strangers. You wouldn’t lose your calmness in hard situations.]

[Life Sutra: You will have a higher Mana, Stamina, Energy, and Healing recovery rate.]


[Ancient Devlin Breathing Technique]

[Devlin Might: 20% Additional Stats points. This effect is boosted to 100% if you’re in range of 1 mile from the person who gave you blood to awaken it.]

[Devlin Transformation: Transform Your body to Devlin. In this form, your defense is boosted by 200%. Mana Cost: 10]

[Devlin Movement Technique: Teleports to 20 meters range. Mana Cost: 5]

[Judgement of Devlin: Do a 1000% damage strike to finish your enemy. It has a 10% chance to insta kill the target. Mana cost: 90% of total mana]

[Ancient Devlin’s Beast Emperor Technique: Beasts under Devlin’s Bloodline Banner would listen to you as their leader. (Passive)]

[Spiritual Shock: Attacks the soul of Opponent. Those at the same stage or lower will faint and those at the higher stage will suffer from a stunning effect (duration depends on the power gap). Mana: 20. Cooldown: 30 seconds.]

[Astral Home Fixation: Mark a location as the Astral Home. Mana: 90% of your total mana. Cooldown: 30 days.]

[Astral Recall: Teleport you back to Astral Home. Casting Time: 3 seconds. Mana: 10. Cooldown: 1 hour.]

[Ancient Disguise: You can change the appearance of the body (Can not cross the Humanoid form). Mana: 10]


“Innate Rank S???” A gentle smile blossomed on his face. His innate talent had caused him sorrow in the past.

Experts on earth would’ve their mouths agape if they find out this boy had S-rank innate talent.

People on earth only had talent up to A Rank. The innate rank Rio possessed was beyond a human’s imagination as they never have heard about it in their history.

After getting a little happier about his innate talent, his eyes moved to the innate skills on the list.

There was one in which information wasn’t described clearly.

“And what this Heaven’s Eyes do.” Rio thought about the skill, his eyes glinted slightly.

A feeble light was moving around in the room from the outside like a transparent thick golden snake.

‘World Energy.’

For some reason, this word sounded in his mind as he was inspecting it.

Rio looked outside the windows, a leaf on the tree was swaying in the air but what astonished him was that he could see the Veins on the leaf’s surface. Those fine details were visible to him from this distance.

Approaching footsteps were heard as Lia entered the room. He turned around to look at her to find a string of information floating in front of him about her.


[User: Lia Devlin]

[Race: Asura]

[Innate Rank: ???]

[Core: ????]

[MANA: ???]

[Physical Power: ???]


“It’s weird. I can see her profile with this new skill but why there are so many question marks?” He mumbled inwardly.

“Why are you frowning while staring at me?” Lia questioned him.

“Come here and see yourself.” He showed her his AI watch which caused Lia to remind him again to not tell anyone about it.

She was happy for him but it would be different if someone else knew about his talent.

“Those question marks might be because I’m on a higher stage than you,” Lia said after thinking carefully.

“I can find it out later.” Rio resounded to her.

Soon, Yami came with a cart as it was filled with food.

Rio used his Heaven’s Eyes on Yami to inspect her as she walked into the room.


[User: Yami Rouge]

[Race: Asura]

[Innate Rank: ???]

[Core: ????]

[MANA: ???]

[Physical Power: ???]


‘Am too weak even compared to Lia’s maid.’

He sighed inwardly and focused on the food. Rio hadn’t eaten since yesterday.

They ate their lunch and spend the day together.

The next day, he didn’t go on any mission as Lia had commanded her father and Helia to not bother Rio for a while.

They spend their sweet time together meanwhile their bonding kept getting deeper.

It was finally the day for his class, which reminded him that he has to leave for Earth.

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