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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 79: Dhovrix Race Bahasa Indonesia

The duo was standing in front of the portal capsule after embracing each other.

“Good luck with your battle with Talia,” Lia said in a tender voice.

“Thank you,” Rio responded and stared into her deep scarlet eyes.

He remembered the scenarios Goddess had shown him which ached his heart.

He took a step forward and pecked her on the forehead before saying, “Take care, Wifey.”

Lia wasn’t expecting such a way of expressing love because kissing someone’s forehead showed great care. It was normally done by a parent to their children.

Still, it caused her heart to feel warm feeling. Lia felt as if she can rely on this man whose strength was a lot below her.

Rio turned around to slowly walked towards the portal capsule.

An unwavering glint was present in his sea-green eyes that told him he was not the same person as before.

This time, Rio was returning to the earth after going through a metamorphosis. The innocent naive boy that the world knew had been transformed by the goddess’s blessings after going through 1,000,010 visions.

The time he had to spend watching those deadly scenes was worth forty years. Any man could’ve gone insane but he had the divine protection of the Goddess and a blessing that helped him adapt.

The portal capsule closed and Rio vanished from the land of Asura.


A figure appeared in a room, it was light outside already as the sun was illuminating the sky spreading its mighty presence.

Rio checked the time as he was a little late for his theory class with Milena West.

He rushed towards the teaching building while fixing his clothes. Rio didn’t have to change into school dress as it wasn’t necessary on normal days.

Section A of the first year was already full to the brim when he arrived.

Right behind him, Teacher Milena came and gave him an intrigued look as He was late but she didn’t question him as the boy still entered the class before her.

Talia was sitting in the front row, she gave him a mocking smile as today was the day of the challenging battle.

Rio took her presence as air and went to sit on the last seat as he liked avoiding students’ unnecessary gaze which was looking at him and whispering among themselves about today’s upcoming hot match.

Milena West stared at all the students to confirm if everyone was present. Once she was sure, she started the second theory class of the first year for section A.

“Today’s class is very important as the national military school tournament starts in six months. You all need to have a basic understanding of the dhovrix race. So listen carefully.

In our universe, there are countless planets but not many inhabitable ones, and the ones where life is possible, are filled with beasts comparable to a silver-stage beast of the land of Asura or maybe even stronger.

The planet where the Dhovrix race lived, had a tear in the space which caused it to connect to another place from where many terrifying monsters invaded their peaceful cities. The rumors say that God gave their ancestors a key to escape this apocalypse which was a method to cultivate their bodies using the energy present in the environment.

Although it helped them defend against the calamity, it wasn’t enough to peacefully live as their population was reduced to one-fourth. Their scientist started looking for a habitable planet and that’s how they found our earth.

So that’s how we got invaded by the dhovrix race two hundred years ago.” She finished the story with a nonchalant voice.

Some students had a look of disbelief as they didn’t come from an influential family. Rio wasn’t that bothered about it as he had met a God firsthand.

One of the green-haired girls questioned, “Can you tell us how do they look, and how their strengths differ from ours?”

“Yes, I was going to explain that next anyway.

After long research, we discovered that they were similar to us humans in an appearance before the apocalypse.

A normal dhovrix is much stronger than an average human. Unlike us who rely on the beast of Asura land to get stronger, the Dhovrix race strengthens their body using the energy present in the environment that come from earth and heaven (sky).

As they started Cultivating, the energy accumulated on their head, which took the shape of horns as their strength grew. The color of their horn shows their strength.

A white-horned Dhovrix would be stronger than an average human, a yellow-horned Dhovrix would be equal to a peak yellow-stage human in strength and it goes the same way for other stages.” Teacher Milena explained in a composed tone.

Students present had a look of astonishment after they received the new information on their enemies.

Another student who was sitting on a seat in the mid row, asked “Teacher, what happened in the battle 16 years ago? We know from the media that it caused dhovrix and humans to sign a peace treaty but there is not much information about the two heroes and how humans survived a desperate war against the Dhovrix race.”

“Well… this is some confidential information we do not leak to normal citizens. However, it’s different for you students who may get to fight dhovrix in the future.” With the first line, She made them lose hope to find out the secret but her next sentence relieved their puzzled faces.

Teacher Milena continued as her facial expression turned solemn,

“16 years ago, around one hundred thousand black horned, thousands of red horned and hundred of silver horned dhovrix army attacked the human countries. They wanted to eradicate the human’s from their very root as Dhovrix were afraid we would chase them out of this planet if we were given enough time.

We had no chance to face a major force that consisted of such a terrifying strength. Dhovrix as well as humans knew that it was one-way massacre that would put an end to an Era where two races existed.

However, something unexpected happened that nobody could’ve imagined which changed the fate of both races completely.”

She ended the sentence with a cliffhanger which caused the audience present to stare at her with a bitter and puzzled expression.

Some of the unreasonable students even cursed her in their minds as they looked unpleasant.

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