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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 811: Disturbance Bahasa Indonesia

Finally, Gravis could completely let himself go. Now, there was nothing but understanding Laws.

Gravis sat down in the sky and closed his eyes as he felt the effects of the lightning all around him. Humans didn’t feel the effects of Lightning’s Magnetism, but everything else felt it. Stone, other lightning bolts, metal, and even the air were under the rule of magnetism. Of course, magnetism affected different things differently. Some felt it more strongly, while others felt it with less power.

‘This is so interesting,’ Gravis thought as he absorbed a lightning bolt to analyze it. After absorbing one, he shot out another one to replace the absorbed Energy. ‘Now, even non-magnetic things are under the influence of Lightning’s Magnetism. This is the difference between the normal and the High-Tier Law of Lightning’s Magnetism.’

Gravis continued absorbing different bolts of lightning and analyzed them. The disciple still looked at Gravis and was surprised by Gravis’ resistance towards lightning. This guy was resisting these powerful lightning bolts with just his body. He didn’t even flinch! That was incredible!

Of course, no sane Cultivator would believe that someone could just absorb lightning. After all, something like this was simply not possible.

“I challenge this resource point!” someone shouted suddenly.

Gravis opened his eyes and narrowed them in annoyance.


“How much time has passed?” Gravis asked the other disciple in the area, who was also looking at the new arrival.

“About three weeks,” the disciple said.

“That short, huh?” Gravis said with a sigh.

‘It felt like no time had passed. It was like I have just started comprehending this Law, but three weeks have already passed. I just managed to completely concentrate on the Law, but someone else already interrupted me.’

Gravis sighed again. ‘Well, I said I would defend the resource point. Also, I should make an example of this person so that I don’t get disturbed for the foreseeable future.’


Gravis teleported out of the Formation Array and looked at the new arrival.

It was a woman with light-blue hair, and she was an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King.

“This is my resource point,” Gravis said evenly. “Leave or fight. It’s your decision.”

The woman looked with surprise at Gravis.

A Peak Immortal was defending this resource point? Did she make a mistake and went to the wrong resource point?

She looked around for a bit and noticed that she was at the correct place. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Gravis again. “Who are you? Why are you here? This should be defended by an Immortal King.”

“I’m Gravis, and this is my resource point. It belongs solely to me,” Gravis said. “I’ll repeat myself. Leave or fight. I’m not part of the Sect Alliance. If you don’t leave, I will kill you.”

When the Immortal King heard Gravis’ name, she furrowed her brows. Gravis? Hadn’t she heard that name before?

Then, she remembered.

She had just come out of seclusion, and after hearing that all Sect Masters had vanished, she had realized that this was a prime opportunity to expand her Sect. The resource points were violently shuffling around, constantly swapping owners.

She had also heard about some supreme Ascender or something. Apparently, that guy had the most insane Battle-Strength out of everyone and was able to fight an entire Circulation above himself.

“So, you’re Gravis,” she said with narrowed eyes. “I’ve heard that you are quite powerful. Apparently, you have been able to fight a Major Circulation Immortal as a Minor Circulation Immortal.”

“However!” she shouted with dominance. “I am not an Immortal! I am an Immortal King, and I already know two High-Tier Laws! Call your Immortal King to fight me! You obviously don’t know the power of an Immortal King!”

Gravis didn’t react to her words and only evenly looked at her. ‘Apparently, she just came out of her seclusion. Otherwise, she would have run. Well, might as well. I need to make an example anyway.’

“Can you activate the Battle Formation Array?” Gravis asked the other disciple.

The disciple was a bit taken aback when Gravis talked to him. “No, only the defender can.”

“Then call the official defender of your Sect. I don’t want to be annoyed in the future, so I want everyone to watch,” Gravis said.

The disciple took a deep breath. This cute girl had just arrived, and Gravis was willing to kill her after only talking for a little bit? That was a bit barbaric. However, the disciple didn’t want to anger Gravis and quickly contacted the relevant Immortal King.


The disciple broke a jade token, and the woman noticed. “Hmph! That’s better! Why make such an empty show of power?” she asked Gravis.

Gravis didn’t engage her and waited.

About a minute later, a new Immortal King arrived. Sect Master Urgnah was no longer responsible for this point since he was now a Sect Master. His job was to defend the Sect as a whole.

The new arrival looked at Gravis and the woman who had arrived. His face transformed into an uncomfortable grimace. His Sect Master had informed him about Gravis, and he knew how powerful Gravis was. He was even more powerful than a Sect Master.

“Let me give you a warning,” the new person said to the woman. “You will be fighting Gravis, and he is even more powerful than a Sect Master. Don’t throw your life away.”

The woman was taken aback but snorted. “As if I would believe such an obvious lie, but fine, I will fight your Peak Immortal. However, I will not spare his life since your display of lies and deceit has angered me quite a bit. In the future, try to be more honest with others.”

And like that, all the pity the guy had had for the woman vanished. He had wanted to warn her out of his own goodwill, but she just wouldn’t accept.

Fine, it was her funeral.


The guy threw a jade token over to Gravis, who easily caught it. “Break it to activate the Formation Array,” he said. Gravis already had the full authority over this area. Handing him the key literally made no difference.


The Formation Array deactivated, which allowed others to enter the area. The fight had to be done inside the Formation Array to count officially.

“If you enter, it will be too late,” Gravis said evenly.

“Tsh,” the woman spat and quickly entered. “Come on, go. I’m calling your bluff!”


Gravis cracked the regenerated jade token again.


The disciple was pushed out of the area. The other Immortal King had already retreated previously.

Now, there were only Gravis and the woman remaining inside the Formation Array.


The Formation Array locked down the surroundings, and the recording array was activated.

Meanwhile, at a different place, a ton of new Sect Masters were violently arguing with each other. Ever since the old Sect Masters had vanished, there had been violent border and resource disputes.

“We still hold these borders! The death of our Sect Master changes nothing!” Sect Master Urgnah shouted at a woman with light-blue hair.

“The strength of your Sect has fallen quite a bit ever since you lost your Sect Master,” she answered with a friendly smile. “You have fewer Immortal Kings than 80% of the Sects. What’s so bad about giving up some territories? After all, it’s better than seeing your Immortal Kings being killed, isn’t it?”

“So? We have our resource points, and we are going to keep them!” Sect Master Urgnah answered. “If you want them, then go get them via the official way!”

The woman sighed. “I feared that you would say something like that,” she said with lament. “Here, I was trying to protect your Sect, but you just refuse to accept my goodwill.”

Then, she shook her head with a sigh. “What a shame. It seems like I have to show you that being unbending like a stone won’t help you in this Sect Alliance. Apparently, you need to see your only other Immortal King killed before you become more flexible.”

Sect Master Urgnah narrowed his eyes, but there was also a slight glint in his eyes. “Which resource point did you attack?”

The woman only smiled at him with a friendly expression. “You will find out soon enough.”


Just like it had been scripted, a new screen appeared in the room, and everyone looked over. The screen was massive, which showed that this was a battle between Immortal Kings. Only the most important fights would be displayed with such grandeur.


The woman’s friendly smile transformed into a sinister one. “Cat got your tongue?” she asked. “I said that I will teach you that being unbending is not helpful in the Sect Alliance.”

Sect Master Urgnah looked with a complex expression at the screen. “You just had to choose that one, didn’t you?” he asked with a hint of mirth in his voice.

The woman was surprised by Urgnah’s reaction and looked at the screen.

Wait, who was that?

Wasn’t the other Immortal King supposed to defend this resource point?

What was this Peak Immortal doing there?

Wait, didn’t she know that person?

And then, her face went white.

“What… what is he doing there!?” she shouted as all her calm had left her.

The other Sect Masters looked with pity at her, while she looked with shock at the image.



On the image, Gravis shot forward with unbelievable speed, punched his opponent once, and his opponent exploded into lightning.

Then, Gravis looked at the Formation Array, his eyes seemingly reaching through the Formation Array into the room.

“Stop annoying me.”


And the image vanished as the Formation Array was deactivated again.

More silence.

“You just had to choose that one,” Urgnah said while shaking his head with a sigh.

“I would call that bad luck.”


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