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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 65: Armor Type Beast Soul Bahasa Indonesia

“He has summoned the nearby beasts. They are all rushing to this place. You need to move as soon as possible” She urged him in a serious tone without any hint of worries on her beautiful face.

He heard her warning but his eyes widened seeing what came out behind the cloud of dust.

A herd of crimson beasts was marching toward the duo destroying the shrubs and trees on its path.

The red fur covered the rat-like body, which was 160 centimeters in height. Its long-thick tail had yellow shades.

There were three different sizes of beasts in the herd but the differences could be only told by the thickness and length of their tail as if it was displaying their superiority to one another.

His feet trembled and cold sweat slid down his spine seeing so many horrendous beasts rushing towards him. But their yellow eyes showed a reluctance and horror in them.

No one could blame him for being afraid of the scene in front of him as there were more than fifty crimson-fur rats coming towards him for his life.

He wouldn’t be worried if it was just five but facing more than fifty was even deadly for someone at the purple stage.

“Hurry… You idiot…” Helia yelled and her resounding voice filled with annoyance brought him back from his astonished state as he realized the biggest monster was standing beside him who even these beasts feared.

He nodded and clenched his fist as a determined light flickered in his eyes.

Rio turned around to go towards the gate of the shelter.

He wanted to finish the fight soon so he could see her fight those beasts or have a chance to fight them.

The inside of the building was strange and frightening. There were broken chairs, tables, swords, and scattered books on the floor. Rooms on the first floor were dreary and didn’t look to be his point of interest.

A dust-filled stair was on the right side to go up to the second floor which Rio took.

‘If what Helia Said is true then I will have a tiny possibility of winning. Should I just avoid Emperor spirit and steal his heart stone?’

He carefully ascended the stairs while thinking about what to do when he faced the enemy.

*Growl!* *Growl!* *Growl!*

A bunch of painful howlings along with something heavy falling on the ground came from outside the building which was just the beginning of the massacre a demoness was doing outside.

He could already guess the outcome of Those innocent beasts facing the terrifying Lioness.

However, his face darkened as he remembered something.

“Ahhh… shit… I didn’t even ask what a heart stone looks like… ” He cursed inwardly.

He hadn’t fought an Emperor spirit before so he had no idea about anything about his upcoming battle.

He inspected his mind-sea to summon his King Silver-Bloom sword when his eyes glinted with hope and a gentle smile took over his expression.

There was another beast soul beside King Silver-Bloom sword.

He checked his profile on AI watch to look for its information with a single thought.


Beast soul: Yellow-stage Mutated Armored Turtle

Type of Yellow-stage Mutated Armored Turtle’s beast soul: Armor


Reading the data given by AI about the beast soul caused his nervousness to transform into excitement.

‘Let’s try it out.’

An enormous boulder-like shadow shot out of thin air, which appeared to be exactly like the mutated armored Turtle.

The yellow stage beast soul flew to Rio’s chest, turned into a yellow liquid, and started to engulf his whole body.

In the blink of an eye, his figure, together with his head was all drowned.

The Turtle’s shell-like yellow armor was full of defense and covered his head to toe as if it were a suit of Medieval times where warriors on the battlefield wore metallic armor.

This set of armor was filled with great defense, making Rio look majestic as if his whole body was an impregnable fortress.

There were only a few gaps present near the joints which were there to not restrict his movement in any way.

Rio moved around on the stairs to test how it feels and there was heavyweight as the armor looked. Instead, the body felt the same as before equipping the armor beast soul.

“I don’t know why but this armor is giving me some confidence for my next battle. But I know one thing very well Helia wouldn’t like me dying knowing her bonding with Lia.

She won’t send me alone If the upcoming fight was life-threatening. Let’s just give it a shot.” Rio started ascending the stairs at a fast pace after calmly thinking.

A big hall appeared in front of him as he reached the top.

A throne was placed at the end of the hall with a man’s statue with a mask behind it. On top of the statue was a fist size yellow stone that was glowing.

‘That’s most likely the heart stone…But where is the spirit of the shelter.’

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