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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 739: Horrible Luck Bahasa Indonesia

Everything happened instantaneously. Gravis freeing himself from the suppression, the summoning of the emblem, the breaking of the emblem, Gravis pushing all his Energy into the guard, all of this happened in the blink of an eye.

The Core Disciple and the new arrival couldn’t react to the sudden and shocking actions of Gravis. None of them had even entertained the thought that Gravis had a chance of breaking out of such a powerful Will-Aura.

The breaking of the emblem would make it much harder for them to act as they wished, but it wouldn’t be too bad. Someone at the Mid Minor Circulation Realm wouldn’t be able to summon someone really powerful. Additionally, the person would take a while to come. Until they arrived, the Core Disciple and the new arrival would be long gone.

Yet, they had to hurry now. The new arrival took out his spear and aimed it at Gravis. He simply had to impale Gravis with his spear. At that point, Gravis wouldn’t be able to unleash anything anymore, and he would be forced to follow the new arrival to his Sect.


The new arrival strengthened himself with his Will-Aura and gathered power. Then, he shot at Gravis.

Gravis simply stood there. He had no Energy left, and without Energy, he couldn’t use his lightning to boost his speed. Evading or blocking this attack was impossible. Gravis had put everything onto one card, and now, he only had to wait.


Suddenly the air seemed to explode as a storm wreaked havoc in the air. The Core Disciple and the new arrival both got flung away and had to protect themselves while even the guards on the ground were thrown into the distance.

Yet, Gravis and the guard weren’t affected by the storm.

Gravis’ Avatar didn’t protect him from such attacks, which meant that this storm specifically didn’t target them.

On top of that, this wasn’t even an attack.

The entire storm had been created by someone new arriving with an unreal amount of speed. Their arrival had been so fast that the mere air surrounding them created a storm of destruction.

This was no longer the power of an Immortal.

Everyone looked over in shock at a place beside the nearly dead guard.

A young man with long green hair and a two-meter long, green bow stood beside the guard. This person looked at the guard with concern, tragedy, and shock on his face.

Gravis could barely believe what had happened.

This person had arrived in just a single second, and his power was incredible. Gravis could only barely feel the power.

This was a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King!

In the blink of an eye, the Immortal King’s face went through an avalanche of emotions as he quickly processed everything he saw.

His eyes narrowed, and he looked at Gravis with rage-filled eyes.


He summoned some kind of pill and threw it at Gravis, who caught it.

“Soul!” he shouted with authority.

Gravis immediately swallowed the pill without even looking at it. He had put his entire trust into the guard’s Sect, and he would go all the way. Half-assing it could only be detrimental. He would go all the way.

The pill immediately dissolved, and Gravis felt that his Energy was regenerating many times faster than before. With this pill, Gravis’ Energy would be completely refilled in just five minutes!

Yet, Gravis couldn’t refill his Energy as he immediately used all his regenerating Energy to infuse the dying guard with pure Soul.

The Immortal King put his nervously shivering finger on the guard’s head.

The guard immediately lost consciousness as his mind fell into a state of coma. In this state, the guard’s Spirit wouldn’t waste anything on thinking, making it easier for Gravis to infuse the guard with Soul.


The Immortal King summoned an emblem and cracked it immediately.


In less than a second, another Immortal King appeared together with two Immortals by his side. This new Immortal King was an old man who carried a staff on his back and wore emerald green robes that reminded someone of nature.

He looked at what was happening and glanced at Gravis for a heartbeat.

“Retreat,” he ordered.

Gravis followed the orders and flew away.

As soon as Gravis retreated, a bright light shone onto the head of the dying guard. The Spirit of the guard was growing in power with astonishing speed.

Gravis could see that this newest arrival was very experienced in the Soul Laws.


One of the Immortals surrounded the dying guard with green water while the other one shone healing light on him.

The healing Immortal King regenerated the Spirit of the guard.

The first Immortal provided the Life Energy.

The second Immortal manipulated the Life Energy to heal the guard.

This obviously was a very coordinated and practiced team of healers. Everyone had their job, and they acted with ease and confidence.

Meanwhile, the guards on the ground recovered and looked with shock at what was happening. There had been so many twists and turns today that they no longer even attempted to guess what would happen from now.

The Core Disciple felt incredibly nervous but not fearful. He was responsible for the state of the guard, but the Core Disciple had a powerful background. At most, he would need to repay all of this. Sure, this would take forever to repay, but he wouldn’t die.

The Core Disciple didn’t even attempt to flee since the Immortal King had locked down all the surroundings as soon as he had appeared.

Meanwhile, the Late Major Circulation Immortal from the Burial Ground Sect only remained at his spot. He wasn’t involved in any of these disputes. This entire thing had nothing to do with him.

In a matter of seconds, the dying guard’s body recovered fully. His Spirit also easily recovered to its most powerful state. The healing squad was incredibly good at what they were doing.

The three people from the healing squad retreated as soon as the guard returned to his peak condition.

The Immortal King that the guard had called bowed in gratitude to the Immortal King from the healing squad. “Thank you for saving the life of my son,” he said.

And with that, the entire atmosphere changed again.

It was one thing to kill a mere guard from a Sect, but it was something entirely different from killing the son of an Immortal King.

No wonder this mere guard was able to summon someone this powerful!

A wave of fear engulfed the Core Disciple from the Punishment Cleaver Sect.

This was bad!

Luckily, he had the background to protect himself from the wrath of this Immortal King. Otherwise, only death would await him.

“That’s our job. You know the cost,” the Immortal King from the healing squad said. “However,” he added. “We are willing to make this one free as long as you allow us to invite this one into our Sect,” he said as he pointed at Gravis.

Gravis had already expected something like this. This Immortal King had incredible insights into the Laws of Soul, and he had recognized Gravis’ Laws. Very few people understood any kind of Soul Law, and they were incredibly valuable.

The father of the guard wasn’t certain, but Gravis intervened.

“I’m sorry, senior,” Gravis said with respect, “but this person,” he said as he pointed at the guard, “has almost paid with his life by inviting me to his Sect. I won’t disappoint such an incredible show of trust.”

Gravis had used his Law of Honesty since both Immortal Kings were powerful enough to recognize the Law of Honesty. Someone at the level of the guy from the Burial Ground Sect wouldn’t be able to know if this was the Law of Honesty, Deceit, or Lies. Yet, Immortal Kings were powerful enough to discern the Law.

The father of the guard narrowed his eyes, and his emotions were going crazy. He wasn’t certain how he should feel towards Gravis right now. His son had almost paid with his life just to invite Gravis? So, if Gravis weren’t here, his son wouldn’t have nearly died?

This put some blame on Gravis’ shoulders.

Yet, Gravis had obviously given his absolute best to heal his son, even wasting all his Energy. Gravis might be responsible for the guard’s near-death experience, but he also kept him alive during it.

Was it good luck that this guard was the son of an Immortal King?


If Gravis hadn’t fully committed everything he had to keep the guard alive, this Immortal King would definitely kill Gravis because of his involvement.

If Gravis had let the guard die under the Core Disciple’s assault, this Immortal King would have arrived a second later, rage-filled and grieving. Then, Gravis and the Core Disciple would have both immediately died.

This also showed that the other two choices Gravis had had would have ended with his death far earlier than he had expected. Both choices would have required Gravis to let the guard die, which would have summoned the angry father.

Without noticing, Gravis’ horrible luck had created a scenario where he would have certainly died if he hadn’t decided to save the guard.

In less than half an hour, Gravis’ Karmic Luck had almost killed him thrice.

Firstly, with the Core Disciple.

Secondly, with the new arrival from the Burial Ground Sect.

Thirdly, with the potential death of the guard.

The father of the guard looked at the Immortal King from the healer squad. “I’m sorry, but I trust my son. My son is not stupid, and he would have known the risk. In his mind, he probably believes that this Ascender is worth more than his own life.”

The Immortal King from the healer squad looked at the father and sighed. “Alright,” he said.


A ton of Immortal Stones flew from the father of the guard to the Immortal King. Gravis’ Spirit wasn’t fast enough to count the Immortal Stones, but he was sure there were over ten thousand.

With the exchange finished, the Immortal King looked at Gravis. “If you find yourself without a home, come to our Life Giving Sect. We will always accept someone with your knowledge in Soul.”

Gravis bowed slightly in politeness to show that he understood, but he didn’t confirm out of respect for the father of the guard. The guard had nearly given his life to recruit Gravis, and this was an incredible show of dedication, honesty, selflessness, and trust.

Gravis wouldn’t forget something like this. As long as this Sect didn’t turn out to be filled by shitheads, he wouldn’t leave them.

The Immortal King nodded and teleported away with his two assistants.

Then, the father of the guard turned to Gravis with rage-filled eyes.

“Who!?” he asked through clenched teeth.

Gravis pointed at the Core Disciple.



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