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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 63: Blood-Sea Stronghold Shelter Bahasa Indonesia

“Blood Sea Stronghold Shelter.” She said with a stiff voice.

“Okay, give me a moment to find it.” Oldman went towards the wall to a box and opened it to take out a [Teleport Glyph] from it.

He retrieved it and said, “Here, Princess.”

Helia took the fist-sized brown paper from his spread palms and turned around to leave.

Rio followed behind to enter the other room with the circular ascended platform.

She climbed the ascended platform and said to Rio who was standing below, “Come quicker before I kick your ass and drag you forcefully.”

‘Why is she so vicious.’

Rio gulped nervously and climbed the ascended platform. Seeing him beside, she tore the paper of [Teleport Glyph].

A space rift opened and their figure vanished into it.


Blood-Sea stronghold shelter was situated in the Blood Sea of the corrupted land which wasn’t claimed by Asuras.

It was surrounded by water from three sides and Dargus Isle on one side which was connected by a bridge.

A tiny slash in space appeared which increased in size to form a rift and the blonde-haired duo came out of it.

Rio landed perfectly on the ground with Helia as he had experienced it once so the force of ejection was easily managed by him.

However, a splashing sound was made and he find out his foot emerged in a reddish-colored liquid. The coldness invaded his leg as his pants got wet by submerging in water.

The ground was similar to the ascended platform but it was drowned in blood-like water. It wasn’t giving off a scent of rancid blood but was similar to seawater.

The walls were made up of mossy stones with vines hanging from the ceiling.

Two asuras were guarding as usual seeming to be tired and lazy. When they saw Helia appearing they became alert and straighten their body to salute her.

Helia ignored them and walked out of the room making splashing sounds on her way. Seeing her leave, Rio followed her hurriedly.

A cubical building appeared in front of his sight which had its walls made of mossy bricks similar to the ascended platform room and vines hanging from the roof.

Spiral staircases were there which lead to higher floors.

The number of Asura’s warriors on the first floor was greater than he had seen in the Mistborn shelter as he saw dozen of people walking around.

They didn’t salute Helia like the guards at the entrance as if they didn’t recognize her.

Helia took the route that went straight out towards the exit.

The outside of the building was surrounded by blood-like water as if floating or built above it. A dome-like structure was present on top of the cubical building of the Shelter.

He was amazed seeing the scenery in front of him. He hadn’t seen such abnormal water and dome-like building before. So it was natural for him to be surprised.

Rio could only see a bridge on the left side of the entrance that was connected to an island far away which was visible due to engulfing in the greenery.

The mossy stones made bridge was two meters wide and ten meters above the water level.

A red light flickered around Helia and a 3 meters tall wolf-like creature appeared.

It was similar to a wolf from his earth with white fur and a pointy tail with a triangular shape at the end. Its claws were as sharp as a dagger which sent a shiver down Rio’s spine. It looked magnificent, majestic, and mighty.

“Whoa…What’s this?” He blurted out instinctively.

“It’s a red stage demon tail wolf, a mount-type beast soul that we will ride to go Dargus Isle. If we go on foot it will take us a lot of time.” Helia said and stomped the ground.


She jumped upwards in the air and landed on the beast’s back.

She spoke coldly, “Climb up fast, we have to reach that island where your next training will start.”

Rio didn’t think much and used his [Devlin Movement Technique].

He vanished from the ground and teleported beside her on the back of the giant wolf mount.

He sat behind her comfortably. She was a few inches apart from him as they had sat very closely.

Helia raised her eyebrows seeing him use this method to climb up and snorted in annoyance.

“Don’t fall off, grab something tightly.” With a sudden warning from the Blonde-haired girl, the giant wolf mount started moving on the mossy stones-made bridge that went towards the Dargus Isle.

It started increasing its pace as it marched with incredible speed toward its destination.

Rio didn’t think it would be this fast all of a sudden as he was caught unprepared. He almost slipped off from the back of the mount but his hands grabbed something soft at the last moment.

It was Helia’s slender hand, which caused her to turn around to glare at him with annoyance.

“There is nothing else to hold,” Rio said with a bittersweet smile but he had to use Mana enchantment to boost his voice to make it sound louder because the fast speed was making It hard to communicate while riding this mount.

Rio had nothing else to grab except that and he was afraid that the wolf would get angry if he grabbed those white furs.

After understanding his reasons, she didn’t mind and focused on what was coming in front of her.

Their clothes fluttered in the wind as they rode on demon tail wolf for 15 minutes before the Dargus Isle started getting bigger in front of their sight.

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