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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 44: This Frozen Beauty is so Cold Bahasa Indonesia

She didn’t expect him to accept her challenge so she was taken aback.

When someone became sixteen years old they could get their AI watch from the federation which was like a license to enter the land of Asura.

Talia also got her AI watch on her sixteen birthday but she had the support of the Mailon Family which helped her cross the yellow stage faster than others.

Mailon family used their contacts to make the superiors at Talia’s yellow shelter assist her fight yellow stage beasts and increase her yellow stats points which helped her to enter the purple stage.

Compared to Rio, who got his AI watch last month, Talia had it for five months.

She didn’t take long to respond as she was confident in her strength and thought nobody was her match in the same age group.

“The loser will apologize.” She spoke with a proud smile.

“If I win, you have to apologize to Nyla.” He said with a cold smile.

“You think you can win??? Haha… I like your humor…” She mocked him with an amusing voice.

Some of the other students who were surrounding them also burst into laughter along with her.

“Looks like someone’s scared.” He said while his eyes glinted and lips went upward forming a provoking smile on his face.

“You…” She glared at him with killing intent. Remembering his background she hid the bloodlust while clenching her fist and said, “Okay. I’ll apologize to her if you win.”

“What if you go back on your words?” He set up his net and beckon her to fall for his plan with his provocative smile. His old habit of inviting people to his trap was something no one knew.

“I’m not a Mailon if I go back on my words.” She gritted her teeth in anger.

Rio turned around and started walking towards the Grand Dew Garden while waving his hands in the air without turning back “See you on Monday. I’ll fight with you at the battle arena after our lecture class.”

The commotion had caused a big crowd. Gathered Students had watched the duo early and started among themselves after Rio left.

“He can’t even fight a yellow stage beast. How will he fight someone at the purple stage?”

“He is a fool.”

“Don’t forget he is from the Havenglow family. It’s not hard for him to reach the purple stage if they support him.”

“Then why didn’t he fight the yellow stage beasts and accepted Brian’s challenge?”

“Maybe he finds them too easy to waste his time? didn’t you see he was showing no interest in Brian’s challenge or his harsh comments?”

“We can’t say that now. Let’s wait for Monday, we will find out the truth.”

A second-year female student commented while looking at his back view while he was leaving, “He is so cool. He defended our classmate, Nyla.”

“What do you mean defended?”

First-year and second-year students started discussing the incident that happened earlier.

The news spread like wildfire and many in the school find out how Talia came to make fun of her sister and Rio took a stand for her.

The students didn’t hear Talia insulting her mother as she was using a hushed voice but they all saw Nyla leaving with tears and Rio snapping at the younger sister.

The majority didn’t like Rio and but there were some who were supporting him for standing up for Nyla. Most of the supporting voice was female students who cheered for Rio as he defended a girl.

There were even rumors going around saying things like, “Rio and Nyla are childhood lovers. Mailon family is bullying the older daughter and separating the two love birds.”

The rumors were just gossip for people to entertain after all.

Our Rio, who was unaware of all this, was standing in front of the second floor of his apartment.

He was hesitating if he should ring the bell or not.

After collecting some courage, he pressed the switch for the doorbell.


He waited but no response came. He rang the doorbell a few times and the Door opened slowly.

A girl, whose eyes turned red from crying, appeared. Her hair was wet which indicated that she had washed her face before opening the door.

“What do you need?” She said with an emotionless face.

“I thought you might be sad so I came to check if you’re alright.” He said with a bittersweet smile.

“Thank you for your concern but I’m alright.” She spoke with a straight face and a chilly voice.

‘This frozen beauty is so cold’

“Wanna have lunch together?” He asked with an awkward smile as he wasn’t used to this side of Nyla.

“No, thanks for asking. You should maintain a distance from a girl like me whose mother was a bit*h and who caused her own mother’s death.” She said in an annoyed voice.

She continued speaking as if she didn’t want to give Rio chance to talk, “I’m going to the land of asura. So bye.”

Saying that she closed the door in his face and went to her bedroom.

She sat on the bed while wrapping her hands around her knees and started tearing quietly.

Rio was an orphan but he didn’t have a stepmother or step-sister who reminded him that he killed his parent. He didn’t have a father who avoided him as if thinking he is the reason for his mother’s death.

Nyla’s past wasn’t happy either. She had a family but one that caused to hate her own existence.

“Why didn’t I die instead of you, Mom? How long do I have to endure? I wish I was never born.” She cried like a little child and lay down on her bed while hugging her teddy bear.

She was feeling as if she should kill herself. She was hating herself.

Anyone who would see this cheerful girl tearing up so adorably would want to give her a warm hug and wipe those pearl-like tears. But there was no one here, She was crying all alone.

She didn’t know about things that happened after she left so she misunderstood Rio.


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