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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 813: Lightning Balls Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis teleported to the north for a couple of minutes until he arrived at his next location.

In front of Gravis was a mountain range in the form of a circle. The different mountains perfectly encapsulated a humongous roundish bowl in the middle. However, the bowl was so incredibly deep that one couldn’t see the bottom with one’s eyes.


Lightning bolts came from the heavens and slid down the mountains. The mountains seemingly reflected the lightning bolts, absorbing a part of their power and redirecting them into the crater in the middle.

However, as soon as the lightning bolts got redirected, they started to slow down until they stopped. The bolts transformed into bright balls that simply floated in the air. Right now, there were a ton of these balls, which seemingly filled the entire bowl.

Gravis found this spectacle rather interesting and entered the Formation Array without a second thought.

“Halt! Who are you!?” an Immortal King shouted.

Gravis didn’t look at the Immortal King. “My name’s Gravis,” he said absentmindedly. “I’ll be staying here for the next couple of years.”

A glint appeared in the Immortal King’s eyes. Then, surprisingly, he relaxed and nodded. “Alright. Thank you for answering my question,” he said.

Gravis was a bit surprised but smirked. ‘Seems like everything is going to become easier from now on.’

Meanwhile, the Immortal King took out a jade token and activated it. “The ogre has arrived at the Lightning Stasis Area.”

“Okay, just ignore him. He’ll leave by himself after some years,” a voice spoke as it came out of the jade token.

Meanwhile, in the gathering room of the Sect Masters, one Sect Master stepped forward and pointed his finger at a gigantic map. This was a map that encompassed the entire territory of the Sect Alliance and showed all the details one needed to know. Liran had known about all the other resource points thanks to his map.


A pin with a black head was taken out of one spot and put in a different one.

The Sect Masters glanced over for a second and went back to what they were doing.

The black pin represented the area Gravis was currently at. Like this, everyone would know where he currently was.

However, there was one Sect Master whose face turned white.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the Sect Master that owned this Law Comprehension Area.

In an instant, this Sect Master retrieved a jade token and activated it immediately. “Abort! Abort mission immediately!” he transmitted into the jade token with urgency.

“But I was just about to set off,” the person on the other end answered with annoyance.

“The ogre just moved to your target location. Do you want to die!?” the Sect Master transmitted with rage.

“The ogre!? Really!? Now!?” the other guy answered.

“Yes, now. So, abort mission! I’ll search for another target for you,” the Sect Master transmitted.

Some seconds of silence passed. “Alright. Man, I feel like I just dodged a bullet there.”

The Sect Master didn’t answer but thought the same thing. This had been way too close!

Meanwhile, Gravis looked with interest at the floating balls of lightning. “Hey, how are there so many?” Gravis asked the other Immortal King.

“They gather and stay in the bowl,” the Immortal King answered. “When it rains, the water drops absorb the lightning and pull them down with them into the crater. After that, the lightning explodes on the bottom of the crater, slowly grinding away at it. That’s also the reason why the crater is far deeper than it should be.”

Gravis nodded, but his eyes shone. “Wait, the rain and lightning fuse? So, is this also a Law Comprehension Area for the High-Tier Mixed Element Punishment Frost?”

The Immortal King scratched his chin in uncertainty. “Not quite. It depends on the rain. Most of the time, it’s just normal rain, and it simply gives the lightning a way to the bottom. However, if Frost Rain appears, you can also comprehend Frost Punishment here. Sadly, this phenomenon is rather rare. It depends on your luck if you can witness it or not.”

‘Luck, huh?’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘So, I won’t be able to see this spectacle. Well, it doesn’t really matter. I have the Major Law of the Elements, and I can just fuse those two together if I want. I was mainly interested in this phenomenon due to its grandness anyway.’

“Thanks,” Gravis said. “I will stay here for a while. Just treat me as if I don’t exist.”

The Immortal King smiled politely. “No problem.”

Gravis already knew how this phenomenon worked, thanks to his High-Tier Hard Pure Law. The materials that the mountains were made out of were mainly used for equipment that countered lightning. It absorbed a part of lightning, breaking and absorbing part of its composition to grow more powerful. The remaining lightning would become incredibly slow and would lose a lot of its destructive power.

‘The mountains are made out of Early Major Circulation Immortal Materials. If converted, this entire mountain range would probably be worth several million Immortal Stones. However, a Law Comprehension Area for one, and maybe even two, level four Laws would be far more valuable. Taking away these stones would truly be a waste.’

‘This is probably highly contested territory, which is probably also the reason why an Immortal King constantly stays here.’

Suddenly, Gravis started smirking.


“Are you insane!?” the Immortal King shouted in shock.

Gravis just dove into the floating ball pit of Punishment Lightning!

Was that guy insane!? Sure, the lightning balls only had the power of a Minor Circulation Immortal, but there were millions upon millions! If all of these exploded at once, even an Immortal King would die! Was this guy suicidal!?

However, no explosion came, shocking the Immortal King even more.

Plonk! Plonk! Plonk!

The balls of lightning simply moved around as something moved beneath them.

The eyes of the Immortal King nearly fell out of his head. How had the lightning balls not exploded yet!?

“Hey, I’ll stay down here,” Gravis shouted as his head poked out of the ball pit, pushing several balls to the side.

The Immortal King could only nod in shock as he still wasn’t able to comprehend what just happened.

Obviously, the reason why the lightning balls didn’t explode was that Gravis was lightning. Why would they explode if they just touched more of themselves?

‘This guy is so strange!’ the Immortal King thought. He couldn’t explain what was happening right now, but he also couldn’t deny what he was seeing. It just defied explanation.

However, what was he supposed to do? There wasn’t anything he could do, even if he wanted to know. Although…

“Hey, how are you doing that?” the Immortal King asked.

“Not telling,” Gravis transmitted back.

Well, it was worth a shot.

With undying curiosity, the Immortal King went back to comprehending Laws. Sadly, his curiosity would never be sated.

Meanwhile, Gravis found himself a couple of balls and made himself a comfortable seat. However, after he finished his seat, he got another outrageous idea.

Gravis looked at the lightning balls he had fused together to create this seat and decided to try his idea.

Then, time passed.

Several months passed in which the Immortal King had no idea what Gravis was doing.

That was until the rain arrived.


The rain fell down, and the lightning balls started to explode one after the other as they got pushed down. The Immortal King retreated to a greater height since he didn’t want to get hit by the explosions of Punishment Lightning.

However, after some balls vanished, the Immortal King saw something that he couldn’t believe.

What was that?

Was that… a house!?

The Immortal King stopped blinking as he looked slack-jawed at the house made out of lightning that was slowly being revealed. The lightning had blocked his Spirit Sense, which was why he only saw it right now.

Sure enough, it was a fucking house!




Some water gathered on the roof of the house, but these few drops were not enough to influence the fused lightning.

That was until enough water gathered above the house.


The house exploded as a humongous lightning bolt shot into the abyss below them.


A silent explosion could be heard after some seconds as the lightning bolt hit bottom.

After the house vanished, a calm Gravis was revealed.

Gravis opened his eyes and looked around. He was no longer feeling the Law of Lightning’s Stasis, which woke him up.

After waking up and looking around, he realized that his house was gone.

Then, he looked down and saw rain and lightning bolts shooting into the abyss below.

“Hey! Who washed my house away!?” he shouted with annoyance.


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