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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 62: A promise to be together Bahasa Indonesia

After thinking calmly she decided to make her understand the gravity of her words.

“Don’t you want to have a family when you grow up?” Lia asked her.

“But aren’t you, my family?” Helia asked with questioning eyes.

“No… you have to find a husband in the future and make a family with him.” She explained her calmly.

“If that’s the case. I choose the person that my sister will marry” a Little blonde-haired girl said with a determined face.

“But…” Lia hesitated once again as this was a complicated topic.

“You don’t want me in the future your family?” Helia asked with a sorrowful voice.

She didn’t think her little sister would be so carefree picking the same husband as her. But one thing was understandable for her, Helia only wanted to marry the same person as her because she cherished Lia a lot.

If someone loved you this much, could you easily refuse?

Considering the fact that it was not that rare for a man to have more than one wife and take another woman as a concubine in the world of Asura, Lia decided to throw the responsibility to our Rio who hadn’t even been to the world of Asura yet.

“It’s not up to me but the person who will come from the foreign land. He would have to accept you” Lia said with a worried look.

“Leave that to me… I’ll beat him up until he agrees,” Helia said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

She continued to ask, “So, would you let me marry that man if he agrees in the future?”

She was looking at Lia with hopeful eyes. She didn’t hear Lia’s response as her sister was thinking deeply about her abnormal request.

Helia was holding back her tears as if Lia disagreed they would rush out of her eyes again.

‘I hope the man I’ll marry doesn’t hate me for this.’

After a few minutes of contemplation, Lia finally answered “Okay… if he accepts then we will be one sweet family and we can live together.”

Although She understood what it meant to share her husband but she also loved her sister who was like an orphan. After Leon and her mother passed away, she took care of Helia like a parent despite being the same age.

Lia’s maturity was a lot greater than a child at her age because of the nightmares she had got while growing up. She mostly spent her time in the library to find an answer to her nightmares.

It was normal for a man to take more than one wife in her world although her father never married another woman.

However, she wasn’t sure how the man from the foreign land would react after finding out about the arrangements waiting for him was. She just hoped he didn’t dislike her sister and her for this unfair plan.

“Pinky promise?” Helia said adorably while hovering her right hand and placing her little finger in front of her.

Lia smiled and said, “Pinky promise.”

Cheerful laughter of little girls resounded in the room as the pair of sweet sisters built the foundation of the great harem story that’s going to be revealed in the future.

Our Rio didn’t even know his fate to marry the lioness was sealed right there right then which he couldn’t escape.

This was also the reason Helia couldn’t agree to call her future husband her brother even though it was hard to accept Rio in her heart yet due to him being a human.


‘Why is she so stubborn to hate me?’

He couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to take him as her little brother if it can bring a little happiness to her.

Rio was unaware of all the thoughts going through Helia’s mind as he was sold to lioness even before he arrived in this world.

‘I can’t accept you as my brother because you’re Lia’s husband.’

She grumbled inwardly as she disliked it to imagine him as the person she begged to be married to in her childhood.

‘He is a human… I can’t be with someone from their race who killed big brother.’

She clenched her fist and turned around to walk towards the teleporter tower not wanting to continue this topic anymore as she was quite embarrassed.

Rio was still amazed at how she hugged him and remembered her soft body pressing on his but he didn’t wander around this thought much.

He shook his head and followed behind her.

They entered the tower and Asura’s warriors gave a salute to Helia as if she was their boss.

She went to the [Teleport Glyph] room where two middle-aged men and an old man were present from the last time he had come with Lia.

They all became alert seeing Helia enter the room and stood up to give a salute to Helia and looked at Rio with raised eyebrows.

They saw him last time with Lia but they didn’t dare to ask her about him but this time when it was Helia so the Old man decided to satisfy his curiosity.

“Welcome to the Teleporter Tower, princess.” The old man greeted her and looked towards Rio.

He continued, “I apologize but I didn’t recognize this young man. is he your cousin, princess?”

Helia’s eyes twitched hearing him calling Rio her cousin. But she was helpless as she didn’t want to blow his cover. People would be suspicious of him if she disagrees now.

Although the Royal family could create an identity for Rio but Helia understood that their best bet was to call Rio her long relative or cousin since they looked similar.

She didn’t want to risk their secret plans behind their enemy’s back. If people saw a random person joining Helia all of a sudden on her expedition it would be suspicious.

She knew there could be spies of other clans in the Royal family so she decided to play along with Rio’s story.

“Yeah, he is my long-distance relative. His parents want me to train him so I’ll be taking him to give him some battle experiences.” Helia replied with a flat voice.

The old man was very respected due to his old age so Helia didn’t want to be rude to him. Because she grew up seeing him from little age, it was odd for her to act all mighty and domineering to him despite being a princess.

The old man smiled and said, “Young man, learn well from the princess. I wish you a great future ahead and hope you make a big name like her.”

“Thank you,” Rio mumbled politely.

The old man continued while moving his eyes to look at Helia, “which shelter’s [Teleport Glyph] do you want, Princess?”

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