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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 46: How About a Kiss? Bahasa Indonesia

Their eyes met and their faces were painted with different expressions. Rio was smiling ear to ear while Lia’s face was enveloped in surprise.

He could see the color change in her eyes’ emotions as they turned from sorrow to surprise and in the end it became euphoric.

Lia moved towards him in rushed footsteps and threw herself at him as she embraced him with both hands.

“Seems like someone missed me here…” He chuckled and teased her.


His leg was kicked by her naked foot but she didn’t let go of him from her grasp.

‘It’s the best feeling to be hugged by the most beautiful girl of both worlds.’

His heart felt a warm sensation as she was holding him dearly. Her clutches on his back were tight as if she wouldn’t let go of him even if he wanted to leave her grasp.

Her ample twin peaks were tightly pressed on his chest, her flowery scent was invading his nostril and her cold skin, which was as soft as the newborn baby, was filling his heart with pleasure and giving him ecstasy as if he was in seventh heaven.

‘It feels like home when I’m with her.’

He also missed her and didn’t like much in the human world without this lady next to him. But he was bad at expressing these emotions.

Hugging last time before returning to earth was unexpected and he thought they might meet late so he embraced her in the heat of the moment.

But he never imagined hugging her after going back as he considered it would be too soon to hold each other this close as they didn’t go far in their relationship.

Regardless of that, Lia had a different opinion. After the prisoner’s incident, the last hurdle in her heart was shattered and the gap became nil as she accepted Rio completely.

Therefore, she didn’t feel shy to embrace him closely and last time it was him who hugged her all of a sudden so why can’t she do the same?

She separated from him after a moment and asked with a sorrowful quiet voice, “For how long are you going to stay?”

“An hour maybe” He lied as he wanted to see how she would react.

She turned around and went back to her bed.

“Hey… What happened? Say something, Lia.” He walked to the bed and asked.

She didn’t reply to him and changed the direction of her face so he couldn’t see her. It looked as if a daughter was ignoring her daddy after throwing a tantrum.

“I can stay for the whole night but that will be risky. You know ‘second mother’ would get mad if I use a portal capsule to come here before she finds a solution to rescue me from the shelter I’m stuck in as per the made-up story.” He tried to explain his reasons but she kept giving him the silent treatment.

“Okay…I surrender. I’ll stay for a week but what reward will you give me for taking the risk?” He said with a mischievous smile.

The devil first fabricated his plan and put the trap on the ground to make her believe him.

His real intention was to stay in the land of asura for a week from the start but when he saw her being impatient about not staying here he made his strategy.

“Anything you want.” Her sad voice sounded beside him as she turned to stare at him.

He sat on the bed and said while looking at her with a mischievous glint in his eyes “How about a kiss.”

He pointed at his cheeks with a bright smile which took him a lot of courage to ask but he thought at most she would bonk his head but it would be better than the silent treatment she was giving.

‘Why are they both acting weird? Women are a mystery. I’ll never be able to understand them.’

Lia raised her eyebrows at him and looked at his mischievous-filled eyes. She understood he was just kidding but she was going to tell him in her own way that he shouldn’t play with fire.

Lia moved her right hand towards his collar to grab him into her grasp and dragged him onto the bed which caused him to lie down on the bed.

Rio was taken aback as he felt a strong strength holding his shirt and he was forced into the bed in a lying position. He was helpless as Lia was a lot stronger than him in strength.

“if she used this much strength in bonking my head I would have died countless times.” He thought and gulped nervously.

She pushed him onto the bed beside her and climbed on him. Rio saw his waist between her thighs as if she was riding a horse.

Rio was taken aback as he saw her wild action. His heartbeat became faster as he felt her two buttocks falling on his waist.

“I was only kidding, I promise.” He said nervously as he saw her hot gaze.

Her beautiful fairy-like face was staring at him as if he was her meal. Her lips were forming an evil smile which sent a chill down his spine.

She unbuttoned his shirt one by one and his naked chest appeared.

He could feel her cold fingers touching his bare chest as she slid the shirt down his shoulder so his neck could appear.

He shivered and waited for the outcome. He knew she wouldn’t harm him so his imagination was running wild.

Lia could hear his fast heartbeat and his nervousness was pleasing to her eyes.



I’m going premium from the but I hope you guys read until the 74~77 chapter (even using fast passes) because that’s where many secrets will be revealed.

I assure you that those plot twists would be S-rank and make you fall in love with the story as well as the Harem.

It’s also the point where MC and plot would face a massive development.

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