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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 815: Violent Law Comprehension Bahasa Indonesia

The Immortal King almost couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Did this insane guy just directly charge into the clouds!?

Was he suicidal!?

The Immortal King wasn’t that upset because of Gravis’ potential death, but because Gravis’ interference could break the balance of the entire Law Comprehension Area. If Gravis destroyed too much lightning, the mountains might grow into the clouds, absorbing far more lightning than the clouds could regenerate.

Hadn’t he just said that Gravis shouldn’t damage this Law Comprehension Area!?

The Immortal King took out a jade token and activated it. “The ogre just charged into the clouds without rhyme or reason.”

“What!?” the jade token released a mighty shout of shock. “What’s happening!? Is something going on? Is the Law Comprehension Area still alright!?”

The Immortal King looked around and saw that the Law Comprehension Area was still in one piece. In actuality, it seemed like Gravis hadn’t been there, to begin with.

It was just normal.

“Actually, I see no difference,” the Immortal King said.

“Is he dead?” the jade token asked.

The Immortal King looked around. Sadly, the lightning was too violent for his Spirit Sense to enter, which made it impossible to check up on Gravis unless he decided to also go into the clouds. However, this would be an insanely stupid decision.

“I can’t check,” the Immortal King said.

Some seconds of silence.

“Did you hear any explosions?” the jade token asked.

“Only the usual ones,” the Immortal King answered.

Some more seconds of silence.

“Did something drop?”

The Immortal King looked around and realized that nothing had dropped from the clouds. “No.”

“Hm,” the jade token hummed, “then he might still be alive. He should have at least one powerful weapon, and even if he dies, his weapon should have survived. If it didn’t drop, it means that his Spirit Space is still in one piece, which means he is still alive.”

“However, that would mean that he is constantly being attacked by the lightning. Is the lightning degenerating?” the jade token asked.

The Immortal King looked around.

“No, everything’s still normal. It’s like he has never been here,” he answered.

Some seconds of silence.

“Quite peculiar,” the jade token said. “Please wait for a minute while I’m asking around.”

“Okay,” the Immortal King answered.

Then, several minutes of silence passed in which the Immortal King only looked around the area.

Everything was so incredibly plain and normal that he started doubting his own eyes.

Had the ogre truly been here?

“I’m back,” the jade token said, “and I think I got the answers I was searching for.”

“Yes?” the Immortal King asked.

“Apparently, the guy had done a similar thing at his last destination. According to the Sect Master of that area, the ogre dove into a pool of lightning balls that demonstrated the Major Law of Lightning’s Stasis.”

“However, the lightning balls seemingly ignored him. It was like he didn’t exist, and he moved around in them like it was a normal ball pit.”

The Immortal King was quite surprised when he heard that. “That doesn’t sound possible.”

“I know,” the jade token answered, “but the other Sect Master was adamant that it happened. Also, based on what we’re seeing right now, I’m inclined to believe him.”

“So, if we like it or not, we have to acknowledge that the ogre has some kind of unique affinity towards lightning.”

“Should we do something about that?” the Immortal King asked.

“What could we possibly do?” the jade token answered with a sigh. “We would either need to gather all the Sect Masters to attack him or pay a ridiculous amount of money to Underworld. Additionally, you know that Underworld always keeps everything that they hunt. After all, that’s their battle spoils.”

The Immortal King remained silent for some seconds. “So, we just let him do whatever he wants.”

“Sadly, yes,” the jade token answered. “With this new information, I’m relieved now. It seems like the ogre is not damaging the Law Comprehension Areas he goes to. He just cultivates in a very weird way.”

The Immortal King looked at the clouds with a complex expression. “Okay. I will keep an eye on him and inform you if something unnatural happens again.”

“Thanks. Keep me informed,” the jade token said before it deactivated.

The Immortal King continued looking at the clouds for a couple of hours, just waiting for something to happen.

However, nothing happened.

After some hours, the Immortal King sighed and went back to comprehending the Major Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness.

Everything on the ground appeared peaceful, well, at least as peaceful as a constant cacophony of pure destruction could be.

However, up in the clouds…


Gravis was being thrown around like a ragdoll.

Usually, Gravis was just absorbing any lightning that hit him, but this one was so incredibly violent and explosive that it exploded even when it touched more of itself. However, this was normal for this particular storm of lightning.

How did lightning use up its Energy?

When lightning exploded, its Energy shot violently into the surroundings, just like an explosion. Anything physical would be destroyed, which resulted in the lightning using up a part of its Energy. If there were nothing to destroy, the lightning would travel so far into the distance that its Energy density would become so low that it basically vanished.

These were the two ways how lightning used up its Energy.

Now, what about this storm?

Gravis purposefully didn’t absorb the lightning since he didn’t want to destroy the Law Comprehension Area. If he absorbed too much lightning, the mountains would advance and would threaten the clouds. So, Gravis kept his body isolated from the lightning bolts. Instead of being absorbed, the force pushed him away and moved past him like water moved around a stone.

Gravis’ physical body was able to trigger the explosion of the lightning, but the lightning didn’t attack him. Gravis was just more lightning, and there was nothing to destroy. One could say that the explosion was just a dispersal of a concentrated force into the surroundings.

What about the Energy that traveled into the distance?

Well, the lightning storm was so big that the explosions inside the cloud would never reach the outside. Before the lightning even fully dispersed, all the surrounding lightning bolts absorbed the remnants of the explosion into themselves.

So, in short, even though lightning constantly exploded on Gravis’ body, no Energy was used up.

However, Gravis was still being tossed around violently like a ragdoll.

Did this make it harder for Gravis to understand the Law?

‘This is similar to when I comprehended the Law of Storm,’ Gravis thought. ‘Back then, the Virtualization Array also threw me around for around a century. Sure, the constant throwing around is annoying, but I’m used to understanding Laws in violent environments.’

Constantly being thrown around didn’t make it harder for Gravis to understand Laws.

Gravis had comprehended the Law of Storm while being constantly thrown around in his room.

Gravis comprehended the Law of Heat and Gravity while hanging upside down near the core of the middle world while violent heat assaulted him and while his body was being torn apart by gravity.

Gravis comprehended the Law of Cold in space, where he also had to keep himself barely alive.

The Laws of Inferno and Frost had also been not as relaxing, with one of them being incredibly hot and the other being incredibly cold.

On top of that, Gravis had comprehended a lot of Laws while fighting for his life against the middle Heaven for about 700 years.

However, the biggest cock had still been the Law of Brilliance. Comprehending that Law had genuinely been horrible.

So, after comprehending so many violent Laws in violent surroundings, what could this little bit of being tossed around do to stop Gravis from comprehending the Law?


Gravis simply closed his eyes and let himself be thrown around in the lightning storm. Whenever he closed in on the edge of the storm, he would simply move back to the middle.

In the beginning, moving him back took him out of his concentration a little bit, but after doing it around 50 times, it became a subconscious habit. Now, Gravis simply moved his body back with his Spirit without even thinking about it.

And after about five years…


‘And that’s that,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

‘Major Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness is done!’


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