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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 814: Pure Destruction Bahasa Indonesia

The Immortal King looked with shock at Gravis.

How was he still alive!?

How did he build a house!?

There were so many questions running through the Immortal King’s mind.

“Don’t ask,” Gravis immediately said as he looked at the Immortal King evenly.

“Wasn’t about to,” the Immortal King lied.

Gravis looked at him for some seconds and then looked at the emptying bowl.

“How long does the rain last, and how often does it appear?” he asked.

“It appears once a year and lasts for a week,” the Immortal King answered.

“So, I just have to wait?”


Gravis sighed and went over to a mountain, where he simply sat down and waited.

It annoyed him to no end that he had to wait to comprehend more, but there was nothing he could do.

So, Gravis spent an entire week just waiting and thinking about in which order he would comprehend his next Laws.

The week took way too long to pass, but eventually, it did.


Slowly, the ball pit started to form again, and Gravis immediately grabbed some balls. After some seconds, there were enough balls to encompass Gravis’ body. So, Gravis built a cocoon out of lightning balls around him.

Then, he went back to comprehending.

The Immortal King simply shook his head.

He had given up on trying to understand Gravis. This was not worth the effort.

Like this, another year passed until the next rain arrived. Gravis went back to the mountains again and seemingly waited.

However, inside his Life Ring, Gravis had stealthily stored a ton of these balls. They would be his backup balls for when the rain was coming. So, this time, Gravis didn’t have to wait for a week. He simply created another body and kept comprehending.

And after a bit more than five years, Gravis managed to comprehend the Major Law of Lightning’s Stasis.


Gravis absorbed the remaining lightning balls inside his Life Ring, which was a negligible amount of Energy to him. After that, he fused his split bodies together again. After all, he had to split his body to keep up the act of waiting on the mountains. If Gravis suddenly vanished into nothingness, the Immortal King might actually get a heart attack.

“Alright, I’m done,” Gravis said.

“Already!?” the Immortal King shouted with shock.

“Mhm,” Gravis uttered as he summoned a stationary lightning ball of his own. “See?”

The Immortal King became shocked again, something that had happened far too frequently recently. However, luckily for him, this would be the last time.

“I’m leaving. Have fun!” Gravis said with a smile.

The Immortal King only nodded absentmindedly. “You too,” he said quietly.


And like that, Gravis was gone again.

After some minutes, Gravis arrived at his usual spot again and checked the jade token he left behind.

‘Still not here, huh? It’s been like ten years or so. Hope nothing happened to her,’ Gravis thought, feeling a bit nervous. However, Gravis knew exactly that ten years was basically nothing for an Immortal. In actuality, it would be strange if Stella returned so quickly.

‘Well, if she’s not here, I will just go to the next place,’ Gravis thought.


Gravis teleported away again as he went to his next target, and in just a couple of minutes, he reached it.

When Gravis arrived, his eyes widened in shock. What was this!?


A ton of explosions occurred every second as they echoed throughout the horizons. Mighty lightning bolts came from the skies as they exploded on the mountains.

However, that wasn’t the surprising part. After all, Gravis’ next goal had been to understand the Major Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness. Of course lightning would be exploding all around the area.

The surprising part was that the mountains were destroyed rather quickly.

However, there were still mountains!

If this happened constantly, how could there be any mountains left? The lightning would have long ground them into absolute nothingness.

So, how was it possible that there were still mountains after thousands or millions of years of absolute destruction?

“Who are you!?” someone shouted.

“Gravis,” Gravis answered. “I’ll be staying here for the next couple of years.”

The Immortal King nodded. “I’ve heard of you. You can stay, but don’t break anything! This is a precious territory!”

Gravis scratched his chin. “I can see that,” he said. “How come that there are still mountains?”

The Immortal King looked at Gravis with a side-eye. Obviously, he wasn’t as kind as the last one, but he had orders from his Sect Master to not anger Gravis.

“This Law Comprehension Area has two powerful Laws. If one of them breaks, both of them break,” he said.

Gravis was a bit surprised. Two powerful Laws at once? That really was valuable territory!

“What’s the other one?” Gravis asked.

“Graphite,” the guy answered. “The remnant Energy of the lightning gets absorbed by the ground, creating a stream of Graphite Energy. The Graphite Energy creates new materials, which take the form of mountains.”

‘Graphite? I know that one!’ Gravis thought.

Gravis concentrated on the ground, and sure enough, there was a stream of Graphite Energy in the ground. Gravis followed the Energy flow and saw how it worked.

When the lightning hit the mountains, it exploded apart into many tiny pieces. These tiny pieces of lightning hit the ground all around the area like rain and got absorbed by it. After being absorbed, the Energy strengthened the Graphite Stream.

As the Graphite Stream reached a certain threshold, a new mountain shot out of the earth, replacing an already destroyed one. The creation of the mountain then created a kind of magnetic field that drew in even more lightning.

Sure enough, both Laws worked in tandem. If one of them broke, the other one would also stop working. Both Laws were strengthening and destroying the other one.

It was a natural cycle of pure destruction.

Gravis nodded. “Thanks for the info,” he said. “Don’t mind me while I’m here. Do whatever you want.”

The Immortal King only snorted and didn’t give an answer. However, he took out a jade token and informed his Sect Master that Gravis had arrived here.

The Sect Master told the Immortal King to ignore Gravis and moved the black pin to a new spot.

The Sect Masters looked at the pin for a second and went back to doing whatever they had been doing before.

Except for one.

“Again!?” a Sect Master shouted in his mind. He quickly activated his jade token.

“Abort mission! The ogre moved to your target!”

“Are you actually serious!?” an enraged voice came out of the jade token.

“Yes, I’m actually serious!” the Sect Master shouted back with rage.

“What are the chances that this guy fucks with our plans again!? What is going on!?” the voice answered.

“I don’t fucking know!” the Sect Master shouted back, not controlling his vulgar language. He was just as enraged as his Vice Sect Master.

“Fine!” the voice shouted back with frustration. “I’ll find a target myself! You obviously can’t find a suitable one!”

“Fine!” the Sect Master shouted back. “Go ahead and get yourself killed! It’s not my fucking fault that this dickhead keeps moving to our targets! I don’t know what’s going on anymore! Is Heaven angry at me!? Have I done something to deserve this!?”

“Hey, you’re not the one that dodged death two times in a row,” the angry voice of the Vice Sect Master came. “I’m the one that’s in danger, not you!”

The Sect Master sneered with anger and frustration, putting the jade token away.

What were the chances of something like this happening two times in a row!? This was insane!

Meanwhile, Gravis looked at the mountain range with wonder. The spectacle before him was a marvel of pure destruction. It was violent without comparison. It was like Heaven and Earth were fighting for control!

‘This is exciting!’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘This display of pure destruction is getting my blood boiling!’

Gravis kept looking at this display for several days, seemingly entranced in the pure destruction displayed before him.

This was a perfect representation of lightning.

The mountains were coming too close to the source of lightning, which made the lighting lash out in anger and hatred, destroying the invader. However, the invaders just kept coming without end.

Then, Gravis looked at the sky and shot forward into the clouds.

“Are you insane!?” the Immortal King shouted.

However, Gravis was already gone.


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