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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 64: Dargus Isle Bahasa Indonesia

An enormous island, which was facing the blood sea, welcomed their vision. Many tall trees with crimson leaves were arranged on its periphery.

Rio wasn’t sure if it was due to the effect of blood-sea or something else.

Demon tail wolf crossed the bridge and entered the isle as it passed through the tall trees.

The forest of the Dargus island was insanely silent which caused a frown to appear on Rio’s forehead.

Since he had entered the Dargus Isle and passed many trees he didn’t see a single wild beast so he was confused. Even the stillness of the forest appeared as if they were afraid of something terrifying.

“Emperor said that corrupted land is more dangerous than the wilderness around Shamor empire so why we haven’t encountered any beasts here?” Rio asked with a questioning tone.

“Beasts in this area are only of Yellow and purple stage. They won’t appear or lower their guards unless I hide my aura and recall the mount beast soul.” Helia explained with an emotionless voice.

‘Ah… didn’t she say the demon tail wolf is at the red stage? doesn’t that mean she is at least at the red stage?’

Realization drowned him as he forgot to notice these details earlier because he was too focused on his surroundings and getting used to riding the fierce demon tail wolf mount.

“I thought you would be eighteen at most when I met you. I didn’t know you were older than how you looked. you’ve maintained your beauty very well and didn’t age at all.” Rio teased her with a bright smile and praised her after thinking calmly.

He knew that she was similar age as Lia but he wanted to confirm it. He thought she wouldn’t tell him if he ask directly so he prefer going in a round way.

Veins popped up on her forehead as she fumed in anger hearing his harsh comment about her age.

“I’m eighteen years old, you idiot.” She yelled in annoyance and clenched her fist to almost hit him but she was calming herself to not do it as she remembered very well who he was.

“How can you be Red stage at the age of eighteen?” He looked at Helia as if she was a monster.

“Truly, a frog in the well” She mocked him instead of answering him.

‘She is a year older than Nyla yet she is two-stage above her. I don’t think there would be a single student in red stage at the golden seal military school.’

Rio gasped in amazement as he shook his head to clear his mind to focus on what was in front of him.

The demon tail wolf had started slowing down as it was reaching a two-story building that was situated in a clearing space in the middle of the tall trees.

‘This looks as if someone hasn’t lived here for a very long time.’

The red bricks of the walls had wild plants grown on them as if no one took care of the building for a few decades. The four small windows, which were present on each side of the walls, were covered with thick dirt. The building was fifteen times bigger than a peasant house but it was giving off a creepy aura.

“Is this a shelter?” Rio mumbled.

“This is the first yellow stage shelter you will take over. I’ll make it easy for you by stopping the beasts at the entrance. You need to get the heart stone of the Emperor spirit of this shelter to end the battle before he kills you.” Helia said with a stiff voice.

“Don’t you have any confidence that I can defeat it?” Rio spoke as he raised his eyebrows.

“You’ve just entered the yellow stage. You need to be at least at the peak level with twenty yellow stats points to be able to defeat an emperor spirit of a yellow stage.” Helia said it as a matter of factly.

Rio gulped nervously as he knew he wasn’t at the peak level yet.

Demon tail wolf had stopped a few meters away in front of the building.


Helia jumped from the back of Mount straight towards the ground like a falling leaf in slow motion as if floating.

Rio used him [Devlin Movement Technique] to appear beside her as he preferred the easy way out.

She recalled the mount which disappeared with a flicker of red light.

They traveled around the shelter to find the Door.

A large black metal gate with a fist-size button on the left side of it,

was present on the opposite side of where they had come from.

“Go ahead and get his heart stone which would be placed on his statue in the throne chamber. The Emperor spirit would be able to control the beasts under this shelter which are scattered in the area nearby so I’ll take care of them at the entrance.” Helia instructed him while summoning her daggers.

A pair of deadly sharp blades appeared on her hands that glistened in the sunlight.

“Why won’t she use that sword even now? Does she use it as decoration?” He sighed inwardly.

“Didn’t you say beast won’t appear in your presence and how do you actually know it’s a male spirit?” Rio asked with a puzzled face as he saw her bringing out the weapon.

“They wouldn’t fear anyone when their Emperor is in danger. As for the second question, You will understand when you reach my level.” She responded while rubbing the sharp blade of her daggers with each other.

“Okay.” He spoke and saw that Helia’s eyebrows became scrunched.

Rio gazed behind her, leaves had started fluttering and the stillness of the surroundings erased. A cloud of white dust started raising and the ground started shaking as if an earthquake has come.

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