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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 817: Interrogation Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis used his Spirit Sense to check who had come to interrupt him. Since Gravis was lightning, the lightning didn’t interfere with his Spirit Sense.

Gravis saw the rough-looking man and narrowed his eyes at him with annoyance.

However, Gravis noticed something peculiar when he looked at the man, which surprised him quite a bit.

‘What’s this?’ Gravis thought as his eyebrows rose. ‘Huh, that’s a first. Who knew that this was possible?’

Gravis looked away from the person and looked at the sky. ‘Is this why he arrived here?’

After some seconds, Gravis sighed and left the lightning storm.


Gravis teleported to the middle of the Law Comprehension Area, facing the newcomer. The disciples were surprised when they saw Gravis suddenly appearing. Wasn’t this the guy that arrived here a couple of months ago? He was still here? They thought that he had left already since they hadn’t seen him since his arrival. Where had he hidden himself all this time?

Meanwhile, the different Sect Masters that watched sighed.


The black pin was moved to this Law Comprehension Area on the map.

At the same time, a Sect Master looked at another one with a smug smirk. This was the Sect Master who owned this Law Comprehension Area, and he was looking at the Sect Master of the rough-looking man.

He already felt quite angry that someone was attacking his property, but now, he only felt gratified. Apparently, the ogre had been in his basement, and his enemy just so happened to charge right into it.

That’s what they got for attacking him!

The other Sect Master only put his head in his hands in exasperation. Would he lose one of his Vice Sect Masters today? Why did that idiot have to attack this area!?

The rough-looking man saw Gravis but was uncertain who this was. After all, he hadn’t seen the famous ogre before.

“Who are you?” he asked carefully. Usually, he wouldn’t care who some random Peak Immortal was, but he had to be careful this time.

“I’m Gravis, and this is my Law Comprehension Area for the foreseeable future,” Gravis said.

The face of the rough-looking man whitened in shock.

The ogre!?

What kind of bullshit luck was this!?

He drew the ogre card three times in a row!?

“I’m sorry for disturbing you,” the rough-looking man said politely. “I will be on my way now.”

Then, the Vice Sect Master turned around as he wanted to leave.


However, a second Formation Array activated as it barred his path. When the rough-looking man saw this, his eyes widened in horror. Right! He had activated the challenge token already, which meant that the challenge had already been issued!

This meant that there was no way to avoid the fight anymore!

Terror took hold of the rough-looking man as he tried to think of a way out of this situation.

“I’ve got a question,” Gravis said, making the rough-looking man turn around nervously.

“Y-Yes?” he said meekly. The only thing he could do now was to appease Gravis since his life was now in Gravis’ hands.

“Have you done something unsavory in your past?” Gravis asked with a voice transmission. He didn’t want to make these things public. “Like cursing Heaven repeatedly, killing too many weaker Cultivators, or using the Energy of mortals to further your own cultivation?”

The man was taken aback by the question. Where did that come from?

“N-No, I haven’t,” he transmitted nervously. “I’m just a normal Cultivator.”


Lightning exploded behind Gravis as he arrived before the rough-looking man in an instant. The Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness had increased Gravis’ speed by quite a bit if he used his Lightning Acceleration. Additionally, Gravis’ body was incredibly powerful.

Lastly, one shouldn’t forget that an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King was only two levels above Gravis. This meant that Gravis was multiple times faster than the rough-looking man.

So, in short, the poor guy couldn’t even react before Gravis arrived less than a meter in front of him, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Be honest,” Gravis said threateningly. “Right now, you are still alive because there is something different about you. I see something that makes you vastly different from nearly every single other Cultivator, and I want to know why that is.”

The rough-looking man froze in fear. What was it with this absolutely insane speed!? How could a Peak Immortal be this fast!?

Hearing about strength and witnessing it was an entirely different experience. The rough-looking man had heard of the ogre’s power, but seeing it truly showed him how helpless he was.

Meanwhile, the watching Sect Masters took a deep breath through their teeth. That was way too fast! They had seen Gravis kill that one Vice Sect Master before, but this time, his speed was even faster than back then!

He had become that much stronger in such a small amount of time!?

If they decided to attack the ogre, the only way to win would be to throw bodies at him until he ran out of Energy. However, if he felt like his Energy was running low, he could simply flee with incredible speed. Disturbing space was not difficult for Immortals, which meant that they all would have to close in from a distance.

On top of that, if the ogre comprehended the Major Law of Lightning’s Speed next…

There would be no stopping him!

Luckily, they had all decided to let him do whatever he wanted. As long as they didn’t attack him, everything would be fine, and if the ogre decided to extend his claws to the other resources, they could call the Heaven Breaker Sect.

Right now, all of them were thanking their ancestors that they had made the correct decisions.

The rough-looking man didn’t say anything as he didn’t dare to move or speak.

“So, tell me,” Gravis transmitted. “Have you done any of these things I have listed previously? Trust me, I will notice if you’re lying, and if you dare to lie to me again, your life will end.”

Of course, Gravis was bluffing. He had no way to know if the guy lied or not, but logic told him that one of these things must have happened in the past.

The terror in the rough-looking man’s mind reached heights he had never experienced before, and after a second, he broke down.

“Yes, yes, I did!” the transmitted with panic. “I hunted a lot of weaker Immortals to accumulate enough wealth to buy access to Law Comprehension Areas! My Will-Aura was already pretty powerful, and I didn’t want to risk my life again just to get resources! That’s why I killed a couple hundred of them to gather their wealth! Please don’t tell anyone! Please!”

The guy was seemingly in hysterics as he transmitted everything at once. If this secret got out, the Sects would kill him since a lot of his victims had been from these Sects. The Sects were only allowed to fight each other according to the rules, and something like this definitely wasn’t in accordance with the rules.

Gravis narrowed his eyes and scratched his chin. ‘Just as I’ve thought. Now, everything makes sense.’

What had Gravis seen in the person when he first laid his eyes on him?

Gravis had seen that the guy had nearly no Karmic Luck!

If an average person had ten points of Karmic Luck and Gravis zero, this guy would have two. Something like this couldn’t be normal, which was why Gravis was so surprised when he saw him. The only people that had this little Karmic Luck had been people that Gravis had been in contact with back in the lower world.

So, in conclusion, this guy must have done something that went against Heaven’s goals, something that made the value of his existence drop into the negatives. Such a reduction in Karmic Luck meant that Heaven wanted to kill this guy.

This was also the reason why this poor guy drew the ogre card three times in a row. It wasn’t Gravis’ bad luck that pulled him in, but his own bad luck that pulled him to Gravis. Angering Gravis would be the worst-case scenario for this guy.

Gravis looked back at the guy after a couple of seconds.

“Concede,” Gravis said.

“W-What?” the guy asked.

“Concede! We are officially in a fight,” Gravis said.

The guy almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He would survive?

“Yes, yes!” he shouted. “I concede!”

Gravis nodded. “You may leave,” Gravis said.

The Formation Array deactivated since the fight had ended. As long as both parties agreed to let the loser survive, the Formation Array would deactivate.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” the guy said, nearly in tears.

“Leave, and don’t annoy me again!” Gravis said with a rough tone.

“Yes, yes!” the guy shouted as he teleported away.

He had survived!

Meanwhile, the Sect Master of the guy released a sigh of relief while the other Sect Master frowned at him. Sadly, the rough-looking guy had survived.

Gravis looked at the earlier spot of the guy for a couple of seconds but then returned to the lightning storm.

Why had Gravis let the guy off?

The main reason was a feeling of kinship. Gravis wouldn’t kill a group of weaker beings just for their wealth, and he certainly didn’t like people that did that. However, both of them had a lack of Karmic Luck. This created a feeling of mutual suffering. Both of them met one unfortunate incident after the other.

The weaker, dead Immortals had nothing to do with Gravis. If he decided to uphold justice for them, he would be a massive hypocrite. After all, Gravis had killed a ton of weaker beings, too, just not on purpose.

Also, to be consistent, Gravis would need to kill Orthar. After all, Orthar was a perfect representation of someone who suppressed and killed many weaker beings for his gain.

This meant that Gravis’ decision was solely based on personal feelings and not on the actions that the guy had done in the past.

After returning to the lightning storm, Gravis concentrated on understanding the Major Law of Lightning Speed again.

However, one last thought entered his mind.

‘I wonder, is this Arc’s doing, the highest Heaven’s doing, or some kind of automatic process?’


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