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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 816: It’s All Ogre Bahasa Indonesia

With this Law being taken care of, Gravis left the storm and appeared in the normal Law Comprehension Area again.

The Immortal King noticed that Gravis had left and looked at him. “Want to take a break?” he asked with a smirk. Staying up there for five years was probably stressful beyond belief.

“No, I’m done,” Gravis said with a smirk as he summoned a small ball of lightning that exploded.

The Immortal King couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Gravis had comprehended this Law in just five years!?

Up there!?


“Well, anyway,” Gravis said with a little bow, “thanks for having me. I’ll be on my way. Bye!”


And with that, Gravis vanished from the Law Comprehension Area, leaving a stunned Immortal King behind.

For the first time, the Immortal King felt envious of someone weaker than him. He had been here for hundreds of years, but this Immortal just came in here and comprehended the Law in only five years.

Was he truly so slow in comprehending Laws?

Did he have no affinity towards lightning?

How come some random Immortal was so many times better at comprehending Laws than him? What had he done to deserve this?

The world truly was unjust and unfair.

Some people were more talented than others, and the Immortal King felt frustrated. He had put in so much work to comprehend this Law, but this guy had it so easy.

It was unfair!

Meanwhile, Gravis quickly returned to his usual spot and noticed that Stella still hadn’t returned.

After replacing the jade token with a new one, Gravis went to his next location.

After some minutes, Gravis arrived at his next location, and he was a bit surprised about what he saw.


A cloud of lightning was flying in the air, striking the ground from time to time. The ground wasn’t destroyed since it just absorbed the lightning strikes. The only difference to normal lightning was that this lightning moved with incredible speed.

Why was Gravis surprised?

Because it looked so very ordinary.

Gravis had seen three wondrous Law Comprehension Areas when it came to lightning. They had all looked beautiful or intimidating in their own way, but this one? This one looked so very plain and normal.

It was just a typical lightning storm with speedy lightning.

Nothing more.

Gravis scratched the back of his head. ‘Well, I guess not all Law Comprehension Areas look grand and impressive. There are also the normal ones, I suppose.’

Gravis entered the Formation Array and saw around five people cultivating in the area. They all had some kind of shield above them that split the lightning apart into many smaller bolts as soon as a lightning bolt hit it.

Some of the Cultivators noticed Gravis and were surprised that someone they didn’t know just entered this area.

Who was that guy?

However, the fact that Gravis could just enter this Formation Array must mean that he was part of their Sect. After all, no one could enter this location without the correct key.

A lot of people were interested in the Major Law of Lightning Speed since it was one of the most useful Laws for anyone that used the lightning element as an auxiliary element for their weapon.

The Major Law of Lightning Speed would make it easier to close in on the opponent, evade attacks, and flee from opponents that were too powerful.

Usually, when one became a Major Circulation Immortal, most other Major Circulation Immortals from the same Sect came to know them. After all, there were less than a hundred Major Circulation Immortals in an average Sect.

It was rather unusual to meet someone new.

However, it wasn’t unheard of. The disciples only looked at Gravis for a little bit before they ignored him again. New people joined the Sect from time to time. Gravis was probably just a new recruit.

Usually, most disciples would want to get to know the new arrival, but they were too busy comprehending this Law right now. If Gravis had met them outside, they would have surely struck up a conversation, but not right now.

Gravis looked around and noticed that there was no Immortal King here right now. This Law Comprehension Area probably wasn’t important enough to keep one of the two Early Minor Circulation Immortal Kings of an average Sect constantly stationed here.

For the first time, no one came to “greet” Gravis, making Gravis feel a bit awkward.

After some seconds, Gravis simply shrugged. ‘Well, I guess this makes it easier.’

Then, Gravis charged into the clouds.

Funnily enough, the other disciples felt so comfortable in their surroundings that they didn’t pay any attention to Gravis at all. Why would they? This area belonged to their Sect, and new people came from time to time. Constantly keeping a check on everyone would only use up concentration to comprehend the Law faster.

So, for the first time, Gravis’ insane action of directly entering the source of lightning wasn’t noticed by anyone.

Nothing changed.

Meanwhile, up in the lightning storm, Gravis felt bolts of lightning strike him. However, they didn’t explode like the ones in the previous Law Comprehension Area. These ones simply hit Gravis and were redirected in a different direction. They were like bullets that hit an angled steel wall.


Gravis felt the lightning bolts hitting him, but his body was too heavy to be moved by only this. The lightning bolts were incredibly fast, but they had nearly no weight. As long as they didn’t explode, they weren’t nearly powerful enough to move him.

‘Huh, so nothing special happens this time,’ Gravis thought. ‘No greeting. No shouting. No violently being thrown around.’

‘It’s just standard Law Comprehension.’

Gravis shrugged again. ‘Well, who cares?’

Then, Gravis closed his eyes and concentrated on comprehending the Major Law of Lightning Speed.

Two months later…

“The ogre still hasn’t appeared anywhere,” a Sect Master said as she looked at the map.

“Maybe he left?” another one asked.

“I doubt it,” a third one said. “Apparently, he has said that he plans to comprehend Laws here for a rather long time. He should be around somewhere.”

“So, you’re saying that he entered a Law Comprehension Area unnoticed?” the first one asked.

“Possible,” the third one said. “I think we should check our Law Comprehension Areas.”

The other two nodded.

They quickly informed the other Sect Masters and initiated a vote, which was accepted without any opposition.

After that, the Sect Masters sent one Vice Sect Master each to check their Law Comprehension Areas. After all, no Sect wanted to run into Gravis on accident when they sent an Immortal King to attack a territory.

Attacking a territory showed the other Sect that the attacker had ill-will towards them, which would provoke retaliation. However, this was worth it if they got a great Law Comprehension Area out of it.

Running into Gravis meant either dying or retreating immediately.

In both cases, the other Sect would know that this Sect had targeted them, souring relationships and making them more careful.

The Vice Sect Masters checked all the different Law Comprehension Areas of their Sect, and after a couple of minutes, a Vice Sect Master appeared in the Law Comprehension Area in which Gravis currently was.

She looked around the Law Comprehension Area and only saw some disciples of her Sect comprehending in peace.

This meant that Gravis couldn’t possibly be here.

After all, if Gravis were on the ground, she would have noticed him, and if Gravis charged into the clouds, the disciples cultivating here would have surely informed her. Every sane Cultivator would immediately inform their superior when an Immortal charged into a violent cloud of lightning since such an action endangered the Cultivator and the Law Comprehension Area.

So, the Vice Sect Master left this area, marking it as secure.

After some hours, every Sect had checked all their Law Comprehension Areas as safe.

The Sect Masters were surprised that they couldn’t find the ogre.

Had he truly left?

That couldn’t be, right? After all, he said that he would remain here for a lot of years.

After some talking, the Sect Masters concluded that Gravis had probably slipped unnoticed into a lightning cloud in one Law Comprehension Area.

However, even if they knew where Gravis was, they couldn’t check. Entering these lightning clouds meant either receiving severe injuries or destroying the Law Comprehension Area, depending on their power.

Someone added a question mark to the corner of the map and put the black pin on it.

The ogre was in someone’s basement, and no one knew in which basement he was.

This made attacking Law Comprehension Areas risky.

What if they drew the ogre card?

According to what they knew of the ogre, he was probably comprehending all the Battle Laws of Lightning. He had already finished the Laws of Magnetism, Stasis, and Explosion, leaving the Laws of Lightning’s Power and Lightning’s Speed.

There was a high chance that the ogre was somewhere in these Law Comprehension Areas.

How many of these Law Comprehension Areas were there?


This meant attacking one of these areas meant that they had a 20% chance of drawing the ogre card.

However, this wasn’t so bad. They just had to evade these areas for a couple of years.


Suddenly, a big screen appeared, which showed an area filled with swift lightning.

Everyone looked over and saw a rough-looking guy with an axe standing at the edge of the Formation Array.

As soon as a Sect activated their challenge token, the screen would activate. After all, not every Law Comprehension Area constantly had someone guarding it. Activating the challenge token meant that the defender of the area had to come and defend their area in the next six hours.

“Well, that’s what I call impeccable timing,” a Sect Master commented.

One Sect Master, in particular, had his face go white.

“This idiot!” he shouted!

This was the same Sect Master that had sent his Vice Sect Master towards the two other Law Comprehension Areas where Gravis had been. He had stopped the Vice Sect Master both times, but the Vice Sect Master became so frustrated that he said that he would search for a target himself.

The rough-looking person on the screen was this Vice Sect Master.


Would the ogre be there!?

Once was bad luck.

Twice was super bad luck.

Thrice was a pattern.

The chances of the ogre being there were 20%, but the Sect Master believed them to be 90%.

By now, he was sure that the Heavens wanted to kill his Vice Sect Master.

“I officially challenge this resource point!” the Vice Sect Master shouted. “Get your defender out here!”

His voice echoed throughout the horizons, shaking everything.

And up in the clouds, a grumpy Gravis opened his eyes.

Someone had interrupted him!

Meanwhile, the Sect Master violently pulled at his hair in frustration.

‘It’s all over!’


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