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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 77: Heart Wrenching Past Bahasa Indonesia

Rio stared into her bewitching eyes and asked, “Who do you love the most in this world?”

“There is someone I know for a long time, I love that person the most.” Her voice sounded as if a young maiden had her heart stolen by someone and talking about her crush.

“Who is that someone?” Rio’s heart sank hearing her response.

“There is someone ‘special.’ The best person I have ever met but I won’t tell you who is it.” She spoke while a mysterious glint flickered in her eyes.

“Okay…I have to go now…See ya later…” Rio said in a disappointing tone.

He got up and started leaving as the boy looked downhearted.

Rushed approaching footsteps sounded behind him, a slender hand wrapped around his neck and a leg wrapped around his waist as the young maiden hopped onto his back.

“Who can be this special person, Silly? I love my Rio the most in this entire universe. I know sometimes, you’re a fool, but… you’re my fool.” She pecked his cheeks with a loving smile on her cute face.

Two weeks passed…

It was the day of Rio’s 16th birthday. He was waiting for Layla in a restaurant while a birthday cake was placed on the table.

He was checking his old watch, a memento of his adopted grandfather, from time to time. The person who was supposed to come was late.

A car’s tire screeched on the road as it stopped in front of the restaurant.

Rio saw from the transparent window. It was a limousine black car and a limited model that was exclusively eleven in the world since it was launched.

A few men in black suits came out of it and opened the door from which an old man came out.

The maroon-haired old man was giving off a tyrannical aura as if the whole world would bow down to him. He was 190 centimeters in height which just boosted the mighty air around him.

Unexpectedly, A black-haired girl was following behind with a moist face and redness in her royal blue eyes.

“Layla…” Seeing tears in her eyes Rio clenched his fist in anger and left his chair to stand up.

They walked into the restaurant and the men in black suits talked to others. It was emptied out by people as if it was closed for no services.

The old man walked in front of Rio and raised his eyebrows, a look of disgust was flicking on his face.

“So you’re that trash who dares to fool my granddaughter.” He said to the little guy in annoyance as if Rio was a disgusting filth before clutching his neck to lift him up and throwing him towards another table.

Rio crashed into the table but before he could understand anything, he was flying again.

He collapsed on the rack made of glass as the small broken pieces stabbed his body.

Rio could hear a girl loudly crying to stop but he was thrown a few more times.

The crimson-haired boy had a few bones cracked and a body full of injuries that were seeping out blood. His figure was dyed the same color as his hair. The last memento of his grandfather was already broken into pieces and fell somewhere in the mess.

Seeing Rio on verge of dying, Layla grabbed the leg of her grandfather, “Please don’t do this to him. I beg you…Spare his life. I promise you I’ll never meet him again.”

Rio just heard these words before he felt his head was grabbed by someone. He opened his eyes a little to see the Oldman who was giving him a look as if the little guy was a disease.

“For now, I’m sealing his memory about you. If I ever see you with him again, He won’t see the sun of another day in his life.” That chilly voice was the last thing he heard.

A stabbing pain invaded his head before Rio lost consciousness.



Rio woke up yelling the name of the first love of his life, sweat pouring down his forehead and clothes drenched.

“Hey…everything is gonna be alright.” A soft sensation of getting hugged by someone welcomed him while a hand was rubbing his head.

Rio looked baffled as the boy realized he was woken up.

He saw Lia was hugging him while they were laying on the bed.

Rio wrapped his hand around her and hugged her tightly as he remembered 1,000,010 possible futures from the blessing. He was hugging her as if she would disappear if he let her go.

Lia didn’t say anything and just let him relax in her embrace while caressing his head as if a doting mother comforting a child who was scared.

As Lia had seen those notifications, she knew Rio got his sealed memories back. She was just hoping he calms down and doesn’t break down after whatever past he had gone through.

The young maiden didn’t know Rio was hugging her because he was worried about the possible future and not the tragic past.



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