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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 66: Crow-Masked Assassin Emperor Spirit Bahasa Indonesia

Rio frowned and looked around the room to find the owner of the heart stone.

The room was giving off an eerie vibe as it was filled with darkness and only a few candles were placed on the walls decorated with dust and blood.

He carefully moved towards the statue as he channeled his mana in his body and enchanted his eyes, hands, and legs.

A tiny pile of dust vibrated on the floor near the statue which didn’t escape Rio’s enchanted eyes.

‘Ah… this Emperor Spirit can use [Stealth]. I need to lure him out and attack first to gain the upper hand.’

He knew about this ability from the games videos he watched on TV but he never imagined [Stealth] would exist in reality.

He stomped his feet and launched himself toward the statue hoping to mislead the enemy thinking he was going for heart stone.

The pile of dust flew again on the surface of the floor and moved towards to intersect Rio in his path.

A black figure with a red gauntlet appeared in front of him. He was aiming its fist at Rio’s head who was already nearing the statue and had no chance of escaping the attack.

The black figure was a 176 meters tall Humanoid creature. He was wearing black armor from head to toe with a red crow mask which was pointy at the nose revealing only his lips, jaw, and eyes.

Rio could see his yellow eyes which were glaring at him with murderous intent and a victorious smile flashing on his lips which told the intruder was already dead meat.

‘is he wearing the mask to hide some ugly marks on his face or just doing it for style?’

Rio couldn’t tell if the enemy had a handsome face or a scary one behind that mask he was wearing which hid half of his face.

However, His lips turned upward as the Emperor spirit disabled the stealth. He used [Devlin’s Movement Technique] and vanished in thin air catching his enemy off guard.

The crow-masked man felt his life in danger and decided to move from his spot but it was a little late.


Rio struck the shoulder of the Emperor spirit as it was moving away to dodge the attack.

He felt as if he had hit a stone as his mana-enchanted fist pained hitting the enemy.

“Ah…shit…My hand…” He cursed out loudly.

Rio waved his hand in the air vertically while a pained expression flashed on his face.

Crow masked man raised his eyebrows after experiencing the force behind Rio’s attack.

It didn’t give him another chance and used [Stealth] instantly to vanish again.

“Not again…” Rio complained seeing the enemy disappear.

He monitored the floor for the location of the enemy. Unlike before, he couldn’t find any fluctuations of dust on the floor.

He kept observing while gazing with half-opened eyes while summoning his King Silver-Bloom sword.

Rio felt a tingle near the back of his head.

‘This feeling again.’

He disappeared as his intuition alerted him of the upcoming attack just like back then at the Mistborn shelter region against the Mutated Armored Turtle.

He wasn’t sure where this six-sense ability came from but he was filled with gratitude for its usefulness.

The crow-masked man hit the thin air as it missed its target.

It turned around at a fast pace to meet the upcoming blade with its gauntlet as Rio had already attacked in the same manner as the Emperor spirit.


King Silver-Bloom sword’s blade and gauntlet clashed as the sparks flew caused by the impact. Both of their figures bounced two meters apart by the collision of the attack.

Rio stumbled on the ground and the crow-masked man wasn’t any better.

Their eyes flickered with an intense desire to defeat their opponents as they both rushed toward each other.

Emperor spirit didn’t use stealth like before and fought head-on.

They clashed with each other many times in which they were able to land some strikes on each other.

Rio’s Mutated Armored Turtle armor saved him from the fetal gauntlet attacks however, the crown-masked guy had its body engraved with cuts here and there.

‘I can win this.’

He let go of the counts and kept injuring the enemy. Crow masked man was stalling for time as it was waiting for the beast to come and help but there was no assistance coming.

Emperor spirit gritted its teeth and decided to use its trump card. A yellow light engulfs its body as it transformed into more than a hundred sharp red daggers like the one in his hands.

The daggers aimed toward Rio’s direction and fell on him like hail.

He used his [Devlin’s Movement Technique] to teleport out but the range of attack covered the entire space where he could move.

His figure appeared at the corner of the room to avoid most of the projectile’s attack where one after another daggers hit his body which made a clanking sound by clashing with his Mutated Armored Turtle’s armor.

After nine daggers hit the armor, cracks started appearing. His face darkened as he saw the armor breaking slowly.

He didn’t want to lose the precious armor beast soul which were like a cheat to him. It was another matter if he had more than one but he only had a single.

On the twelfth dagger hit, the armor almost broke. There were only two more daggers left to hit his body.

He decided to call the beast soul back since even a single hit would shatter it as he unsummoned it to mind sea and moved slightly to not get hit on the vital organs.

The thirteenth and the last fourteenth dagger didn’t meet any resistance like before and stabbed his right shoulder one after another.

Crimson blood flowed from his shoulder and intense pain invaded his body as if thousands of ants eating his flesh. His face scrunched from the agonizing sensation.

Rio grabbed his right shoulder with his left hand to remove the dagger with a flushed face and looked at the sight in front of him.

[Yellow-Stage Crow-Masked Assassin Emperor spirit defeated.]

Hundreds of daggers scattered on the floor turned into a firefly and moved towards the head of the statue like a falling leaf in reverse motion which vanished eventually into the heart stone.

“Have I won?” Rio murmured and gazed at the glimmering heart stone on the top of the statue which was the same height as him.

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