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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 812: Ogre Bahasa Indonesia

Some seconds after the image vanished, violent shouts of accusation broke out in the room. Sect Masters were accusing Sect Master Urgnah of breaking the rules of the Sect Alliance.

However, Sect Master Urgnah simply answered all the accusations calmly, and everything boiled down to one point.

What was he supposed to do?

Sect Master Urgnah was helpless in this entire situation. If he attacked Gravis, his Sect would die, and if he called the Sect Alliance, several Sect Masters would die.

Sadly, the accusations didn’t stop, and a violent mob of Sect Masters formed that wanted to kill Gravis.

However, one sentence from Urgnah shut them up.

“He won’t stay in my Law Comprehension Area forever,” he said.


“He plans to comprehend Laws for around 20,000 years or so. At least, that’s what he said. This means that even if you kill me for treason, one of your Sects will be next. Don’t throw accusations now just to backpedal into a defensive position when this powerful ogre suddenly starts appearing in your basement.”

The Sect Masters wanted to accuse Urgnah more, but the image of them being in Urgnah’s position in the future wasn’t nice to look at. Right, what about when that guy suddenly appeared in one of their resource points? They couldn’t just kill him. Otherwise, they would die!

Also, he would definitely be able to kill several Sect Masters before he got killed himself.

Who was willing to risk their life for another Sect’s Law Comprehension Area?

After some minutes, the Sect Masters calmed down again.

Sect Master Urgnah’s comparison was pretty accurate. Gravis was like an overpowered ogre that suddenly appeared in someone’s basement. They couldn’t keep him out, no matter what they did.

Sure, if the whole village banded together, they might be able to kill the ogre, but why should they, and at what cost?

He was only living in a basement, not annoying anyone. On top of that, he would leave after some time. Was it truly worth it to sacrifice so many lives to kill an ogre that wasn’t doing anything to anyone?

In the end, the Sect Masters were forced to accept the current situation. There was nothing they could do against Gravis.

As long as the ogre didn’t start eating all the crops, the emperor of the land wouldn’t send any guards.

There was literally nothing they could do.

So, in the end, it was decided that every Sect had to inform the Sect Alliance if the ogre suddenly appeared in their basement. Luring others into their basement to become food for the ogre was bad for the greater collective.

And like this, Gravis became immune from any repercussions.

Now, he could officially do whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t steal their resources.

The Sect Alliance just had to ignore him, and nothing would happen to them.

The only person that still seethed with anger was the woman that had argued with Sect Master Urgnah. One of her two Immortal Kings had died, reducing the number of her Immortal Kings to the same number as Sect Master Urgnah’s. She only had one Vice Sect Master left now.

Meanwhile, Gravis gathered the belongings of his victim and deactivated the Formation Array. After that, he threw the key back to the Immortal King since he had no use for it.

Then, without a word, Gravis returned to the middle of the Law Comprehension Area, simply concentrating on comprehending the High-Tier Law of Lightning’s Magnetism.

The disciple looked with a complex expression at Gravis but shrugged in the end. Gravis hadn’t done anything and was just sitting there. He might as well not exist.

The Immortal King left with the key and returned to his Sect, leaving Gravis and the disciple behind.

And like this, Gravis returned to comprehending Laws, and finally, he was no longer disturbed.

This was the last disturbance.

Gravis felt himself getting lost in a sea of magnetism as he absorbed more and more information about the Law. Whenever Gravis was comprehending new Laws, he had to extrapolate all the information himself, but whenever it involved lightning, it was like the lightning just couldn’t wait to tell him all its secrets.

It was like the lightning had been a young boy who had been isolated for far too long without anyone to talk to. As soon as he found someone he could talk to, he lost all social inhibitions and just went on and on and on about himself.

And so, in just five years, Gravis managed to comprehend the High-Tier Law of Magnetism.


Gravis took a deep breath as he felt power flow through him.


Gravis summoned several weapons and used his High-Tier Law of Lightning’s Magnetism to move them around. The weapons moved just as fast as if he were swinging them with his hands.

‘Interesting, the force is quite powerful,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘I can probably manipulate the weapons of my enemies again with that. I still remember when I had used that technique several times in the lower world. I often made the weapons of my enemies miss by using lighting with my legs. Now, the magnetism is powerful enough that I can use this technique again.’

‘This might be one of the most important keys to defending myself against Weapon Cultivators. The materials that weapons are made of have a far greater affinity with magnetism than anything else. When Samantha attacked me with her rapier, I had to sacrifice my weapons or parts of my body to defend myself, but now, I can use magnetism to redirect the attacks again. It might not always work, but it’s better than always having to sacrifice something.’

Gravis nodded with satisfaction as he put his weapons away again.

Then, he looked at the other disciple, who was still comprehending Laws.

“Alright, I’m going now. Have fun,” Gravis said.

The disciple opened his eyes in shock.

Gravis was already done?

So quickly!?

He had comprehended a level four Law in only five years!?


He almost couldn’t believe that Gravis had been so fast in his comprehension. He had been here for over a hundred years, but Gravis had comprehended this Law in just five?

“Eh, thanks. Good luck,” he answered back with an uncertain tone.

Gravis smiled and teleported away.

And like this, Gravis was gone, the Formation Array unable to stop him.

After some seconds, the disciple took out a jade token and concentrated on it.

“He’s done and left,” he said.

“Already!?” a surprised shout came. This was Sect Master Urgnah.

“Yes, already,” the disciple said.

“Alright,” Sect Master Urgnah said after some seconds. “You can continue.”

“Thank you, Sect Master,” the disciple said as he put the jade token away again.

The ogre had left the Punishment Cleaver Sect’s basement and would shortly appear in another Sect’s basement.

Meanwhile, Gravis teleported several times until he arrived at a familiar location.

This was the spot where he had talked with Stella for several years. After looking around for a bit, Gravis noticed that his jade token was still at its old location.

‘So, she hasn’t returned yet, huh?’

Gravis scratched his chin and replaced the old jade token with a new one. This one told Stella that he would return to this location every couple of years. Letting her search around all different Sects might have been too bothersome. This would be easier.

Gravis put the new jade token down and nodded.

After that, he checked the map again and decided on his next location.

‘Next one, Lightning Stasis. Time to upgrade Mortality!’


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