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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 45: Hi, Wifey…I’m Back Bahasa Indonesia

Rio was downhearted as he walked back to his room. He took out his phone and checked the school database.

The phone second mother had given him had some special privileges that he didn’t know about.

When he scrolled down to other students’ names he was able to see their information.

‘This is amazing, I can look at their shelter’s name. Let’s check which shelter they are at.’

He checked his classroom students’ shelter names first.

There were many names but he only recognized the three from the list.


Name: Talia Mailon

Shelter: Purple Dawn

Name: Brian Cunningham

Shelter: Yellow Skull Post

Name: Sophia Wilson

Shelter: Purple Tower of the Outcast


He paused at the name of “Sophia Wilson”.

‘Another silver sword family.’

He didn’t think much and kept the phone aside.

He stood up and his face was painted with a sense of thrill, “Finally, I can go back. This time I need to register at a shelter, otherwise ‘Second mother’ won’t let me go to the land of Asura until she rescues me from my imaginary snowy mountain.”

He walked out of the bedroom and entered the portal capsule. A word tag ‘Teleport’ flashed on his AI watch. He tapped it as his eyes glinted with joy.

Although he could use [Astral Recall] but it would not let him use it again to come to his room at the Grand Dew Garden.

If he used Teleport at the castle to return, it would send him to the school’s gate portal capsule which he used the first time to go to the land of asura.

Right now, his ‘point of return’ was set to the school’s gate so he changed it by using the one he had in his room. If the next time he used any teleport in the land of asura to come back he would arrive at his room since he just set it as his ‘point of return’ by using it just now.


The Portal capsule door slowly made a gap in a big hall and a figure came out of it. There were some guards standing with blue color armor with Purple stripes on them which went vertically down.

They knew he was a special human who even the Emperor favored so they didn’t stop him and let him go without questioning.

It was Night in the land of Asura as the moon was shining in the sky among the glimmering stars. The garden was as beautiful as before. He could see the fairies moving gracefully around the rainbow tree.

‘I’m finally back. It feels great to be here.”

He was happy as he walked towards the empress villa.

“What if she is sleeping right now?” He thought inwardly and approached his destination.

The female guards were standing in front of the gate. When he tried to take the path to move inside they put their spears in front of his way and said with a stiff voice, “You can not enter.”

He scrunched his eyebrows and felt annoyed. These two had seen him with Lia many times entering the Empress Villa yet they still stopped him.

“But I live here.” He retaliated.

They looked at each other with hesitation then one of them spoke “Her highness is currently resting. You need to wait until morning then we will ask her if we should allow you to enter or not.”

He rubbed the middle portion of his forehead as he faced these unreasonable people.

‘They aren’t fully wrong. They don’t know my real identity so it’s fair enough. Let’s use [Astral Recall] then.’

After thinking peacefully he calmed down and decided to use another method to sneak into the bedroom. He turned back and walked away as he didn’t want to do it in front of these guards.

The guards were gazing at his retracting view and the two female guards started discussing with each other.

“I hope we didn’t anger her highness.”

“She will understand why we stopped him. It’s her resting time so we can’t let a stranger enter.”

“Do you really think he is a stranger? She was even angry at the Emperor after he got hurt that day.”

“I thought that was just a rumor.”

“Didn’t you see how she was supporting his body when they returned to the villa? Even Yami is treated coldly by her highness after that incident.”

Their discussion continued for a while as they weren’t able to see the crimson-haired boy who found an empty dark space behind a tree where nobody could see him.

He didn’t want to disturb Lia’s sleep by using telepathy. He didn’t even know if she was sleeping or not. Although he could ask Lia if she was awake, he wanted to give her a surprise.

He cast ‘Astral Recall’ by thinking about it in his mind.

A white light enveloped his body and his figure vanished from the garden.

A white light flashed near the couch as Lia stood up from her bed seeing a figure appear on the couch covered in white light.

The light faded away and a boy with crimson hair was standing there beside the couch.

“Hi, Wifey…I’m back” He waved at her and a bright smile blossomed on his face.

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